Top five investment opportunities in Istanbul in 2017

The ever-changing Istanbul landscape can be a challenge for investors. There's a wealth of Istanbul investment property on the market, and would-be buyers are inundated with "incredible" offers: promises of high returns and lucrative rentals. It's difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff - and it's complicated by the fact that sometimes agents don't actually know themselves.

With more than a decade's experience in the local market we know Istanbul property better than anyone. Which is why we can confidently present the following options as being some of the most favourable on the Istanbul market for 2017.

Tuscan design villas near Buyukcekmece

So why these projects in particular? These properties, while located in different areas and in different styles, have a few common features:

  • They’re in the fastest growing areas in the city 
  • They have excellent payment terms for foreign buyers who can take advantage of the low lira
  • They are at the beginning of their price points: when they’re completed investors will make a tidy sum
  • They have very favourable exit strategies: high quality projects in over-subscribed locations

1. Metro link residences at pre launch prices

Basin Ekspres, or Media Highway, is on track to become one of Istanbul’s newest business hubs. The government has ploughed almost $1 billion into the area in the last three years, improving its infrastructure and housing. As such, it’s an attractive location for the many middle class Turkish professionals who will be taking jobs in the area. Its connections with the rest of the city.

It’s not surprising that there are many, many apartment complexes springing up around this area. However, there are very few - if any - that offer terms like this one: a 20% down payment and a 48-month interest free payment plan. The current price is at first-call levels, and before completion we expect around 35% price uplift.

Read more about Media Highway here.

2. Tuscan designer villas near Buyukcekmece

For a limited time these incredible designer villas are being sold at a 40% discount. 

The sumptuous, no-expense-spared villas are located near Buyukcekmece, a suburb on the Marmara Sea. Buyukcekmece property is highly sought-after by higher-income professionals wishing for a little countryside tranquility away from the city centre.

Improved infrastructure means it’s just an hour to the city centre, and Buyukcekmece has all the modern lifetyle facilities you’d expect to find in a large city - but with the added bonus of being beside the seaside. This is an opportunity you simply cannot miss. 

3. Last of the low prices in Bomonti, Sisli

Located in Istanbul’s heart, a ten-minute walk from Taksim Square, this once rundown area is now one of the city’s prime investment locations. Millions of dollars has been poured into infrastructure, helping not only to improve the face of the historic neighbourhood but connect it to the wider city by way of new tunnels and highways.

Prices are on the lower side here, but are climbing; between 2011 and 2016 property prices in the wider Sisli district increased by 56%. With all the changes and investor interest in this part of the city, it’s guaranteed that Bomonti prices will climb at a more rapid rate in coming years.

This luxury project in central Bomonti offers a significant chance for investors: 20% downpayment and a reasonably priced entry level that will appreciate by 25% upon completion.

How does that work, exactly? Buying off-plan or during construction means prices are considerably lower for investors. Developers set price points along the way - meaning that prices are raised at certain levels. You’ll see on the listing that when this project was at the offplan phase, investors could expect 40% returns. The project is now underway, so by the time this project is completed the price point will be 25% higher than the current purchase price. Add to this a 60-month payment plan in Turkish Lira (a boon for investors with foreign currency in their pockets, given the state of the lira), it’s easy to see why we’ve had so much interest surrounding this project.

4. Invest in New Avenue in Bahcesehir 

By the time you read this, the last of these projects may well have sold: as of this week there are just three units left. However, on the off chance they haven’t, they’re well worth a look - they’re one of the top investment opportunities on our books.

This new project in leafy Bahcesehir - a favourite with Turkish professionals and families - is in its initial stages, which means prices are as low as they’ll get. Once completed, New Avenue will be a landmark local project in terms of its location, quality, design and lifestyle facilities. It’s currently priced at $1300 per square metre - comparable completed projects are already on sale at $2400m2.

Speed is essential here - not only are there only a few units left, after the initial call the price level will increase by 15%. Bad news if you miss out, but great news for early investors who will see their property jump in value. After this price point prices will increase by 5% every quarter.

Read more about Bahcesehir here.

5. Bargain real estate near Atasehir, new financial centre

Istanbul’s new financial centre in Atasehir will be the country’s prime financial district - and this of course is affecting everything in its orbit, especially the area’s real estate. The US$2.6 billion project, which includes 45 million square feet of office, residential and retail space will provide jobs for tens of thousands of workers. And those workers will all require places to live, which is pushing up the cachet of housing in the area, including this project.

Located opposite the financial centre in Atasehir’s most prestigious area, the upmarket project is part of a large complex with a mall, restaurants and cafes, pools and a gym - catering to the financial workers wanting all the trappings of a luxury city lifestyle.

This project is currently on offer at below market price to attract investors, who have the option of a 50% deposit and 24 months of interest-free payments; or 30% and 18 months. Early investors will benefit from six planned price points; after the sixth, the price will have increased by 40%. Buying today means you’re assured the strongest possible position by the time it’s completed later this year.

Read more about Atasehir here. 

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