Beautiful Göktürk in Istanbul – Redefining City Living for Families

Göktürk in Istanbul is rising to super stardom status on the real estate market, as more buyers flock to the offerings that seem a world apart from the main city centre. For many years, this previously low-key district remained off the grid for many property hunters. But as buyers in Istanbul change their lifestyle preferences and turn away from the busy central districts, the family-friendly environment shines through, and the area is shining on buyers' radar in Istanbul.

Officially belonging to the Eyup district, the location, a short drive from the third bridge, new Istanbul, and the city centre, plays a large part in the popularity. This attracts commuters who don't want to be in the hustle and bustle of central districts. But the lure is about much more. Buyers see much potential in this family-friendly area, which redefines the concept of urban living.

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About Göktürk in Istanbul

Where it All Began

In the Byzantine days, the area was just a small village, where locals practised agriculture. The name "Petnahor" meant "rooster village". It wasn't until 1958 that the name Göktürk was adopted. A significant change happened in the 1980s with the Kemer Country project. Istanbul city at that time was experiencing mass immigration, with migrants flocking from other parts of Turkey for work. It became crowded and polluted. A man called Rasim Esat Edin, fed up with the overcrowding looked for a quieter location to reside.

Coming across Göktürk while on a helicopter flight and realising the close but quiet location, he built the Kemer Country project, a large-scale villa neighbourhood with artificial ponds, golf courses and green trees. Istanbul's upper-elite group quickly flocked to buy the villas, and such was the popularity; in 1994, Göktürk turned from a low-scale, off-the-grid village into an officially recognised municipality. In 2008, it joined the Eyup Sultan official district, as a small town. These days, with a population of roughly 40,000, Göktürk still maintains the exclusive district living, that started nearly 50 years ago.

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The Beauty of Nature in Göktürk

In addition to being devoid of pollution and noise that often affects large city centres, another point in Gokturk's popularity is the surrounding nature points. Göktürk sits near Ayvat Bendi National Park, Göktürk Goleti National Park, Kemerburgaz Forest, and Fatih Cesme Nature Park, which all belong to the famous Belgrade Forest area, is just a 30-minute drive away.

For Istanbul locals, Belgrade Forest is the perfect retreat for green spaces. The nationally protected park attracts those seeking recreational tourism and is home to Ataturk Abortorium. Istanbul locals often flock on the weekends to enjoy the picnic areas and the walking and jogging trails. To own property near Belgrade Forest, is to enjoy both the best of urban living and green nature.

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Transport and Location are Everything

Sitting on the European side of Istanbul, Göktürk adds another feather to its cap with an ideal location. Sitting 25 kilometres from Taksim Square, the heart of new Istanbul, where thousands of people traverse Istiklal Avenue daily, the TEM highway is also just 10 kilometres away. The district sits on the M11 line of the Istanbul metro that also heads to the new Istanbul Airport, just 20-minutes drive away. Additionally, it is served by ten bus lines. These explain why Göktürk is popular with families who want easy access to all amenities of the city centre but are distant from the hustle accompanying it.

But What is Daily Life in Göktürk Like?

So, with a good location and beauty of nature right on your doorstep, one would easily be forgiven for wondering what you have to forfeit. But this is where Göktürk steps up to the mark again. Everything exists within the community, so you never have to venture into the Istanbul centre if you don't want to. The daily amenities include four mosques, six schools, and four hospitals, as well as supermarkets, shops, restaurants, and banks.

Göktürk, keen to maintain the premium status, is also devoid of the ugly architecture sometimes spotted in other areas of Istanbul. Low-rise buildings add a pleasing aesthetic look to the overall landscape and complement the redefined aspect of Istanbul. Buying property in Göktürk is about buying property in a world that seems to exist independently. A little enclave in Turkey's largest city that seems worlds apart.

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Part of the Larger Eyup District

Sitting next to Princci, Odayeri, Kemerburgaz and Mithatpasa neighbourhoods, Göktürk belongs to the larger Eyup district, one of 30 official districts in Istanbul. Eyup continues with the family-friendly theme and is known for being a great place to bring up a family. The district also offers historical value. The district is named after Eyüp Sultan Mosque, one of Istanbul's most sacred sites, which was built near the burial place of Abu Ayyub al-Ansari, companion of the Prophet Muhammad.

The mosque complex includes a mausoleum, a cemetery, and various centuries-old structures. However, the Eyup cable car is a beautiful place that heads to Pierre Loti Hill, offering fantastic views of the Golden Horn. It's named after the French novelist and naval officer Pierre Loti, who frequented the area and wrote about it in his novels. It is a great place to drink tea and marvel at this large city.

Conclusion – Why Buy Property in Göktürk

  • Wide range of daily amenities on your doorstep
  • Devoid of the hustle and bustle of the main city centre
  • Sits among many places of natural beauty
  • Family-friendly neighbourhoods
  • Premium area for property investment
  • Great transport locations to other parts of Istanbul
  • Stylish architecture to reflect the upmarket status

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Sense Göktürk: Istanbul Redefined

Sense Göktürk has been designed to blend seamlessly into its surrounding environment, offering a peaceful setting for raising a family whilst being just a few minutes away from a range of amenities including cafes, restaurants, and cultural gems. These properties meet the criteria for Turkish Citizenship by Investment.

Reasons to choose Sense Göktürk:

- Luxury family apartments surrounded by nature.

- 10 mins to Istanbul Airport, 20 mins to City Centre.

- Built to highest standards by a GYO Developer.


Find Out More About Property in Göktürk

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