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Updated: 10 February 2014 Created: 10 February 2014
endless Konyaalti beach antalyaThere are a few globally known beachfront escapes, including Saint Tropez, the French Riviera and Honolulu, Hawaii.  But, perhaps the jewel of all beachfront hideaways is lesser known beyond the locals.  This well-kept secret is Konyaalti, a district of Antalya city.  Located just west of the city of Antalya, Turkey, this 12 kilometre seaside town has long served local residents.  But, in the past several years, the world has also noticed this paradise, with good reason.

Konyaalti has geography on its side.  The Mediterranean Sea laps at the beach and the entire area is warm and comfortable year around.  At one time, the beaches were beautiful, but covered with pebbles, but the local and national governments have come together to rebuild the beach areas and you’ll be the beneficiary of this government intervention - enjoy the sand on endless Konyaalti beach.

Konyaalti is a relatively new town. As recent as 1985, if you stood on top of the hill (image to the left) on the coastal route from Antalya city centre westwards toward Konyaalti beach, you would see hardly any buildings. Konyaalti was then a totally undeveloped coastal area right next to expanding city centre. The beach was (and still is) a public beach and there were hardly any hotels in the way of accommodation. Development of Konyaalti area started in the early 90's as Antalya received more and more professional settlers from larger cities in pursuit of business and employment opportunities in what was about to become the hub of Turkish tourism, Antalya.
Today, Konyaalti is a very smartly developed town, part of Antalya city, yet with a very different flavour to it. Its modern infrastructure and careful development strategies employed by local governments, are evident in its wide roads, blue flag beaches, water-parks, nature reserves and the general up-Hotels in Konyaalti Antalyamarket feel of the area. The area offers a wide range of shopping facilities, world cuisine and plenty of entertainment for the whole family. 

Antalya enjoys 320 days of sunshine on average. Within under 20 minutes drive you will be among the pine forests of Taurus mountains. And, under an hour drive, there are two ski resorts. You can swim in the morning, ski in the afternoon and still have plenty of time on your hands to enjoy a lovely dinner & drinks party in down-town Antalya or one of many Konyaalti beach restaurants. The area is so well connected in all directions that life here simply flows.
Some of Antalya's top hotels are located along the seafront promenade in Konyaalti as well as the city's most sought after neighbourhoods and residential real estate. 
Because you’ll be close to Antalya, you’ll be able to explore amazing ruins and a unique mix of multicultural architecture in Kaleici, the original centre city of Antayla.  You’ll definitely want to visit the Hadrian Gate where the Queen of Sheba was rumoured to pass on her way to spend time with King Solomon.  You can also visit Kesik Minare.  This Turkish national treasure has gone through multiple religious flavours over several centuries with only the tower, or minaret remaining. 
where is konyaalti antalya
But, you can also simply get lost walking around the ancient centre city.  You’ll see old buildings being restored into offices, hotels and restaurants, all under strict preservation guidelines.  The streets will blend together because of the regular mix of Roman, Ottoman and other architectural models.

Or, you can spend time in modern Antalya.  Here you’ll find fine shopping and dining.  Antalya has a population of over one million full time residents, so you’ll definitely enjoy a real city feeling along with all of the amenities. Konyaalti district is a mere 5 minute drive into the heart of Antalya city, hence the best of both worlds on offer.

If you are a foodie, make sure to enjoy a meal at Sibel’s Four Seasons Café and Restaurant.  The combination of great food and great service has earned this family owned restaurant a first place rating from tourists on Trip Advisor, so it will be well worth the drive. 

You can also enjoy upscale formal dining at Searser Fine Dining Restaurant.  If you make your reservation early enough, you can request a garden table.  Here you will enjoy a fabulous meal with the atmosphere of a famous Turkish tea garden.

But, let’s face it, you’re coming for the beach.  This particular beach area is surprisingly undeveloped, adding quaint charm to its attraction.  The sad fact is that many visitors decide they could never afford to own real estate in such a beautiful location without doing any due diligence.  That’s good news for you because with a little research, you’ll find that pricing for property in Konyaalti beach area of Antalya is surprisingly affordable.  You can find one bedroom apartments for as low as Euro 40,000 and luxury 2 bedroom apartments within walking distance of Konyaalti beach anywhere from Euro 85,000.  Prime beach front homes in Konyaalti area start from an affordable Euro 200,000.
Luxury Konyaalti apartment for saleAs property investor, you’ll be interested to know that Konyaalti has a unique double identity.  First, you can rent your property to the obvious seasonal holiday travellers.  This is true of most warm and tropical destinations.  But, unique to this area, you also have the opportunity to rent to long-term residents, who settle into the area for a year or more while on sabbatical or writing their first novel.  In addition, due to the prestigious nature of living in Konyaalti, city's high-earners tend to prefer luxury apartments along Konyaalti beach area. In other words, you can let your property out to holiday makers as well as city dwellers on long term contracts.

This might not seem like a big deal if you are thinking about buying a few apartments and operating your own boutique hotel, but this could be a really nice way to allow tenants to pay off your investment while you finish your march towards retirement.

Konyaalti has a surprising robust and diverse property inventory, so you’ll be faced with the difficult but enviable decision of which property to buy.  Buyers who enter this market in a few years won’t be so lucky and they’ll be paying a premium for missing the consistent equity value increases that smart investors are already enjoying. Property prices in most desirable Konyaalti are going up in double digits year on year.  Despite the economic slow-down experienced in global real estate markets in 2007 - 2010 era, real estate prices in this area have almost doubled from very humble beginnings. Now that the word is out, and Konyaalti is beginning to get the recognition that it so deserves, we expect property values to double yet again from 2014 to 2020.  

Why buy property in Konyaalti?

Konyaalti will suit you perfectly well if you are after something a great deal more than just a holiday home. If you are looking for the best of both worlds, city life at your doorstep yet blue flag beaches and excellent facilities, then consider buying an apartment in Konyaalti area.  Konyaalti is a lot more than a holiday resort.  Life goes on unchanged year round here.

Konyaalti attracts not just the lifestyle buyer but the keen property investor too. When you compare rental rates to property prices, a buy-to-let in Konyaalti delivers far better returns compared to
- London
- New York
- Paris
- Istanbul
- Moscow

A modern 2-3 bedroom apartment in a desirable part of Konyaalti bought for around Euro 100,000 will easily fetch Euro 6,500 - 7,000 per annum.  Compared to London, New York and Paris, this is almost 35% higher in terms of rental yields. In addition, as an investor you would not have to rely on seasonal holiday lets either, although returns might be slightly higher due to very long season in the area. Konyaalti is highly sought after by local residents, therefore chances of securing long term contracts are as much as holiday lets.

In the preceding 10 years average property prices have more than doubled in Konyaalti, however, still well below comparable Mediterranean destinations. We expect prices to double again by the year 2020. 

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