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Kemer, AntalyaKemer district is located at the foot of west Taurus Mountain with the province Antalya 43km and this is one of the most important tourism centres in Turkey - a charming and idyllic location for life abroad with so many things to do in Kemer.

Until 1910, Kemer was a region of sea from the flood water that came off of the mountains and the moors. The oldest residents of the village built stone walls to protect themselves from the flooding and this is when the region took on the name of Kemer. Steeped in history and strong culture, Kemer is a divine location that many expats and foreigners simply can't get enough of. 

Kemer has a natural beauty with the sea, forest and mountains interspersed at a point, giving a collaboration of the stunning blue sea and crisp green coloured forest.

Starting from Beldibi right the way up to the shore of Tekirova is a completely natural beach. You can enjoy the sea with the city beach located within the centre of Kemer and the Moonlight beach which can be found near the marina. 

The closest airport to Kemer is the Antalya International Airport.  This is situated about 60km from Kemer and to get to Kemer from the airport will take about one and a half hours. There is minibus at the airport which runs a frequent service and costs approximately 5 euros per person. 


Kemer, Antalya mapKemer is a readymade resort within Turkey's stunning Mediterranean coast and sits to the southwest of Antalya. The whole feeling is that they have picked a favourable location that has little or no inhabitants and built a newly designed resort full of concrete buildings. 

Kemer has very little to offer with regards to old buildings, archaeological sites, the people come mainly for the sun and the sea. The beaches are mainly made up of stones, although near the yacht marina and Yoruk Park (an anthropological park) are sand and are increasingly popular as destinations for day outs and enjoying the best of life in Kemer. 


Kemer is home to just under 10,000 permanent residents. While the town was originally a small rural town, in recent years it has become a busier, more popular tourist destination which at present day is the main source of income for the resort.

The region surrounding Kemer only become accessible during the 1960’s when the first road was built. Today it is a colourful, busy resort town with lots of hotels, many summer events and a long stretch of coastline that hosts many Blue Flag beaches. The area is famed for its natural beauty, here you will find some of the world’s most spectacular beaches and will be in close proximity to the Taurus Mountains.


Kemer enjoys a Mediterranean climate, situated in the Gulf of Antalya on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. The climate is true Mediterranean hot summers and short mild winters. The area becomes a hive of activity in summer as visitors from all over come to bathe in its glorious beauty, it is advised to book well in advance if you wish to visit during the summer months. 

March and May, the spring period enjoys almost perfect weather. March can be quite cool with April starting to warm considerably with sunny days in the low 20s. An average high for May is around 25c. Rain fall still occurs but is little to none as the season progresses and sunshine levels get higher and higher towards summer. The summer can get extremely hot, with the temperatures in July reaching a high of 42c, and the night time falling no lower than 25c. The sea provides a welcome relief though from the heat. These temperatures continue well into October, when the temperature range of 25c to 30c is normal.

Winter starts rather abruptly, usually in December when daily high temperatures between 13c – 20c will be seen, dropping to as low as 7°c in the evenings. January is the coldest month. 

Late autumn and winter are the only real times when it rains, averaging 200mm of rain in December and January. The rain will fall in short; sharp bursts but soon give way to. Kemer records 300 days of sun and clear blue skies every year.


Kemer, AntalyaWith an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, and the outstanding beauty of this resort it is easy to see why the tourists flock during the summer. There are very few other places where you can sit and enjoy the outside all year round.  

There are many reasons to buy a villa or an apartment in Kemer as this is a still a developing resort, where you can not only spend your vacation, but at the same time make an investment. The Republic of Turkey has made it easier for foreigners to become property owners. One of the main pluses though has to be the expenses for your standard of living are quite low whilst living here is extremely appealing.


There is a lot of things to do in Kemer and among the most popular would be:

1. Jeep Safari – Starting with a drive through the marvellous Taurus Mountains, with photo stops; whilst on the safari you will get a taste for the lifestyle of the villager’s mosques, valleys, many styles of plantations. Quick for lunch then head back to your hotel. 

2. Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival - each year thousands of people attend Aspendos to see this superb old monument which is one of the best kept antique theatres in the world.

3. Moonlight Beach and Park in Kemer is the best beach in Kemer. The beach is fine and the sea is shallow, perfect for young children. 

4. Phaselis is just 11km from Kemer and over 2400 years old, for either history lovers or those seeking a quiet day at the beach this is perfect trip for those looking for things to do in Kemer.

5. Mountain Tahtali houses a cable car which is the longest in the world; it was opened in 2007, and is 2365 metres high. Once you have reached the top, you will have the most spectacular views.

6. Yacht trip the perfect way to travel, enjoy the sun and relax. 

7. The market in Kemer is something that should not be misses. Mix with the locals as they meet up and do their shopping. The market provides everything that you could possibly need and promises to be a really good fun day out.

8. Beycik village - a charming small village situated in Kemer.

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