Where in Turkey should you consider buying a property?

Updated: 22 April 2020 Created: 26 June 2019

Where should I live in Turkey?

Turkey's diverse landscape means there is no end of beautiful or fascinating places to live, work and invest. However, that can make it difficult when you're deciding where to live or invest in Turkey. If you're wondering what is the best part of Turkey, or, should I move to Turkey, take some time to discover the best regions for Turkey for expat living.

Map of Turkey

Best areas in Turkey for families or holiday homes?

  1. Istanbul. Turkey's largest city, Istanbul offers a range of properties for all budgets and family sizes. 
  2. Bodrum. For glitz and glamour, Bodrum property is perfect for those seeking a luxury family life.
  3. Fethiye. Favoured amongst British expats and retirees, Fethiye property offers superb value for money. 
  4. Antalya. A working city all year round, Antalya offers jobs and properties are highly sought after.
  5. Kalkan. For the views and laid back lifestyle, Kalkan is suitable for families looking to indulge in Turkey.

Why buy property in Istanbul?

Turkey’s largest city is an exciting, ever-shifting urban centre. The last two decades has seen the city targeted by property investors seeking the high returns Istanbul is now known for.

Istanbul economy and property

Straddling two continents, the dynamic Istanbul has always been an important economic and trading centre. The city today has a diverse industrial economy, producing commodities from automobiles to olive oil. It’s also become an economic and financial hub, with a number of large companies shifting their operations there.

Istanbul culture and society

With its young and dynamic population, Istanbul is a progressive city with a diverse population. Historic mosques and Ottoman palaces rub up against new developments, and there is a wealth of art, music, cuisine on offer.

Istanbul property and rental market

Istanbul property prices range from a modest entry level price for an outer city development to expensive luxury developments in the inner city. Since 2018, would-be investors have taken advantage of a low lira, flooding into the central city to snap up once out-of-reach central investments before the lira’s inevitable recovery. With a quickly growing population of young professionals, rentals are in high demand, and investors can expect to earn between 3-6% of their property value in rental income.

Where to buy property in Istanbul?

In 2019, investors are looking to Maslak, a central and hip area on the city’s European side. They’re also looking for premium seafront property, still possible in places like Zeytinburnu. Investors looking for a lower price entry are concentrating on suburbs like Bahcesehir, a leafy, family-friendly area with plenty of leisure activities and a short commute into the central city.


Why buy property in Fethiye?

Sunny, friendly Fethiye is a prosperous Mediterranean town with so much going for it. Beautiful beaches, historical sites, incredible mountain scenery: it’s little wonder it’s considered one of the best places in Turkey for a holiday home.

Fethiye economy and property market

Despite its focus on tourism, Fethiye is a working town, built on the back of agriculture and industry. This has the dual effect of keeping the town authentically Turkish, and ensuring a strong regional economy. With land slightly cheaper than other tourist centres like Bodrum, Fethiye property for sale tends to be larger: family villas with private pools and landscaped gardens. As well as decent mid-range villa developments, Fethiye is home to a strong resale market, and there is also potential for anyone wishing to build their own property to spec.

Fethiye culture and society

As a working centre Fethiye is home to a year-round Turkish population, as well as a hefty number of British expats. The Brits have such a firm footing in the area there’s no end of events for newcomers, from charity drives to quiz nights. Outdoor activities dominate the region: there’s plenty of scope for walking, water sports and historical sites. The town’s position as a focal point for agriculture means Fethiye’s markets are famous, selling local produce from all around the region at weekly markets.

Where to buy property in Fethiye?

  • Fethiye town: apartments and duplexes central to the markets and shops of Fethiye.
  • Calis Beach: close to the shore, old and new villa and apartment developments.
  • Hisaronu: apartments and villas on the hill above Fethiye, enjoying mountain views and a vibrant nightlife.
  • Ovacik: family friendly, modern and often luxurious villas located on the hill above Oludeniz Beach
  • Uzumlu: A short drive from Calis, villas in this beautiful valley are priced lower than coastal spots.

Oludeniz beach in Fethiye

Why buy property in Bodrum?

The stylish Bodrum peninsula has evolved from Turkey’s original tourist destination into an upmarket hub for luxury property and international brands. But at it’s heart, Bodrum is still authentically Turkish.

Bodrum economy

Once a collection of small fishing villages, Bodrum’s local is now bolstered by the tourist market. Luxury hotels, shops and tours thrum with activity each summer. The peninsula’s marinas are also income drivers, with yachties from all over the world visiting the world-class Palmarina and Bodrum marinas.

Bodrum culture and society

Bodrum has always been a haven for intellectuals and politicians escaping the big city. The influx of wealthy city dwellers each summer has helped push the peninsula into prosperity, and also ensured a lively cultural and artistic society, where shabby bohemians rub shoulders with glitzy celebrities. Add a sizeable and active expat population, and you have all the ingredients for a big-city cultural microcosm in one small peninsula.

Bodrum property and rental market

Bodrum has gained a reputation for upmarket, designer property. Big name architects from all over the world have made their mark with luxury developments in the hills above Yalikavak and other locations. There is also a healthy resale market for older Bodrum property and apartments. Bodrum’s elevated nature means the vast majority of homes enjoy sea views over the Aegean. Holiday rentals in Bodrum are sought after, and command high prices.

Where to buy property in Bodrum?

  • Gumusluk: this charming fishing village is famous for its peace and quiet, modern villas and fresh seafood.
  • Yalikavak: home to the upmarket Palmarina, Yalikavak homes are luxurious, with sweeping views.
  • Bodrum Town: handy to town and with castle views, Bodrum property tends to be older and well established.
  • Turkbuku: glitzy Turkbuku is beloved of celebrities and is a stylish social spot.

Bodrum in Turkey

Why buy property in Antalya?

The historical, bustling Mediterranean city of Antalya is not only an economic powerhouse, it’s the gateway to a fascinating and beautiful region. With culture, history and beaches at every turn, Antalya is a destination for everyone and every season.

Antalya economy

This southern city has a thriving local economy driven by agriculture, commerce and tourism. Its wealth and international status have grown along with its population of young, educated professionals, who move here from the countryside for work.

Antalya culture and society

Antalya City is a centre for Turkish history and culture, with a number of popular museums, galleries and theatres. Its young population mean its a vibrant and bustling city. Spreading out along the coastline, you encounter more expat-heavy, seasonal tourist areas like Side, Kemer and Belek.

Antalya property and rental market

In Antalya City, property in Antalya consists of mid-range to luxury apartments, popular with young professionals looking for rentals. Along the coastline, property in Side, Belek and Kemer is geared more toward families and tourists, both for lifestyle and rental.

Where to buy Antalya property?

  • Side: this sunny seaside town one of the best areas of Turkey for families, and is a great place for an apartment or villa in the sunshine.
  • Kemer: green Kemer is a quiet seaside resort with a handful of luxury hotels and a number of villa developments.
  • Antalya City: best for investment and rental, the bulk of Antalya property consists of high rise, small apartments.
  • Belek: Turkey’s centre for golfing is known for its upmarket, luxurious golfing villas - often with golf membership included.

Antalya Konyaalti Beach

Why buy property in Kalkan?

The pretty Mediterranean town of Kalkan has bougainvillea-draped whitewashed homes spilling down into its ancient harbour. Quiet, genteel Kalkan is the perfect getaway for anyone looking to escape the crowds and enjoy privacy, good food, and plenty of sunshine.

Kalkan economy

Once a fishing village, Kalkan's economy is now reliant on tourism. Although it's expanded, due to its distance (around 1.5 hours) from the nearest airport, it's avoided the intense tourism development that many other Turkish Mediterranean centres have.

Kalkan culture and society

The summer sees an influx of tourists and holiday home owners from all over Europe and the wider world. With its emphasis on the upmarket, during the day Kalkan's beach clubs are the place to go. When the sun goes down, people dine in the old harbour, and at some of the lovely rooftop restaurants. During the winter months this pretty town is quiet, and the expats remain like it that way.

Kalkan property and rental market

Kalkan's known as one of the top rental destinations in Turkey. With an emphasis on large, private, luxury villas, there's plenty of scope here for high-end rental properties. The town's elevated position means just about every property has a sea view. The more sought after properties are near the shoreline, and prices fall away the further you go up the hill.

Where to buy property in Kalkan?

  • Kisla: to the left of the bay, looking out towards the sea. Known for exclusive, upmarket property.
  • Ortaalan: this central suburb is in an elevated position behind town centre, with a number of luxury developments.
  • Kormuluk: beside Kalkan town centre, this is one of Kalkan's most established districts and highly sought-after by those wanting town proximity.
  • Kalamar Bay: to the right of Kalkan Bay, this residential area is priced lower than the central district, although prices have risen in recent years.
  • Kiziltas: offering some of the most panoramic views, and some of the town's most affordable property due to its elevated position.

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