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Altinkum, Turkey

Altinkum, Turkey, is a man-made custom resort that has a lovely relaxed and informal ambience throughout the region. Simply perfect for those who want to laze on the beach as there are three sandy beaches within easy reach no matter where you are. Altinkum translated is Golden Sands and it couldn’t be truer as the main beach is known for the glorious stretch of golden sand stretching for miles. 

A short walk from the main beach is the second beach which is a hive of activity surrounded by bars, restaurants and shops; and a short walk in the opposite direction tucked just behind the harbour is the third beach which offers a much more peaceful retreat. So no matter what beach lifestyle you are after - you can find it in Altinkum all within a short walk of each other. 

If you are looking for more than just soaking up the sun, there is plenty on offer in Altinkum’s shops with a wide variety of value priced souvenirs. Keep your eyes open for the leather goods, designer clothing and famous Turkish carpets. There is a huge weekly market that is a short Dolmus ride away and sells everything from clothes to spices, here you have the chance to put your haggling skills to use and this makes for a good fun day out. 

Surrounded by many historical sites, Altinkum is just 3km from the famous Temple of Apollo with all three columns still standing at almost twenty metres. The site is over 2000 years old and well worth a visit. Other sites that should not be missed are the classical Greek city of Prienne and the ancient port of Miletus, both just a short journey away.

The nearest airport to Altinkum, is Bodrum Airport located approximately an hour away, however it is wise to factor an hour and a half for this journey as there can be heavy traffic at times. Flights also arrive into Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport but this would make for a much longer transfer time. 


Altinkum is located in Aydin Province between Izmir City and the resort Bodrum, about an hour and a half by car either way. Altinkum is on the western Aegean coast of Turkey set on a wide sandy bay. It is ideally located for those wanting to explore this beautiful country, with the ancient city of Ephesus, the biggest working archaeological site in the world just an hour away.

Altinkum has something for everyone regardless of age with Turkish music, belly dancers and some phenomenal sights and sounds within this bustling resort. 

Altinkum map


The last recorded census of 2000 showed a population of 26,000 but according to the latest statistics now stands at around 34,000 people but during the summer months there is a dramatic increase as many Turkish and British people have holiday homes in this area and stay for the whole of the summer months. Include the many tourists and the population count increases significantly. 


The weather in Altinkum is incredibly mild and that of a typical Mediterranean climate. In winter, the weather stays reasonably warm. They do get rain but never snow. The summer weather really starts in May and goes right through until mid September when the temperature stays at around 33 – 34c with little humidity. There is a constant breeze that comes in off of the Aegean Sea which provides a lovely respite from the heat and the sea is warm and ideal for swimming or water sports.


With the combination of climate and the affordable cost of living Altinkum provides the perfect place to relocate or retire too. There are certain things that are more expensive but in general you can live a much healthier lifestyle. With fresh vegetables, fruit and bread being so cheap it makes a huge difference to the weekly grocery bill! Although meat and imported goods are more expensive the local cafes are such good value that you could always opt for a meal out. 


There is something for everyone regardless of age in Altinkum, whether you are looking for a boat trip or crazy jeep safari it has it all. History, Turkish baths, shopping whatever takes your fancy. 

Amongst the must see locations though would be the following:

1. Ephesus although a two hour journey there is a particularly good two day trip that makes the travelling worth it. 

2. Temple of Apollo just a short bus ride away.

3. Aqua Park again a short ride on a Dolmus, with terrific views of the sea towards the islands of Greece, this has loads of slides and swimming pools to keep everyone entertained. You cannot take food or drink into the park though so remember to leave this at reception if needs be.

4. The marina is relatively newly built with a host of shops and restaurants.

5. Anyone for golf? The resort has two 18-hole golf courses if this is your thing.

These are just a tiny sample of what you can see and do in Altinkum the best way to really find out is to visit! 

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