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Updated: 07 September 2021 Created: 04 June 2013

When you arrive at Antalya airport in Turkey, expect the best in air travel experiences. Antalya airport that first opened in 1960 covers a staggering 178,000 square metres. Turkey’s best and busiest tourist airport also hosts millions of air travel passengers every year efficiently and speedily. Sitting in Turkey’s Mediterranean region, it is a gateway to the larger Antalya region comprising many towns, beaches, places of interest and tourist attractions. In 2011, the airport won an award as Europe’s best air travel hub and, without a doubt, is crucial to Turkey’s tourism and travel industries.

Antalya Airport

About Antalya Airport

Three Terminals

Covering 36,000 square metres, featuring 32 check-in counters, the domestic terminal accommodates 10,000,000 passengers every year. Meanwhile, the first international terminal opened in 1998 and covers 59,000 square metres, with 59 check-in counters. While the second international terminal opened in 2005; covers 82,000 square metres, and handles 15 million passengers annually with 74 check-in counters.

1st International and 2nd International Terminals are approximately 2.5 km away from each other, and this distance takes about 5 minutes by car. Use the public bus or taxi service serving both terminals. The 1st international and the domestic terminal, which have separate entrances, interconnect, allowing passengers direct access from one to the other.

Antalya Airport Facilities

For children, there are playgrounds in both terminals 1 and 2. If you lose something in the car parks, check-in hall or terminals, head to the lost and found. Alternatively, if your luggage is missing or damaged from baggage areas, head to the ground services lost property office. For a free wi-fi connection, look for the Doruknet signal on your telephone. All terminals have an extensive range of food and dining establishment, including Burger King.

There are also four duty-free establishments in terminal 1. In terminal 1, the smoking area is on the 2nd floor, near passport control and the elevators. There is also a smoking area in terminal 3 near the Pinion cafe. Antalya runs a carbon-free airport project to leave a more liveable world to the next generations and take a stance against climate change. They aim to ensure sustainable airport management by controlling waste, wastewater, noise, chemical use, and natural resource consumption.

Disabled Passenger Services

  • Private parking area and parking direction signs
  • Wheelchair and accompanying support staff
  • Elevators suitable for disabled use outside and inside the terminal
  • Guidance track and warning surfaces application for visually impaired passengers
  • Special check-in counters and areas
  • Specially reserved doors at security checkpoints
  • Private cabin application at passport control points
  • Passenger support handrails
  • Washbasins and toilets suitable for disabled passengers

Transport to and From Antalya Airport

There are more than 2,000 (car, minibus, and bus) parking areas within 3 minutes of terminal buildings. In addition, 15-minute parking spaces are free of charge in domestic parking areas. The airport is in the northeast of Antalya city centre for car drivers, and the airport connects to the city centre by the D400 road. The journey from the city centre by car takes about 20 minutes. Follow the Alanya Road to reach Antalya Airport. Taxi stands are in front of the arrivals exits of all terminals. All taxi drivers have airport ID cards. Lastly, there is a HAVAS bus service on the hour to the City Centre, Erasta Mall, Bus Station, Akdeniz University, Kemer Bus Stop and Migros Mall.

COVID Airport Precautions

In line with government recommendations, Antalya airport has in place numerous procedures to minimise the COVID virus. In addition to extra disinfection and social distancing, officials check your temperature, and everyone within the airport must wear a mask. Furthermore, PCR and Antigen test centres are at the passenger exits of the 1st international and 2nd international terminals.

PCR test results take between 3-8 hours, while Antigen test results are 1 hour. Test centres are open 24 hours a day with no required appointment. Officials isolate passengers who come from abroad with a higher body temperature than 37 degrees. After the isolation procedure, they take positive COVID passengers to pandemic hospitals for treatment.

About the Antalya Region

So, as you see, Antalya airport does offer the best in air travel throughout Turkey. If you arrive in the Antalya region via the airport, you will also be impressed with what the area offers. Proof of its success is in its status as the number one destination in Turkey for beach holidays. It also ranks highly with foreigners who want to own homes in Antalya. Find out more in our Antalya area guide that includes lots of helpful information regarding places, beaches, tourist attractions, eating out, shopping, nightlife and much more. Otherwise, enjoy your flight experience with Antalya airport in Turkey.

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