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Updated: 15 September 2014 Created: 04 June 2013
Why should you consider buying a property in Uzumlu, Fethiye?  The answer is because it is an idyllic area to buy a holiday home, retirement or even rental where is Uzumlu Fethiye Turkey mapproperty.  Turkey is fast becoming the hot market to buy into with excellent prices, broad selection and Europe’s best beaches.  Uzumlu is a perfect untouched Eden like paradise to look towards if you are considering buying property in Uzumlu Turkey.  

All the hospitality and rural charm but less crowded than other popular overseas property hotspots and at a fraction of the price.  You will be impressed with how far your money will go here and how little you have to sacrifice in premier location and beauty that rivals its contending European counterparts.

Sitting only 15 kilometres from the much larger city of Fethiye, Uzumlu couldn’t be more different from its larger neighbour.  Nestled gently in the backdrop are the snowcapped majestic Taurus Mountains.

Locals are more than happy to show you their goods and don’t worry about the language barrier as it seems these cheery people will find any way to communicate even if its body language and hand signing.   There is also a small community of English expats so if you are a native English speaker these friendly neighbours will be the ones to ask to show you around.

The town mostly lives off what they can naturally produce from the earth or make with their hands. Local weavers produce “Dastar" fabric, which is a specialty of Uzumlu.

Virgin Uzumlu rural setting

The History of Uzumlu
Uzumlu is a wonderful rustic town untouched by modern marvels. The old ways of Turkish hospitality and slower pace of life seems to be the motto for this town. 

When you come here, you seem to be taken back to a simpler time before the western influences and fast-paced lives became the norm. You can be transported back ten to twenty years to an untouched corner and just remember what it was to enjoy life and nature.

Uzumlu means “grape” and well represents its name with all the grapevines and vineyards that surround this area.

What to Do in Uzumlu
Although this is a small village, there are so many hidden treasures and a Shangri-La quality here.  This is a dream atmosphere and wonderland landscape for any, Uzumlu village streetswriter, painter, or just for those who appreciate nature and the calm comforts of small rural town living.

There are various things to do here.  The first is just enjoy the landscape there is no shortage in the natural beauty you can behold here. Other activities would be to stroll the streets visiting with the cheery warm locals and sampling their merchandise.

Definitely sit and watch one of the weaving woman weave their famous and unique “Dastar" fabric. The restaurants here that will tantalise your taste buds with some amazing authentic Turkish fare and you could not ask for a more secluded picturesque backdrop while enjoying your meal. There are also some quiet cafes where you can lazily sip your tea or coffee while reading or daydreaming. For the adventurer in you or history buff there is marvellous ruins right outside town that can be explored and respectfully ogled.

There are the aforementioned vineyards that surround this town, where you can sample some of the local’s finest wine and are always an amazing experience to take in.  

There is also an eccentric annual festival here called the "Mushroom Festival of Uzumlu", which is held every April. The Morel mushroom, which is a local Folk dances Uzumlu Mushroom Festival Aprildelicacy, takes Mushrooms of Uzumlucentre stage in this festival. Even though the festival does centre on the Morel mushroom it is also seen as a wonderful excuse to hold a 3-day folk festival.  The Mushroom festival offers so many activities such as, traditional music, folk dancing and storytelling of the local culture, history and lore.  The overall feeling is whimsical and lighthearted.  

Sample from the various outdoor food stalls where you can indulge in some of the best authentic fare around. Definitely try the stuffed pancakes that many vendors offer. Savor the festivals namesake honored mushroom by buying a bowl of steamy Morel soup. Then wash it all down with your choice of local Uzumlu wine. After your meal burn some of those calories by participating in an organized guided mushroom-hunting hike throughout the surrounding hills and try your hand at finding the acclaimed fungi. If you are lucky in your hunt then you will be able to pluck up a plentiful little supply of these tasty mushrooms to keep for your own fresh supply.
Uzumlu is situated close to the ruins of Cadianda and Lycian city, which still hold the ruins of an Amphitheatre, stadium, baths and a temple. The town is located on a plateau deep in a valley surrounded by amazing natural beauty. The valley holds bountiful forests of evergreen pines, mountain streams, and rolling hills.

Buying Real Estate in Uzumlu
Buying a house in Uzumlu is very easy even if you are located abroad now.  The prices in this area are extremely low since it is not overpopulated or widely known about yet.  This area is perfect for investing in and building upon. You can make your claim on a beautiful reasonable priced plot of land and build an amazing home that holds true to your desires or perhaps build and operate a boutique hotel.

3 bedroom villa for sale in UzumluIf you want to buy an already existing property in Uzumlu for the no muss no fuss buyer there are plenty of new houses that have been constructed since 2000. An example of such amazing pre-built homes and their prices would be a 3 bedroom detached villa for sale with a spacious garden and scenic mountain views that can be bought for as low as 130,000 Euro.

This area is perfect for the person or family who needs to get away from the hustle and bustle of the mundane predictable daily grind and get back to the slower paced lifestyle.

 Uzumlu is also ideal for buyers/investors looking for a tranquil rural setting that is within close proximity of larger lively cities, which in this area it would be the energetic city of Fethiye.  This is a perfect time for an investment savvy businessperson to invest in some of the prime real estate here. As more and more expats flock to this area, the demand for property will grow and so will the prices. You could turn your bargain into a bountiful profit by buying to let or flipping the home for sale in several years. Either way you slice it this area is becoming the hot new place to come for some fun in the sun, whether loyal sun worshipers, natural beauty lovers or history aficionados Turkey is booming with a rise in visitors and new home buyers.

The overall feeling of this place is that it is a perfect location to sit back and enjoy life. This town will get in you and vice-versa. The sun is always shining and the people are always friendly.  Tranquillity and relaxation is in abundance here along with natural beauty. The town has a charming pull to its rustic houses and jovial residents. The natural beauty makes this an unspoiled utopia with scenery straight from the pages of a fairytale, with rugged hillsides, evergreen pine forests, and mountain streams this place paints a whimsical feast for the eyes and senses. The temperature is always perfect year round with warm sunny days leading to cool comfortable nights.

They say home is where your heart is and you can truly lose your heart to this beautiful untouched natural rustic town. So don’t deny yourself the extreme bliss and euphoria you can have by claiming your piece of this little patch of paradise.


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