Turkish Turquoise Coast

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Where is the Turquoise Coast? Turkish Riviera

The Turquoise Coast of Turkey is a must-see if you want to enjoy delight on your holidays. From secluded and idyllic towns to bustling hubs of the international yachting scene, be prepared for untold natural beauty and boat trips that leave lasting memories. The stretch also includes the famous Lycian Way, a collection of ancient cities, and archaeological sites from that civilisation that makeup one of the world's most famous trekking routes.

Anyone who travels to Turkey to see this coastline will never be short of things to do from sandy beaches, paragliding, tasting delicious Turkish food, and visiting sightseeing attractions like the Blue Lagoon, Butterfly Valley, and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Well known and famous cities, towns, and villages include Alanya, Antalya, Bodrum, Fethiye, Kalkan, Kas, Kemer, Marmaris and Side. Of course, let us not forget that stunning blue-water from which it earns its name. So, what do you need to know if you have plans to explore it?


Turquoise Coast Travel Guide

1: Where is the Turquoise Coast?

The Turquoise Coast is not an actual region but rather a name given to Turkey's south and southwest coasts. The coast is located mainly in the Mediterranean and partially in the Aegean. This coast is also known as the Turkish Riviera. It is a popular national and international tourist destination because of its long stretches of sand, delightful towns and villages, warm climate, and namesake turquoise waters.

2: Colourful Historical Timeline

This coastline, a cultural epicentre full of factual and mythological events and individuals, is mentioned in folklore of many cultures throughout history and was the home of scholars, saints, warriors, kings, heroes, and several well-known myths and mythical figures. Rumours say famed Mark Antony from the Roman Empire gave his beautiful bride Cleopatra of Egypt the Turkish Riviera as a wedding gift. St. Nicholas, now known as Santa Claus, was born in Demre, ancient Myra, a small town close. The father of Herodotus was born in Bodrum, ancient Halicarnassus, in 484BC. The mythical creature called the Chimera, the fire breathing monster that Bellerophon slew, was inspired by the westerly volcanic mountains.

3: Sites and Things to Do

The Turquoise Coast is more than just 150 kilometres of seemingly endless beaches. This area houses luxurious resorts of Turkey and the world. Pamphylia ancient city boasts of one of the world's largest Roman theatres, while the East earns fame for groves of oranges, lemons, and crops of vegetables. The ideal temperature helps grow profitable crops of tomatoes, eggplant, and lettuce throughout the year.

When white tufts finally appear from the opening fruit buds of cotton, it looks like snow covers the area, even though it is the middle of summer and the beautiful sun is cascading over the land. Some teahouses throughout the region cater for gentlemen to gather and drink tea, play traditional games and smoke off a hookah pipe. Travellers who enjoy cultural attractions will enjoy artefacts from the Palaeolithic Age through to the Ottoman era in the Archaeological Museum.

If you enjoy nature, head into the mountain terrain to see a different side to Turkey's landscape views. Make the most of the beautiful scenery by stopping and having a picnic or taking some pictures, then travel on and visit the majestic Duden or Kursunlu Waterfalls. Turkey's premier golf resort is also in Belek. This golf resort boasts of stunning stretched, golden sand beaches and lush backdrop mountains. You can find several five-star accommodations with many establishments, including sporting activities, spa treatments, and entertainment. Most hotels cater for children's wants as well offering kids clubs and other activities. Many rare plant species and wildlife are native to Belek, and this city has won awards for having and building environmentally friendly developments.

4: Antalya in Turkey: The Biggest Sailing Hub

Antalya, the most popular destination on the Mediterranean, is a thriving modern city with a central historic heart in Kaleici. Many Ottoman-era wooden mansions were renovated and turned into boutique hotels. Set high in the cliffs with a panoramic mountain backdrop, some hotels overlooking the sea sit on the outskirts of town. With its golden sands, Lara beach is 12 kilometres away and renowned as the best beach and fast becoming a resort location. Another long pebble, famous beach heading west is Konyaalti. Set on a 5 km long beach surrounded by untouched nature is Olympos. Olympos hold the ruins of the Roman theatre Necropolis. The ruins include baths and a temple, while North sits the legendary burning flame of Chimera located high on the hillside.


5: Enjoy a Gulet Blue Cruise

Sailing in yachts is a big business in Turkey. Taking in numerous bays, coves, Lycian ancient ruins, and seaside towns like Dalaman, picturesque Oludeniz, Calis Beach, Xanthos, Patara, it is possible to go cruising across to Dodecanese Islands like Rhodes. Leisurely charter cruises are popular but for a traditional twist, book a gulet boat, which is ideal for romantic honeymoon spots. These boats are specific to Mediterranean and Aegean Turkey and were born out of a need to convert fishing boats into overnight accommodation. Alongside lots of sunshine, sunbathing and relaxation, expect to see the endangered loggerhead turtle that lays its eggs along sandy beaches. Water sports lovers will also enjoy scuba diving and snorkelling.

Gulet boat

6: Property for Sale on the Turkish Turquoise Coast

This was just a simple glimpse of what the Turquoise Coast, Turkish Riviera, has to offer. This area would be an excellent real estate investment for anyone looking for a beautiful, warm, and historically rich place to live. This area offers up famous beaches and is becoming a very up and coming destination among affluent house buyers.

Prominent locations include Antalya, loved by Turks and foreigners alike, who enjoy the lively nightlife and shopping scenes. A balcony sea-view from deluxe villas in pristine Kalkan attracts many foreigners looking for tranquillity and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Otherwise, places like Belek, Side, Calis beach and Oludeniz, promote that famous promenade lifestyle and sitting in seaside cafes, bars, and restaurants to watch the dramatic sea view. See apartments and villas for sale on the Turquoise coast of Turkey here, or contact us today to speak with a local representative about investing in a Mediterranean delight.


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