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Once known as Smyrna, the city of Izmir is located on the west side of Turkey and is commonly referred to as the ‘Pearl of the Aegean’ with more than 300 days of sunshine every year. Izmir is the third largest city in the country with a population of more than four million people, and a history stretching back more than 8,500 years shaped by at least 32 different civilisations. Izmir is one of Turkey’s most significant and historically important cities, regarded today as one of the most attractive regions for permanent living or buying Izmir property.

Boasting a 629km coastline, Izmir is home to a stunning turquoise blue sea, beautiful golden sandy beaches, favourable year round climate, vibrant and warm welcoming people, a flourishing business and economic sector, and all your expected city amenities – the reasons for purchasing Izmir real estate are endless.

Climate of Izmir

Due to its geographical location, Izmir averages 300 sunny days per year, experiencing long dry and sunny summers, and cool winters at the end of the year. A mild breeze coming in from the shore cools the evening during the summer period, while temperatures can drop down to freezing point in the evening at the coldest moments of winter.

The history of Izmir

Boasting an historical culture dating back at least 8,500 years, Izmir has been home to at least 32 different civilisations over the history of time, including the Persians, Ancient Greeks, Assyrians, Romans, Byzantines, and Ottomans – there is no city in Turkey that has such a colourful past such as Izmir.

Officially founded by the Trojans at around 3,000BC, Izmir was also the birthplace of Homer and home to the first Greek settlers, The Aeolians. Destroyed to ruins in 600BC, Izmir was recovered following the arrival of Alexander the Great in 334BC, before prospering under the Romans. Destroyed again by an earthquake in 178AD, it was restored as a major commercial port during the Byzantine Empire, eventually becoming a thriving and sophisticated city under Mehmet I and the Ottoman Empire in 1415. The last major civilisation changes in Izmir came after World War I, when following the defeat of the Ottoman Empire, Greece was granted a mandate over Izmir however tensions led to Kemal Ataturk and the Turkish Army seizing control of the city soon after on September 9, 1922, a day still celebrated as the official day of liberation for the city. 

These civilisations have all left a mark on the city, with Izmir's modern real estate reflecting features of the past that date back into the rich culture of the region. Architects and designers are fusing old with new to create spectacular Izmir properties that borrow on authentic features.

Izmir today

Izmir today is widely regarded as one of the most economically rich cities of Turkey, growing significantly since the 1950s into a forward-thinking, developed city with a strong automotive, textile, food, and tourism industry – no Turkish city has grown faster in this period except for Istanbul. Izmir currently contributes 9.7% of the entire labour force of Turkey and produces 13.5% of Turkey’s Gross Domestic Product per annum. From Izmir apartments for sale to luxury real estate and properties, you're spoilt for choice within a location infamous for it's aesthetics and rich history. 

What is the population of Izmir? 

Izmir’s young, dynamic population are fast becoming the country’s movers and shakers; with 16,000 new graduates each year, Izmir’s getting things done with almost half the population being under the age of 30. The whole region is a year round global centre, working hard to promote its cultural, educational, health and tourism facilities. In particular health is a very big draw to the large numbers of expats moving here - there are almost 50 hospitals in the area. Izmir Airport connects Izmir to more than 40 cities around Europe and Middle East.

Why buy an Izmir property and rental income?

As Turkey’s third largest city, Izmir property ticks all the boxes for both investors and lifestyle buyers. You can purchase Izmir apartments for sale from as little as 60,000 Euros, while villas start from 150,000 Euros. For those looking to invest, a large tourism industry and high rental potential for house owners in Izmir currently yields between 4-7% income per annum depending on the quality of the home, proximity to the ocean, features of the property, and extras such as pools and gardens.

Izmir’s going places, Izmir property is on an upward trajectory and believe us – there’s never been a better time to get on board, contact us for offers and exclusive listings.

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