260 Australian-owned companies operating in Turkey

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Australia has made significant strides in foreign direct investment (FDI) within Turkey, with a substantial capital infusion totalling 708 million USD. This investment is bolstered by the presence of 260 Australian-owned companies operating within Turkish borders, contributing to economic growth and fostering bilateral relations between the two nations.

In contrast, Turkey's FDI in Australia stands at a comparatively modest 18 million USD, as reported by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia. While this figure indicates a lesser degree of investment from Turkey into Australia, it underscores the potential for further collaboration and mutual benefit in the realm of international business and investment between the two countries.

Australia investing in Turkey

Australia stands among the 91 nations that have ventured into investment opportunities within Turkey, signalling promising prospects for expanded economic ties between the two countries.

With a burgeoning investment volume reaching 264 billion dollars, Australia could secure a larger stake in Turkey's thriving market in the years to come. The robust bilateral trade volume, surpassing 2.5 billion dollars, serves as a pivotal indicator of the growing economic synergy between the two nations. Notably, the commercial relationship between Australia and Turkey remains balanced, offering fertile ground for further collaboration.

Australian tourists head to Turkey

Tourism emerges as a promising sector, with an average of 150 thousand Australian tourists flocking to Turkey annually, injecting approximately 200 million dollars into the local economy. Moreover, the flow of workforce from Turkey to Australia in pursuit of better opportunities underscores the dynamic nature of bilateral interactions.

The presence of over 200 thousand individuals of Turkish origin residing in Australia underscores the strong people-to-people ties, further fostering cultural exchange and cooperation.

Amicable relations for years to come

Diplomatically, the two nations maintain amicable relations, paving the way for enhanced collaboration across various domains. As cooperation deepens and mutual trust strengthens, Australia is poised to ramp up its investments in Turkey, catalysing economic growth and fortifying the bond between the two countries. These investments hold the potential to not only bolster economic prosperity but also to nurture enduring partnerships that transcend borders, enriching the fabric of bilateral relations for years to come.

Tourism in Turkey


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