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Marmaris is set amongst a stunning backdrop of pine clad hills and is a well known popular resort that combines beauty with a certain zest for life - making it a hotspot for tourists and foreign expats.

Marmaris has the most extravagant nightlife on the South coast, with a vast amount of clubs and bars to choose from that span the elegant coastline from the beautiful marina to the curve of Icmeler; a nearby small resort within easy reach.

Marmaris is also surrounded by countryside and offers a great cultural experience as there are many scenic roads and unspoiled villages that lead to ancient monuments and stunning beaches. Marmaris is a very popular location and suitable for all age groups. 

The nearest regional airport is Dalaman, and this is approximately 100km from Marmaris, which equates to about a one and a half hour transfer by coach.


Marmaris is a port town on the Mediterranean coast, located in Mugla Province, which is the southwest region of Turkey, along the shoreline of the Turkish Riviera.

The main source of income for the resort is the tourism. There is not a lot left of the fishing village that was Marmaris in the past. This is due to the construction boom in 1980s, continuing to today, leading to more development and transforming the face of Marmaris in the process. It does however retain its charm due to the exceptional location between the mountains and the sea - giving idyllic views throughout. 

Marmaris is also known for sailing and diving and has two major and several smaller marinas. It is a most popular location with cruising boaters during the winter months probably due to the close proximity of Dalaman Airport.

Marmaris map


The average population of Marmaris is approximately 31,000 people in winter. With all of the tourists this is guaranteed to rise to at least 300,000 people in summer time. It has increased in popularity since the late 80’s and averages an additional 10,000 visitor’s year on year. Marmaris could be described as more of a holiday destination rather than a year round destination for life in Turkey.


Marmaris has a lovely Mediterranean climate with long hot, humid summers with endless sunshine and light charming days, and cool, rainy winters. Between May and October it is very rare to have rain. July and August can see heat wave temperatures; hence some people prefer to visit in September when it is a little cooler. The winters are mild but wet, with the majority of rainfall after November. The annual rainfall can reach up to 48” and tends to be in heavy cloudbursts which can cause flash flooding in flood prone areas.


For most expatriates Marmaris provides a much better quality of life, and this is why a number of those that visit the resort make the decision to purchase a property either as a holiday home or for their retirement. Some will even choose to move to Marmaris to live. With the long hot summers, and plenty of things to do and see in the region, plus the great transport links, it is no wonder that more people are deciding on life in Marmaris year on year.  



Watch as the water changes from pale turquoise to the deepest blue as you leave the shore and travel out to sea on the best sailing route in Turkey.

Dependant on where you have set sail from Akbuk is an extremely popular place to first cast anchor. Akbuk is a peaceful haven with a good selection of restaurants. If this doesn’t appeal then sail on to Sedir Island where the beautiful beach with its’ combination of fine sand and fossils awaits you making for the ideal place to relax and take in the stunning view of Kiran Mountains over the bay.

As you sail along the south west coast the forests meet the sea, which is quite a sight. This coastline is more commonly known as the Bay of sixty six inlets. The waters of the Gulf of Hisaronu hold the areas outstanding history, and the Datca peninsula is home to the ancient city of Knidos which was built for Aphrodite. Once an important city of culture and art it has two harbours, one on the Mediterranean side and one on the Aegean. Datca is a popular area for passing yachts as it offers an exciting night life and some exquisite restaurants. 

Once you turn the tip of Knidos you will be heading towards the Gulf of Hisaronu which is also home to Kecibuku Bay and the statuesque Kizkumu, a natural sand formation which divides the shallow waters into two.

Tip of Knidos

On leaving the Gulf of Hisaronu the next area is Bozburun which is famously known as one of Turkey’s leading gullet – building centres. Whilst at the tip of Bozburun peninsula the ruins of the ancient harbour and castle at Loryma become visible and this is an area that can only be accessed via boat. 

On the southern side of the bay lies Kumlubuk and its beach on the northern side is the ancient Rhodian city of Amos. On arriving at Turunc, the last before Marmaris there is a large natural harbour to moor in. The final destination of Marmaris with its historical town built adjacent to the Suleyman Castle is the end point of this most idyllic sailing route which is steeped with history and some of the most spectacular scenery.


Hisaronu is the centre of the Lycian coast and one of the best sailing areas in Turkey, providing magical scenery. It is a rugged region where the high mountains plummet into the sea and the surrounding areas are very green. There are several ancient medieval forts that are dotted around the Gulf of Hisaronu. 

This long thin gulf is bordered by the mountains of Dorian to the north and the Greek Island of Simi to the south. The ancient town of Knidos is on the western tip and the spectacular picture perfect fishing village of Bozburun is to the south.

Halfway to the Gulf of Hisaronu sits Datca which is the modern town with mooring places on the gorgeous harbour. The Datca peninsula is a long and narrow stretch of land that stretches for about 100km west of Marmaris, separating the Mediterranean and the Aegean.

Sailing Hisaronu


Right into the gulf stretches the magical Orhaniye bay where there is a unique tidal formation called Maidens Beach. The bay in Orhaniye is portrayed on sea charts as “Kecibuku” or Goat Bay; locals refer to this as Kizkumu.

Orhaniye is split into two, the valley of Kecibuku and the houses and restaurants that straddle the road to Kizkumu, the main part of the village. Orhaniye boasts the largest marina outside of Marmaris on the Bozburun peninsula known as Marti Marina. Marti Marina is home to a multitude of private yachts as this area provides some of the best sailing in the entire Mediterranean.



Selimiye is a beautiful bay which is surrounded by mountains and has spectacular clear blue seas and a unique waterfront. Sailors have to both phone ahead before arriving and moor at Aurora’s or Sardunia’s jetty. 

Once safely moored there are an abundance of things to do in this gorgeous village. From simply wandering around to relaxing with a beer or hitting the various shops. Sardunia restaurant is the most famous for its superb fish dishes with the Turkish travelling from as far afield as Istanbul to dine here, with this in mind though it is definitely worth booking in advance.



Originally a sponge fishing town, Bozburun is better known for its thriving gullet building industry. The harbour is the focal point of this village with shops and restaurants lining the waterfront on two sides. 

There are several excellent dining opportunities including the Bozburun restaurant which will provide the best views over the bay and always has a welcoming breeze. If you are out on an anchor you can telephone to be collected from your yacht.

The Aphrodite restaurant can only be reached by water and you can moor at their jetty, as well as the exceptional food, this restaurant also offers a laundry service. 



Sogut is a large bay east of Bozburun that is home to fishing and gullet building. There is a long concrete jetty where you can moor free of charge and will provide you with access to the village. There are some excellent restaurants possibly the most well known is the Octopus restaurant which as well as offering the best seafood also has excellent shower and toilet facilities.

When entering the bay do be extra careful for outlying rocks on the port side, and do not attempt a short cut from here to Bozburun as this route is only successfully navigated by dinghy.



There are a number of things to do and see in Marmaris and the most popular tours are the Daily Laz-y-Day Boat Trip, Turkish Night and Jeep Safari. However other must sees include:

1. Pamukkale – Simply one of the most unique areas ever. It resembles a huge pile of cotton wool from a distance and the sheer beauty will take your breath away.  With thermal hot springs that you can swim in and are said to have therapeutic powers. Pamukkale is one of the most extraordinary natural wonders in Turkey and perhaps one of the most attractive spot for tourists. 

2. Cleopatra Island – This is a small island beach made of silky smooth white sand and it is the sand that makes this so special. The sand is made up of tiny sand like sea shells and it has taken millions of years for this beach to form, it really is tiny and shiny! The government has placed a conservation order on the beach as the sand takes so long to form and you cannot under any circumstances take any sand with you when you leave the beach, you are not even allowed towels on the beach as the sand will stick to them. 

3. Aquadream Waterpark - AquaDream Waterpark is right on the top of the hills which give you a superb view of Marmaris whilst making the most of the water. 

4. Try to make sure that you take a walk along the lovely beachfront from Icmeler to the Yacht Marina, where there are many lovely cafes, restaurants and bars. You can also walk from Marmaris marina all the way to Icmeler and this is really beautiful, and will give you an idea of the most active parts of Marmaris and you can do this during the day or in the evening. Basically and practically you can walk from Marmaris Marina to all the way to Icmeler. It is just so beautiful. This will enable you to get a good idea of what is on offer in Marmaris. 

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