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Updated: 16 February 2015 Created: 21 January 2014
Yalikavak is now home to the newly developed and stunning Palmarina Bodrum, a state of the art yacht marina, which offers luxury living and investment opportunities to savvy real estate investors. Yalikavak has retained its culture and hospitality but has also moved forward and is pioneering the way for lavish holiday escapes in the sunshine. The area beckons all sun worshipers to come here and soak up the magnificent rays illuminating the bright blue cloudless skies. 
Palmarina Bodrum by night

There are infinite possibilities to owning property in Yalikavak. If you are looking to make a profit with your home investment, the buy to let possibility in this area will likely score you substantial monetary gain. Yalikavak is not only beautiful but also is the fastest expanding town and the most popular in the Bodrum region. 

Where is Yalikavak MapWhere is Yalikavak?
Yalikavak is a charming and highly desired town on the Bodrum Peninsula that boasts undulating hills that give way to panoramic views of the crystal blue bays and pristine Aegean coastline. The surrounding hills are covered with dense oak forests and windmills. The pristine bays that are scattered around the area are home to Mediterranean seals that lazily lie on the shore and sun themselves. This was once the main fishing port for Bodrum and continues to be the most influential town on the Bodrum Peninsula. There is an expansive 29 mile of shoreline, which is lined with restaurants, shops and cafes.  

What to do in Yalikavak?
The newly developed Palmarina Bodrum, which was previously Port Yalikavak Marina has inhaled new life into the area and brought in a new standard for luxury living to Turkey.  The newly constructed marina harbours vacationing yachter’s vessels and offers an extensive list of premier brand shops. The marina has 450 berths and the capacity to hold yachts as large as 100m. There are already plans to exceed the existing capacity and create an 800-berth capability. Shops include the likes of which are Armani, Madame CoCo, Punto Leather and Fur, and Fash. 

Yalikavak Yacht Marina PalmarinaThe beautiful juxtaposition of Palmarina against the backdrop of the enchanted sunsets over Yalikavak famed in this region gives a full impression of the amazing beauty this area holds. Everything seems to be predestined or fated somehow to being here and placed in a very Feng-Shui manner so that everything compliments its counterparts. Even the sunsets here are brilliant due to the western geographical placement.

Palmarina exhibits all the up and coming high end nightclubs all in one space, which will make for a vigorous nightlife full of energy and pulsing music. These clubs offer up the perfect atmosphere to bump shoulders with other visiting travellers. This marina is the premier place for the who’s who to gather and enjoy their holiday time. 

YalikavakYalikavak’s History
There are amazing ancient cities that surround Yalikavak that hold ageless ruins and can be easily accessed from the town. Yalikavak’s history seems to point to the town actually being settled atop one of the surrounding hills. There are some artefacts that remain free of looting, which attests to the history of the town. Some tombstones, tombs, and ancient cisterns that were used by the residing civilisations remain as wonderful pieces to an ageless story. 

The town has tried to preserve their heritage and historical past by restoring some of the artefacts in the city back to operating order, which have been a few olive oil presses and cisterns that have tasteful been reborn and put to good use by local shop dealers. Yalikavak holds amazing luxury boutique hotels and top of the line shops and restaurants, which will appeal to any person’s refined taste. This is a stunning city moving forward into the modern era but still co-existing and incorporating its rich history and beautiful past throughout all its new ventures in growth.

You can also go trekking through the dense forest pathways and visit the local windmills. Stroll down the bay and watch the Mediterranean seals bask lazily in the sun. The area is known for its magnificent strong winds, so windsurfing is a commonly practiced water sport participated here. Check out the bustling open market held every Thursday in the town’s centre. Enjoy the amazing sunsets while you sip wine on a grassy knoll. Take a trip through town and the close neighbouring cities to explore the local ruins and let it transport you back to another time in this region’s past. Climb one of the surrounding hills and enjoy the aerial view of the city and shoreline that stretches off into the horizon. 

Villa Sandyma in YalikavakBuying Property in Yalikavak
Yalikavak is where one can find some modest apartments for sale as well as some of Turkey’s most luxurious and exclusive villas – there are affordable apartments from as low as Euro 70,000 and affordable villas around Euro 200,000

However, some of Turkey’s most exclusive estates and mansions are also here, such as hilltop houses in hectares of private land at prices from Euro 2m+ and beachfront villas for sale in Yalikavak Bodrum around Euro 1m – Euro 10m range.

The reasoning for such a dramatic swing in prices is that Yalikavak has dramatic, beautiful government protected scenery, making some areas extremely exclusive due to planning restrictions in place – this in turn sees prices rise considerably for properties in these areas as you can benefit from huge private plots, expansive sea views, and the knowledge that your home will never be overlooked or built of in front, attracting a large number of wealthy investors and those seeking private homes to Yalikavak. 

If you buy a property in Yalikavak, you’ll be buying into a fast growing and well-known luxury area known for great weather, great yachts and great shopping, with each day completed with a stunning sunset, and a laid back atmosphere that is simply hard to beat – Yalikavak is Turkey’s crown jewel for life, investment luxury living.

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