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Sitting on the Bodrum peninsula of Turkey, Yalikavak town has much to offer property buyers. Firstly, upmarket Yalikavak features the stunning state-of-the-art mega yacht marina which offers luxury living and investment opportunities to savvy real estate investors. Secondly, Yalikavak retains Turkish culture and hospitality but also moves forward to pioneer lavish sunshine holidays, and foreign real estate investment. The area beckons sun worshipers to come here and soak up the magnificent rays illuminating the bright blue cloudless skies, and there are infinite possibilities for owning property in Yalikavak. Indeed, beautiful Yalikavak is the Bodrum Peninsula’s most popular town.

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About Yalikavak in Bodrum - Turkey

1: Where is Yalikavak?

Charming Yalikavak sits on the western Bodrum Peninsula that boasts undulating hills giving way to panoramic views of the crystal blue bays and pristine Aegean coastline. The surrounding hills covered with dense oak forests and windmills lead to bays, home to Mediterranean seals that lazily lie on the shore. This was once Bodrum's main fishing port and continues to be the most influential town on the Bodrum Peninsula, with an expansive 29-mile shoreline lined with restaurants, shops, and cafes.

2: Things to Do in Yalikavak

The marina, previously Port Yalikavak Marina, inhaled new life into the area and brought new standards for luxury living in Turkey. The marina is home to vacationing yachter's vessels and offers an extensive list of premier brand shops. The marina has 450 berths and the capacity to hold yachts as large as 100 metres. Shops include Armani, Madame CoCo, Punto Leather, and Fur, and Fash.

The beautiful juxtaposition of the marina against the backdrop of enchanting sunsets over Yalikavak, portray fantastic beauty. The marina exhibits up-and-coming high-end nightclubs in one space, making for vigorous nightlife scenes full of energy and pulsing music. These clubs offer the perfect atmosphere to bump shoulders with other visiting travellers. This premier marina is where the who's whom gather and enjoy their holiday time.

Amazing ancient cities surround Yalikavak with ageless ruins and can be easily accessed from the town. Yalikavak's history seems to point to the city settling atop one of the surrounding hills. Artefacts remain free of looting, which attests to the town's history, while tombstones, tombs, and ancient cisterns used by the residing civilisations remain as beautiful pieces of an ageless story.

The town preserved their heritage and historical past by restoring artefacts to operating order, including olive oil presses and cisterns which local shop dealers use. Yalikavak also holds excellent luxury boutique hotels and top-of-the-line shops and restaurants, which will appeal to any person's refined taste. This stunning city moves forward into the modern era but still co-existing and incorporating its rich history and beautiful past throughout all its new ventures in growth.

You can also trek through dense forest pathways and visit local windmills. Stroll down the bay and watch Mediterranean seals bask lazily in the sun, or indulge in the popular sport of windsurfing. Check out the bustling open market every Thursday in the town centre. Enjoy amazing sunsets while you sip wine on grassy knolls. Explore nearby cities and local ruins to transport back to another time in this region's past. Climb surrounding hills and enjoy aerial views of the city and shoreline that stretches into the horizon.

Buying Property in Yalikavak

Yalikavak is where one can find modest apartments for sale and luxurious and exclusive villas. Turkey's most exclusive estates and mansions are also here, such as hilltop houses on hectares of private land at prices from Euro 2m+ and beachfront villas for sale in Yalikavak Bodrum around Euro 1m and Euro 10m range.

The reason for such dramatic price swings is Yalikavak's dramatic, beautiful government-protected scenery, making areas extremely exclusive due to planning restrictions. This increases prices for properties as owners benefit from substantial private plots, expansive sea views, and knowledge that no other properties will overlook your home. Naturally, this attracts wealthy investors and those seeking private homes to Yalikavak.

Anyone buying property in Yalikavak taps into luxury neighbourhoods, known for great weather, exclusive yachts, and high brand shopping, with vibrant sunsets finishing each day. Yalikavak is Turkey's crown jewel for life, investment luxury living. See our portfolio of apartments and villas for sale in Yalikavak. Each listing contains everything to know including price, location, home features and contact details to find out more via email or arrange viewings.

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More About Bodrum

Bodrum Area Guide: Bodrum, the pride of Aegean Turkey is a destination unlike anywhere else. The name refers to the larger peninsula area including the central town and smaller coastal resorts, and reasons for its popularity are plenty. Of course, Bodrum has many scenic landscapes, quaint coastal resorts, and a multitude of things to do. However, the hedonistic lifestyle is what captures everyone’s attention, making it a popular tourist and expat destination for Turks and many foreign nationalities.

How to Buy Property in Turkey: When looking at property in Yalikavak, you might be daunted by the buying process. This is completely normal for foreigners who are unsure of the buying process, and in many cases, do not speak Turkish. However here at Property Turkey, we have got you covered, by staying with you every step of the way to ensure you are fully informed and knowledgeable about your real estate investment. This article explains more about the property buying process in Turkey, or call us today to speak with an agent about investing in the property market of Yalikavak, Bodrum.


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