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Updated: 15 September 2014 Created: 04 June 2013
Calis beach mapCalis beach, Turkey is a panoramic and alluring spot to consider when buying your new retirement or second home. The beautiful beaches and 300 days of sun is a perfect paradise that will appeal to any buyer/renter. The word Calis translates into “work,” in Turkish and that may portray what Calis’s history held but the present day Calis beach the most work you’re going to do is rubbing on your suntan lotion or taking in the sites.

This area hold something for everyone and is the perfect place for any sun worshiper, bird watcher, nature lover, fisherman, and water sports enthusiasts. This amazing town is famous for its beaches and is part of the Turquoise coast, also known as the Turkish Riviera.

Where is Calis Beach? 
Calis, pronounced Chalish, beach is more of an extension of Fethiye and sits to the South side of Fethiye Bay. Calis is about 38 km from Dalaman international Airport, which makes it a convenient location to stay and travel. Being only 5km from Fethiye town, there is plenty of transportation offered to travel and visit between areas. The town was born in and around 1980, becoming a resort town and an extension of Fethiye. This area is perfect example of median living, although the area is middle class, it is also they in close proximity to the more metro luxury resort areas. The town was once a work town and had a railway that spanned the beach to the jetty, hauling chromium that was mined inland. But resorts and investment real estate have replaced the town’s roots.

Sunset in CalisCalis boasts some of the best sunsets, which can be viewed almost anywhere and are complimented by the turquoise water and the backdrop of offshore islands, making this a romantic getaway paradise. The landscape is generally flat, which makes it easy to navigate and travel across. The beach promenade is filled from end to end with restaurants and shops. Calis hit the big screen in 2012 for its landscape earning a sequence in the James Bond film Skyfall.

Things to do in Calis Beach?
There is a plethora of activities offered in Calis, which are sure to please any person’s tastes or preferences. The most basic is to enjoy the sunshine and sprawling beaches. Another natural occurring beauty that can be looked free would be the amazing vibrant sunsets that Calis boasts over the deep blue water and with romantic offshore islands as their backdrop, these sunsets are truly a natural occurring work of art. 

There are many means of transportation to the nearby city of Fethiye, an extremely relaxing and fun one to use, as your mode of transport, is the popular water taxi. Enjoy the restaurants that dot the beachfront and slip over to the promenade to enjoy some spectacular views. There is definitely an energetic and lively nightlife with many nightclubs and bars, scattered throughout the town. 

Beach in CalisWhy Buy an apartment or a house in Calis?
There are various reasons to buy a home or invest in a property in ​Calis beach, Fethiye. The town has a small town atmosphere but with many attractions to make it lively and energetic.

The 6,000 and growing British expats that reside here definitely have influenced the town and infused some of their qualities into the town giving this town a unique cultural feel. This is the perfect area to retire to because of its closeness to the equator and perfect temperature, with 300 days of sun a year; it is a retiree’s dream.

The Calis area is prime real estate for holiday home buyers. Buy to let investors are also rapidly scooping up Calis Beach properties due to the high tourism demand in this area. Anyone who loves long sandy beaches and beautiful scenery will find Calis their own personal paradise. You can have a year round active or relaxing lifestyle due to the optimal warm weather and sunny days. 

Though this town is small, there are numerous means of transportation to shuttle you to the close city of Fethiye. Calis boasts the best for middle class living and is always investing on improvements including new roads and other infrastructure projects. Apartments in Calis can be bought for as low as 55,000 Euro and a villa for as low as 120,000. 

Calis propertyIf you are looking for a more luxury style villa with modern amenities like a pool and private garden, these villas will usually have an entry price of 170,000 Euro. If you are planning to rent out your home, you can expect to get about 15-20 weeks of reliable revenues just during the summer months. 

The overall impression of Calis Turkey is that of a beautiful small beach town with plenty of energetic activities and close to the big lively city of Fethiye. Wonderful warm days and days filled with sunshine coupled with amazing sunsets and a plethora of activities makes this an amazing place to visit or make a permanent home. This is a perfect town to settle down and enjoy year round living.

The relaxing calm of Calis with the ease of access to the more metro surrounding cities makes this a perfect and balanced place. The already booming tourism is expected to increase along with the town’s population, which makes this a smart investment for any buyer. 

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