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Updated: 06 October 2014 Created: 12 February 2014

Many people want to live the high life, but perhaps feel like they can’t because they aren’t rich or famous.  There is one place on earth where you can have a Turkbuku by nightcocktail with the upper, upper class no matter where you came from and that is Turkbuku, Turkey - the ideal spot to purchase a luxury home.

Turkbuku is a district on the northern section of the contemporary peninsula of Bodrum, and the bay is a magnet for the world’s wealthiest travellers.  Here you will rarely see a boat, but you will see dozens of super yachts anchored just inside or outside the bay with their dingy or zodiac shuttles busily ferrying the elite to the town.

There are very few natural harbours as tranquil as this one, so captains and yacht owners alike appreciate the opportunity to anchor for maintenance, resupply or just a lights out night on the town.  At times, the locals will tell you, it is difficult to see the sea because there are so many yachts anchored together. Here, yachts are for sleeping, or whatever people do on a yacht when they aren’t partying or shopping in Turkbuku. 

“Rush hour” happens in the late afternoon and early evenings as beautiful people in beautiful outfits are brought through the harbour and up onto the beach.  The reverse journey will create a logjam of small watercraft in the wee hours of the night or morning with the still beautiful people looking a bit more exhausted then they were a few hours prior.

where is Turkbuku mapTurkbuku Mandarin OrientalTurkbuku is known as the Turkish St. Tropez.  Part of the label is earned by the crystal clear sea and trendy beach platforms.  But, most of the claim comes from who is found in the smallest possible swimsuits lying on those beaches.  Here you will find global celebrities, CEO's of major corporations and the bankers and lawyers who take care of the very wealthy.

Although Turkbuku might be the newborn sibling to Saint Tropez, it’s been catering to the elite for a very long time.  Herodotus was born here and the much-in-love Antony and Cleopatra stopped here during voyages to Rome.

Providing a list of five star hotels is difficult, because you’ll have trouble finding a 'hotel' in the conventional sense of the word. In Turkbuku, everything is boutique and charming, hotels are not 5 star hotels but rather 5 star properties that serve as home away from home.  The Maca Kizi hotel with its lovely beach platform is incredibly beautiful with its private beach and luxury amenities.  If you prefer more space in your accommodations, consider the Thor Luxury Hotel and Villas.

Fine dining Turkbuku Maca KiziPrior to barking at the moon, you’ll want to enjoy fine dining at one of the town’s many fabulous restaurants.  Garo’s has great food and is hosted inside a stone house that is almost 100 years old.  Amazing fish and beef dishes are served in rooms that make you feel as if you have invaded someone’s private home.  The chefs at Garo’s and other restaurants in the area have been trained in the world’s best kitchens and they know how to please diners without filling them up too much to enjoy the coming nightlife.

If you want to dine at the best of the best, try to get a reservation at Miam Restaurant.  If you decide against the fish, choose a mezze where many foods are gathered in smaller portions for all to enjoy.  Although not inexpensive, Miam will certainly please your pallet.

When it’s time to pump up the volume, make sure you’re at Ship Ahoy or Maki 29, which is where the ultra-hip come to drink and dance, but not until midnight.  Maki 29 restaurant and bar turkbukuUntil then, the club is a sedate restaurant and lounge.  Once the space converts, you’ll see a lot of very skimpy dresses and white linen shirts and you’ll need sign language to carry on a conversation because of the thumping music provided by world-class Djs.

You can also sip champagne with the jet set at Ship Ahoy.  Although the nautical décor is a bit over the top, this club is packed every night with beautiful people and loud music.  It’s an odd mix with a wooden dance deck extending over the water filled with people wearing thousands of dollars in shoes and jewelery.  Believe it or not, there’s even a ship’s mast and rigging, just in case you can ever stop staring at extraordinarily beautiful people long enough to look up.

But, this level of partying does have a cost.  You will pay a pretty penny for drinks at any of Turkbuku’s clubs.  Many offer bottle and VIP room service if you are going all out.

Perhaps the biggest shocker related to this fabulous town is that you can still find some available property for sale in Turkbuku.  Situated among the palatial estates of global business barons and celebrities are waterfront and hilltop homes for sale.  You won’t find bargains here, but for a real estate investor who was considering a buy-to-let investment, you’ll be certain to receive premium rent revenues from travellers who can’t afford to own property full time.  You’ll also enjoy the fact that Turkey welcomes direct foreign ownership of real estate, unlike many nations.

Turkbuku and its bays Bodrum Peninsula

So, if hobnobbing with the rich and famous is your dream vacation or lifestyle, grab a yacht and make your way to Turkbuku where you can fill your camera and your head with many memories.

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