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Whether it's for a holiday or because you want to live there, when learning about Kas in Mediterranean Turkey, no amount of information will surpass seeing it with your own eyes. Uniqueness separates it from hundreds of other towns and its canny ability to capture your attention from the moment you arrive, hooks you for a lifetime.

The town scattered over a hillside running down to the Mediterranean Sea has escaped the trappings of mass tourism that have blighted other holiday resorts around the world, and the Bohemian population makes it obvious conforming is frowned upon.

Whether it is the laid-back atmosphere, gorgeous landscapes, or its disconnection from anything fast paced and frantic, its legion of hard-core fans, both travellers and expats adore it. Breaking down into 54 neighbourhoods scattered over the town centre and outskirt villages, the central location and heart of day-to-day action is in Andifli Mahallesi. But what else does Kas offer? Plenty.

Kas Turkey

Information about Kas in Turkey

How to Get to Kas

Dalaman airport, one of Turkey’s main touristic air travel hubs is just 1.5 hour's drive. During summer, frequent international flights mean getting there is easy. The frequency of flights during winter scales down, but residents also use Antalya Airport, a 3-hour drive away. Car drivers can use the D400 highway from east to west of Turkey. Otherwise, the otogar runs local buses (dolmus) to nearby towns from the otogar (bus station) and to Fethiye and Antalya, main travel hubs with more services to reach other destinations around Turkey. For a unique method of travel, the Meis Ferry service is quick and cheap, while the marina, a short drive from the centre is perfect for those sailing in on the Turkish Riviera.

Map of Kas Turkey

Weather and Climate in Kas

Kas’s Mediterranean climate has long, hot summers and mild winters. Summer temperatures reach as high as 40 degrees in July and August, but its geographical location means a sea breeze often sweeps over the town to ease the heat. Expect 300 days of sunshine a year, and a rainy season between January to February.

Population of Kas

Kas is small – there are just over 7000 residents living in Kas town, and the whole district (comprising 48 villages) has 53,000 permanent residents. Over summer the population swells, with visitors from Western Europe, especially the United Kingdom, arriving in July and August. There is a small community of expats who live in Kas year round.

Beaches and Beach Clubs in Kas

Kucuk Cakli beach, a small, central cove just offers easy swimming access, but the neighbouring Cinar and Derya beach clubs sell facilities including sun loungers, umbrellas, toilets, and food and drink service.

Twenty minutes walk south-east along the coast brings you to Big Pebble Beach, a larger cove with beds and umbrellas to rent, and nearby cafes with a basic menu. In the opposite direction and heading out onto the peninsula, two stretches of sand at Incebogaz beach has nearby cafes for food and refreshments.

Other beaches and clubs further afield include Limanagzi, reached by small boats leaving the harbour, and Akcagerme but two must-visit places are Kaputas and Patara sitting further afield that both rank as Turkey’s best beaches.

Kaputas beach

Shopping and Nightlife in Kas

Mostly scattered around the centre coastline, Kas specialises in small boutiques selling jewellery, souvenirs and clothes, while supermarkets and brand name establishments sell everything for daily living. The Friday market day is a community feature, for fresh fruit and vegetables, while people who want large shopping malls head to neighbouring Fethiye and Antalya.

Large, pulsating nightclubs don’t exist in Kas, but it still indulges wholeheartedly in evening entertainment. A variety of restaurants around resort sell international cuisine, and naturally, being a seaside resort, fish and seafood are favourite menu items.

Prices in seaside restaurants can be pricey, but you are buying a unique style of dining but people on a budget use lokantas selling traditional Turkish food, while bars, open till 2 a.m. serve beer, wine, and cocktails and play live and western music.

Quality of life in Kas

This idyllic town has all you could possibly want from a summer destination. Three hundred annual days of sunshine, clear waters, quality homes and good facilities. And for such a laid back destination there is plenty to do in Kas: relax beside the pool; swim from one of the many beach platforms; attend a jazz concert at the local theatre; go diving; park yourself at a cafe and watch the passersby or use it as a base to explore some of the nearby wonders like Patara Beach and Kalkan.

A weekly market sells fresh produce, meat and handicrafts. There is a small medical centre and a few shops, but you would need to go further afield for specialist medical help or larger shops.

Prices for housing are on the high side, and this factor has ensured Kas’s exclusivity. Rental accommodation is in high demand on the peninsula, and a number of homeowners are choosing to earn extra income by letting their properties out while not in use.

Kas Marina

Things to Do in Kas

1: Explore history at the amphitheatre and Lycian Tombs

Rock sarcophagi in the old town, are a quirky, surreal feature and a reminder of Kas’s Lycian history. A lone one sits on Hukumet Caddesi facing the lighthouse, although the most famous is Lion's tomb, a prominent landmark in the centre. Few people visit Kas for its ancient ruins, but the amphitheatre, an impressive structure with fantastic coastal views sits just off Necipbey Caddesi and is a must-see.

2: Scuba Diving: Everything Looks Better Underwater

Kas has earned a name for itself as a scuba diving hotspot of Turkey. People travel from all over the country and world to explore the underwater delights because Kas has low tides and no currents enabling easier dives.

Thirty dive locations offer sunken wrecks and sea life. Beginners test their stamina with a pool try dive before heading into the water with trained and qualified divers. If diving is your passion, sign up for PADI courses to become qualified.

3: Adventure Activities and Extreme Sports

Whether underwater, on the ground or in the air, Kas does adventure sports with excellence. Local travel companies sell para-gliding trips from 2000 feet on nearby green hills. Coming into land at the marina, a bird eyes view of the town and Meis island, is all yours for the taking as your experienced pilot handles all the technical aspects. Mountain biking, Canyoning, sea kayaking, and rock climbing are just a snippet of the other adventure activities awaiting daredevils.

4: Blue Voyage Cruising and Daily Boat Trips

Kas’s prime Turkish riviera position places it on many Blue Cruise voyage routes of the Mediterranean coast. This method of sailing is synonymous with traditional Turkish gulet boats. Lasting three to seven days, the agenda is about fine dining, sleeping under the stars, exploring islands and coastal towns, and relaxing at sea.

Most blue voyage routes end up in Fethiye or Antalya although round trips are available on a private charter. If you don’t fancy an overnight trip, daily lazy cruises depart from the harbour every morning during summer.

5: Go Greek in Meis

Kas gives way to a perfect view of the island of Meis, but during summer, a short and quick ferry service allows you to experience it first-hand. Taverns sitting harbourside serve delicious Greek cuisine while nostalgia shines through in old-school architecture. The highlight of the trip is a speedboat trip to Blue Cave, a magnificent sight of Mother Nature.

6: Kekova Day Trip

Exploring the Kekova region is a marvellous day out for everyone young and old. Most companies sell tours to do it by boat, or a sea kayaking adventure setting off from Ucagiz village. First stop is Kekova’s sunken ruins, an ancient city destroyed by earthquakes hundreds of years ago. Turning a sharp right, the next stop is rustic Simena village for a spectacular peninsula view from its Byzantine castle.

7: Xanthos, Letoon and Patara Road Trip

An hour’s drive away, Xanthos and Letoon ruins, a UNESCO World Heritage Site are a top attraction of Mediterranean Turkey. Steeped in Lycian history, combine them with a visit to Patara, home to Turkey’s longest beach, a rustic village and spectacular ancient ruins. For this trip, we love hiring a car for the day, so we have a flexible agenda to go at our own pace.

8: Upmarket Kalkan: A Short Bus Ride Away

From the otogar, local buses head to neighbouring Kalkan, 30 minutes’ drive away. They both have the same aesthetic appearance of a typical Mediterranean coastal resort, but they are two opposites. Kalkan’s upmarket ambience shines through in every aspect of daily life, and it is perfect for a relaxing day of exploration. (Kalkan information and area guide.)

Buying Property in Kas

Whether you want a summer retreat or are looking to move to Turkey, Kas’s presents a varied range of apartments and villas for sale. Prices per square meter are higher than other areas in Turkey, but this reflects its close-knit and selective reputation. Stonework, a recent trend in many new build homes harks back to traditional old stone houses lining cobbled streets of the centre and the elevated land status, ensures most homes have fantastic sea views. See our wide range of property for sale in Kas, or for more information about Kas in Mediterranean Turkey, contact us today.

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