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Updated: 15 September 2014 Created: 04 June 2013

Hisaronu is a beautiful small village that is gaining popularity and growing each day. The potential to find a great home here is excellent. 

Hisaronu mapWhere is Hisaronu?
The town is a short distance inland from the larger and livelier city of Fethiye, and sits on a plateau at the base of the Babadag Mountain. 

Many of the region’s best beaches, including the pebble and sand Belcekiz Beach and the world famous Blue Lagoon of Oludeniz are minutes from the town centre.

The surrounding mountains are covered with pine forests and a rugged landscape that is much the opposite of the tranquillity found in the town.

Hisaronu and her sister city, Ovacik have largely combined into one city with two personalities. Ovacik is the mellow side of the twins, whereas Hisaronu is known to be much more fast paced and energetic.

HisaronuWhat to do When You Visit Hisaronu?
The high peaks of the mountain are revered by many European sport enthusiasts who enjoy amazing paragliding. 

If you desire outdoor activities, the pine forests offer multiple hiking and biking options with cool breezes dropping from the mountaintops to the sea.  

Others might prefer water sports, including scuba and snorkelling. You might also choose a slow canoe ride while you take in the sights around you.

Not far away is Patara, the supposed birthplace of Saint Nicholas. There are also many guided day trips to nearby ruins, including the classical Ephesus.  And of course for the night owls, there are countless bars and clubs to dance the night away. Hisaronu's bar street is famous in Fethiye area for its diversity and music. As such families with teenage children as well as many adults, who still have not lost that 'boogie-nights' spirit, love to holiday in Hisaronu each year. Holiday homes in Hisaronu are thus very popular and fetch excellent rentals for their owners. 

Why Buy Real Estate in Hisaronu?
Most people who buy property in Hisaronu, Fethiye are those that want to come home to a tranquil and restful place but want the convenience of the larger and more lively city. Unlike the congested beaches such as Calis, Hisaronu is more laid back and still growing. 

The convenient location of the surrounding cities makes this a perfect buy to let option. Crowds of local and distant tourists are coming every day and the town is ever growing, which makes this a perfect time to buy before the real potential is realised and prices go up. 

Holiday apartments in HisaronuLike most of Turkey, this area offers beauty that rivals its European counterparts for a fraction of the cost and less crowded. If you are looking to buy with the option to let, you could find a decent 3 to 4 bedroom detached home to purchase for as low as 160,000 Euro and expect to generate 1,200 Euro in return for 18-20 weeks during the holiday seasons.

For those who are looking to purchase a home here there are many options depending on your preferences. You can buy an amazing 3 to 4 bedroom villa with a pool and spacious garden for as low as 150,000 Euro. If you are looking for a luxury home closer to the famous Blue Lagoon area, you can find a home here for around 200,000 Euro. It is all just about preference. If you’re not sure what your exactly looking for or what you can get in your price range then you should consider calling a real estate agent who deals property in that area. The agent will be able to better facilitate your questions and find a place that meets your description and price range.

Eating in HisaronuOverall impression of Hisaronu
The overall feeling given here is that of calm comfortable living with the added bonus of lively bars street in the centre of Hisaronu town. With friendly hospitable locals and tranquil atmosphere, it is easy to get lost in this hidden oasis. Lose track of time and enjoy the long sunny days and cool brisk nights. All the excitement you could ever desire laying just a minutes ride off your doorstep.

You should definitely take the plunge and pluck up your prime piece of property here because the more people that discover this breathtaking area, the more will want to call it home and all the premier property will be consumed by the expats who realise this locations full potential. Hisaronu is definitely worth considering for your next home purchase. Let this area charm you.

Hisaronu is a perfect place to call home and will entice everyone from retiree’s to couples and large families looking for a safe comfortable place to stay with a variety of activities and convenience to larger livelier cities.

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