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Laid back Kalkan is one of Turkey’s most refined Mediterranean hotspots. This sunny seaside town is prized by locals and holiday-makers alike for its privacy and peaceful ambience. Built on the hills surrounding Kalkan Bay, Kalkan properties big and small have one thing in common: spectacular sea views over the water and across to the Greek Islands.

If you’re looking for wild parties and all-you-can-drink nights, look elsewhere. Kalkan’s cobbled streets are home to wine bars, friendly pubs, small cafes and the town’s famous rooftop restaurants.



One of Kalkan’s charms is its isolation. Its distance, a good 1.5 hour drive east of Dalaman Airport, has prevented mass tourism and package holiday crowds. Homes are built stretching out from the harbour-front, with the most desirable properties located behind the harbour and in nearby Kisla, Ortaalan and along the Kalamar Road. Because of its steeply rising hillside, owning a home further away from the sea means a stiff uphill walk.
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Before 1923 most of Kalkan’s population was Greek. The 1923 population exchange saw the Greek population leave, although you can still find Greek influences here, including some of the homes that were abandoned almost 100 years ago. Nowadays there is a steady Turkish population who make their living fishing or from the tourism industry. Of the foreign visitors who spend their summers here, 96% are British, with most hailing from England.


Kalkan has a typical Mediterranean climate, with lengthy hot summers and very mild winters. Most of the rainfall occurs between November and March, and during this time the temperature drops to an average of around 15 degrees. Some hardy folks swim in Kalkan’s seas all year round. To a local this is unthought of, but to those of us from colder climes Kalkan’s winters are nothing to fear. Temperatures during the summer can soar to as high as 40 degrees, and it’s best to stay out of the direct sunshine during the hottest hours of the day in July and August.
Kalkan climate


Kalkan’s laid back atmosphere, quality housing and holiday facilities allow for a fantastic lifestyle.

However, life here doesn’t come cheap, especially housing which has increased greatly in value in the past decade. Kalkan properties are some of the best on the coastline: beautifully designed to allow for maximum privacy and Mediterranean living. Most Kalkan villas have private pools, and Kalkan apartments have shared pools. A number of Kalkan buyers supplement their income by renting their homes out over summer as Kalkan is one of the best places in Turkey to earn rental income.

Kalkan’s weekly market sells fresh produce and meat, so it’s easy to eat cheaply and well. There are also a number of shops, restaurants and a medical centre. However, for bigger supermarkets and medical facilities you need to travel further down the coast to Fethiye.
Life in Kalkan


1. Kalkan Harbour for a part of history. Serving Kalkan since it was first built, the harbour has retained a certain level of sophistication and character to be one of the most loved region hotspots.

Kaputas Beach - the natural beauty spot. A must see beauty spot with over 250 species of plants including many endangered, a perfect spot for a day of relaxing at the beach or in the sea.

The beautiful Patara Beach. Located within the ancient city of Patara, the beach is a must see for anyone in Turkey - make sure you time your visit right though, as it is closed after sunset from May - October. 

The ancient area of Xanthos. Located in Lycia amongst the most gorgeous and fascinating areas of the region are what remains of the famous Xanthos hilltop and the superb views to be had for tourists and travellers.

A slice of luxury at Kalamar Beach Club - located within the stunning south west coast of the Mediterranean is this superb beach club nestled away as a hotspot for those who travel to Kalkan - do not miss this superb beach club.

Mahal Beach Club - If you are visiting or staying in Kalkan either long term or short term and had not thought of visiting the famous beach clubs, we implore you to visit the Mahal Beach Club - one of the finest that Turkey has to offer.

Fascinating historical day at Kekova - Kekova is a small Turkish island located close to Demre in the Antalya province; it is currently uninhabited and has an area of approximately two square miles - a must see location. 

Palm Beach Club - the first in Kalkan - first opened in 2006, and the first of its kind in Kalkan, Palm Beach Club offers a variety of water sports and lots of luxury for those seeking a day of pure relaxation under the sunshine. 

Letoon UNESCO world heritage site - constant evacuation makes this a must see destination even if you have been in the past. Letoon is located less than 10km south of Xanthos, with Xanthos and Letoon often talked about as one and the same.

Take a trip to Snake and Mouse Islands - a day trip to the islands will set you back less than 15 euros, well worth heading to see the natural beauty on offer at both islands. 


Kalkan is very compact, you can walk from one end to the other in around 90 minutes, that's from far out Kisla to the end of Kalamar.  If there was a straight comfortable road, it would even be quicker, however, you would need to negotiate your way around steep hills and drops that give Kalkan its charming panoramic picture.

Kalkan is made up of 2 picturesque bays; the bay of Kalkan and Kalamar bay, which twins up with it separated by a cone-shaped hill-peninsula in the middle. Set back about a kilometre from the seafront is the D400 carriageway that connects Kalkan to Fethiye to the west and Kas-Antalya road to the east. Some of Kalkan's most sought after properties are below the D400 road due to easier access to town centre and the seafront.

Kalkan Town centre

Kalkan town centre

The town centre is the most authentic part of Kalkan, where majority of restaurants, wine bars and the scenic harbour of Kalkan are located. Generally speaking properties located in town centre are older style more authentic looking homes, including some stone-built Greek-Ottoman houses with traditional timber balconies built in cobbled narrow town streets. You are highly unlikely to find a modern, luxury villa in this area that also offers high level of privacy. Most of the houses in Kalkan centre are town houses on small land plots. However, a couple of steps from your home and you are at the harbour, where you can enjoy some of the best cuisine along Turkish Mediterranean coast and watch the world go by.



Komurluk is arguably Kalkan's most prestigious and sought after area. There is limited availability of quality villas for sale in this area purely because there are not many properties to go by and home owners know just too well that they have an excellent rental income generator. Their prices reflect this. Property prices in Komurluk tend to be higher than other parts of Kalkan. The main advantage of the area is its location and proximity to town centre. Komurluk is located immediately to the left of Kalkan town looking out toward the sea, within walking distance to the centre and the harbour. In addition, it looks out toward the Bay of Kalkan and affords some of the best views, catching the sun-rise as well as the sun-set. There are several beautiful seafront villas in Komurluk with access to water. They come on the market from time to time and get snapped up pretty quickly.



Kisla is further down from Komurluk to the left wing of Kalkan Bay looking out toward the sea. Kisla is where some of Kalkan's most stunning houses are located. Compared to Komurluk, properties located in Kisla are more modern in terms of design and more spacious too. One of Kalkan's most loved beach clubs, Villa Mahal, is also located in Kisla. Similar to Komurluk, there are beach-front villas available, some with temporary boat mooring and beach platforms. Although it is possible to walk from Kisla to Kalkan centre, it is a long walk that is best not undertaken in the heat of summer. Having said that, there are water taxis available that take holiday-makers from Kisla to Kalkan harbour in less than 5 minutes.



Ortaalan (mid area), as its name suggests, is in between Kalkan and Kalamar bays and highly elevated. It is the area that falls below the D400 road and sits between the two bays.  The beauty of this is that some lucky villa owners in Ortaalan enjoy views of both bays as well as the harbour. Ortaalan is one of the last areas in Kalkan to open to zoning (planning for construction) and as such is where the newest properties are located. Most of Ortaalan was developed after 2005.  This provides a sharp architectural contrast to the more established parts of Kalkan, such as Komurluk and Kisla. There are some excellent examples of modern contemporary villas and apartments in Ortaalan, which one can not find in other parts of Kalkan. Arguably some of Kalkan's most luxurious properties are located in this area. Another advantage of Ortaalan is that it is in fact very close to Kalkan centre, possible to walk. With stunning sea and island views, proximity to the centre and generous plot sizes compared to other parts of Kalkan, Ortaalan is where 'trendy money' is being invested.

Kalamar Bay

Kalamar bay

Kalamar bay is like a small village in itself.  It is more south-west facing than Kalkan Bay thus enjoys magnificent sunsets.  There are several well known beach clubs in Kalamar that welcome families with children.  Kalamar area is a mix of older style houses and modern contemporary designs. Compared to say Kisla, Komurluk and Ortaalan, property prices in Kalamar come with a discount due to the fact that the area is perceived as 'less desirable'.  In the recent years this perception is changing with the development of the area's infrastructure and some excellent mansions built by the seaside. In fact, several of Kalkan's most luxurious villas are now in Kalamar area.  

Kiziltas and above the D400


Although most home buyers prefer to stay below the D400 road in Kalkan, the fact is that best views are found in Kiziltas area above the road. Due to its 

elevation, Kiziltas has a panorama unlike any other part of Kalkan.  Properties in Kiziltas overlook the entire bay of Kalkan, futher to Kalamar and all the way to the Mediterranean horizon. It is a wide perspective panorama that is not available anywhere else in Kalkan, only upper Ortaalan comes close.

Generally speaking plot sizes in Kiziltas are around 20% larger than other parts of Kalkan, meaning your villas in Kiziltas is likely to have more privacy than say Kisla or Komurluk. Average villa plot size in Kisla and Komurluk is 450sqm, in Ortaalan this number goes up to around 500 and in Kiziltas up to 600 - 700sqm. That extra 20% or so land around your property means lower density around your home and added privacy.


If you have a keen eye on return on investment but wouldn't compromise on your lifestyle choices either, then a holiday home in Kalkan is one of the best buy to let investments you can make. Due to scarcity of supply and ever increasing appeal of Kalkan as an elite holiday resort, property prices are bound to increase sharply. You only need to look back around 7 years and you will not fail to notice that property prices in Kalkan have more than doubled since the late-middle part of the last decade.  Then look up holiday rentals and private villa rentals online, just browse a few attractive villas with those breathtaking views that Kalkan is famous for and check availability.  You will notice that the better ones are booked almost 12 months in advance and at very handsome weekly rates.  

In terms of rental returns, Kalkan is one of the most lucrative holiday resort in Turkey, if not in the entire Mediterranean.
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