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Bursa was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire and has a history that dates back to 4000BC. Bursa is Turkey’s fourth largest and technologically advanced city. Bursa city was the capital for many civilisations and religions and as so it is home to many monuments and rich historical interests.

Bursa attracts attention not only for its cultural heritage but also for its outstanding natural beauty and historical landmarks. Bursa is home to many Islamic, Christian and Jewish monuments and within the province of Bursa; Iznik is the most important of the eight Christian pilgrimage sites in the whole of Turkey.

Bursa is a conservative city that promotes tradition and is opposed to rapid change. The underlying goal of change is less important to Bursa than their insistence that the changes are created with total respect for the rules of the law and traditions of society. 

Bursa, Turkey


The city of Bursa has tranquil parks and leafy areas and is set on the lower slopes of Mount Uludag in the southern region of Marmara. It is the capital city of the Bursa province and is bordered by the Sea of Marmara and Yalova to the north, Kocaeli and Sakarya to the north east, Kutahya and Balikesir to the south and Bilecik to the east.


Bursa is made up of 17 districts and the combined population stands at over 2.7 million with an average increase (based on statistics gathered in the past 5 years) of 50,000 resident’s year on year. 

With Bursa being the major centre for the Turkish automotive centre and also an incredibly strong food and textile industries, Bursa holds good employment prospects with all of the industrial sectors providing the bulk of the work for the local residents, also helping to make Bursa the affluent area that it now is. The local government also maintains an impeccable record of environmental and progressive initiatives. 

Bursa was one of the first Turkish destinations that the Arab tourist population chose to visit, and on average the Arab visitors spend more times more than any other tourists therefore their presence has also made a positive impact on the economy. The number of Arabs that are buying homes and land in Bursa is also on the increase as they make more frequent trips and choose to have a permanent residence to use on these occasions. With this added interest, Bursa is set to become one of the most sought after areas for those seeking tradition and natural beauty, both of which are in abundance in this and surrounding areas.

Bursa map Turkey

Prime Locations

Bursa is showing a growth in population every year as are the number of visitors to this area every year. Bursa offers a wealth of things to see and do and is within easy reach of all the major routes.

The prime location for skiing in Turkey is situated close by in Uludag making it quite unique as one can sunbathe at the bottom of the mountain, yet ski on actual snow in the cooler climes at the top!

Bursa is one of Turkey’s most prosperous cities with a pleasing mixture of thriving modernity, old buildings, mosques, thermal spas and wealthy suburbs that are awash with substantial Ottoman villas. The residents of Bursa refer to Bursa as “Green Bursa” due to the famous green tiles that adorn a majority of the famous monuments. It is also due to the parks and gardens plus the lush forests of Uludag. There are more than 125 mosques in Bursa that are listed by the Turkish Historical Monuments Commission.

Bursa is a major tourist centre with the thermal baths being used for therapeutic purposes since the Roman times. 



Bursa enjoys a Mediterranean subtropical climate. The city has hot, humid summers which start in May and end in October with temperatures averaging around 21*C (70*F) and during the height of August the temperature can soar as high as 34*C (95*F).  The summer months normally see about two days rain through the entire month, therefore ideal climates for those visiting the country to site see and take in the stunning surroundings. The winter months are relatively mild with January the coldest month where temperatures drop to just under 10*F. The months from November to April can see as much as 12 days of rain per month. This weather is most welcomed by those involved in agriculture and farming. Bursa offers an excellent selection of shops, cafes where those choosing to visit during these more unpredictable months can seek refuge from the weather. 

Quality of Life  

Bursa offers a high standard of living and quality of life in both historical, cultural and cost of living aspects. The city offers a multitude of shopping opportunities including a large market where fresh produce is a plenty and offered at reasonable prices. 

Employment prospects in this area are good with some of the most famous manufacturers such as Fiat, Renault, Bosch, Valeo, Coca Cola and Pepsi all choosing to locate here. 

The transportation links to and from Bursa are excellent with the Bursa Yenisehir Airport just 20 minutes from the city centre plus numerous daily bus and ferry services between Bursa and Istanbul making it easy to commute if required. 

Residents or visitors to Bursa and the surrounding areas will not be able to help but notice the enormous variety of things to see and do from historical to modern there is something for everything regardless of their age or preferences. 

There is a demand from overseas investors in particular the Arabs who are keen to own a second home in Bursa, which will only prove beneficial to the country’s economy and will also add value and credibility to the area. There are excellent education facilities which are just another universal plus point for those that are looking for an area that will provide everything to give the individual an excellent quality of life. 

Modern Bursa

Things to do in Bursa

Bursa is the home of outstanding natural beauty, which is complemented by its vast historical background. Bursa has a lot to brag about particularly as this province was the first Ottoman capital, and as such is endowed with an array of monuments, mosques, tombs, baths, etc. One would expect Bursa to offer something other than the norm due to the number of visitors that it attracts, therefore it is difficult to offer a top list of attractions with so many to choose from, however our list would be as follows:

1. Ulu Cami (Grand Mosque) – visit the largest mosque in Bursa and revel in this landmarks early Ottoman architecture.

2. Central Markets – located behind the Ulu Cami, Bursa's sprawling Kapali Carsi (Covered Market) contains two historic markets.

3. Tombs of Sultans Osman & Orhan – the resting place of the founders of the Ottoman Empire.

4. Bursa City Museum – Check out the history of Bursa from the earliest sultans, relics and cultural and ethnographic collections.

5. Bursa Citadel - Some ramparts and walls still survive on the steep cliff, the site of Bursa's citadel and oldest neighbourhood. 

6. Uludag - Whether winter or summer, take a cable-car up the Great Mountain (2543m) and see the views and the cool, clear air of Uludag National Park. 

7. Muradiye HudavendigarThe Muradiye Hudavendigar Mosque Complex is a must see when in Bursa as this was the last imperial foundation which began its life in 1424 being built by Murat II.

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