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Since opening our Istanbul office a decade ago, our Property Turkey Istanbul team has watched the city grow into its high-profile role as one of the world’s top investment destinations. And we’ve flourished along with the city. From an initial team of three, we now number almost 50. Our adaptability and skill set has kept us at the forefront of a fast-paced market, earning us a high number of referrals and forging strong client relationships.

Our clients come from all over the world but they each have the same thing in common: a desire to gain ground in one of the world's most lucrative property markets. That's where our Istanbul team comes in. Over the years our skill and experience has helped our clients reach incredible levels of investment success. We have provided finance for major urban regeneration projects in the city centre and opened up exceptional investment opportunities for local and foreign investors alike.

Our expertise in Istanbul real estate market has not gone unnoticed. Our founding director, Cameron Deggin, has been featured as a market analyst and expert in the Financial Times, The New York Times and other renowned publications.

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Client advisors

With a breadth of knowledge encompassing not only our portfolio but local real estate trends, economic conditions and purchase processes, our client advisors can help you navigate the first steps towards your real estate investment. Highly trained and skilled, our client advisors are adept at responding to individual needs, providing the right information whether you’re a first-time investor or an old hand.

Nez Jan - Client advisor Manager

Born and raised in Australia, Nez left the land down under 15 years ago for a life-changing move to Turkey. As head of our client advisory, he’s responsible for ensuring our clients receive the consistent service on which we pride ourselves. Nez combines the famous Aussie easy-going attitude with a Turkish passion for Turkey, and his maturity, empathy and cool head endear him to his team, as well as his clients. Nez is a professional boxing coach and spends his free time coaching and training. 

Investment Consultants

In a city as large and fast-moving as Istanbul, you need someone who can play the game. Someone with the right relationships and industry connections. Someone with a little hustle. Right on the front line of Istanbul real estate, there’s little our investment consultants don’t know about Turkey’s biggest city and its property. We’re proud to have a team of smart, quick-thinking and savvy consultants who aren’t afraid to advocate on our clients’ behalf to find the deal of a lifetime.

After sales Care and Management

While most of our competitors will bid you farewell once you’ve signed the bottom line, we make a point of sticking around. Our experience shows us that the part our clients find most difficult is the months following the sale, navigating the world of tenancies and tax, or organising a relocation.

Our after sales and concierge service makes this process as smooth as possible. We help out with property management, relocation, decorating and furnishing your property, and any legal or financial hitches that might crop up along the way.

Nazrin Aliyeza - Head of Finance 

Nazrin AliyevaHeaded by seasoned financier Nazrin Aliyeva, our team of highly qualified group of professionals deliver a range of complex services across our company. 

Nazrin has a degree in Political Science and International Relations and two Masters degrees in Global Affairs and Asian Studies She speaks English, Russian, Turkish and basic Dutch and French.

As well as handling everyday financial systems like budgeting, financial reports and forecasting, they also navigate the intricacies of world currencies (including cryptocurrency) and liaise with banks and financial institutions all over the world. 

Sabina Abdullaeva - Portfolio Manager

Sorbonne University graduate and a holder of M.Sc in International Business Management from Bournemouth University. Having studied and lived in France, Spain, and the UK among other countries, Sabina is fluent in 5 foreign languages and is familiar with foreign as well Turkish real estate markets. Today she is in charge of the portfolio of several regions in Turkey including Alanya, Ankara, and predominantly Istanbul.

Marketing Managers

Without our top-notch marketing team, chances are you wouldn’t be reading this. Led by Tan Sami Caglar and Muhammad, our online media expert, our marketing team promotes our core products and services and liaises with the media. A key component of their work is client communication: creating visuals and content for our newsletters and keeping everyone updated through social media, blogs and our website. Company visibility is all important, and Tan’s experience in corporate culture and identity has helped our brand and online presence has never been stronger.

Property Turkey

“Property Turkey is different: our interests lie with you, the buyer. Contrary to industry practices, we don’t receive any payments from sellers, which means we maintain our independence and can focus on securing you the best possible terms. We aim to provide candid, expert advice on everything Turkey, from lifestyle purchases to investment. We know you’re not just buying bricks and mortar - but making an investment into your lifestyle. From first contact to rental management, we’ll be by your side to guide and assist you."

Contact us via telephone +44 (0) 20 8371 0059 or via email [email protected] and one of our knowledgeable and friendly team will get back to you with the advice and assistance that you need. was designed and developed by


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