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Istanbul Team

Istanbul office

Our Istanbul office opened in 2009. Like the city's fortunes, in just eight years our team has grown exponentially. As well as keeping pace with the fast-moving property market, our Istanbul team offers advice and consultation on the many investment and lifestyle opportunities available in the city.

Our clients come from all over the world but they each have the same thing in common: a desire to gain ground in one of the world's most lucrative property markets. That's where our Istanbul team comes in. Over the past five years our skill and experience has helped our clients reach dizzying levels of investment success. We have provided finance for major urban regeneration projects in the city centre and opened up exceptional investment opportunities for local and foreign investors alike.

Our expertise in Istanbul real estate market has not gone unnoticed. Our founding director, Cameron Deggin, has been featured as a market analyst and expert in the Financial Times, The New York Times and other renowned publications.

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Koray Dillioglu

Koray Dillioglu

Head of sales

As well as overseeing a busy sales team and providing our other offices with training, Koray liaises with developers and project managers to ensure Istanbul’s portfolio remains the best in the city. He’s driven by a motivation to find the best possible opportunities for his clients, and admits he’s something of a perfectionist, with an eye for quality and consistency.

Koray’s British and Turkish heritage is reflected in his favourite football teams (Arsenal and Fenerbahce). He’d love to challenge you to a game of chess and he’ll probably talk your ear off – his surname, Dillioglu, means “talks a lot” in Turkish and he certainly lives up to the moniker.

Mustafa YilmazMustafa Yilmaz

Head of Customer Care

Mustafa’s a people person. Friendly and personable, he loves the enormous variety of people he meets on a daily basis. Naturally, this means he’s great at what he does: providing investment and lifestyle advice to his clients and guiding them through their property purchase.

The London lad (who has typically British sense of humour) has a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering as well as a Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice, and speaks English, Turkish, and “Del Boy French”. When he’s not at work Mustafa likes to read, swim, indulge in a little PC gaming and spend time with his wife.

Nur Sezginli

Nur Sezginli

Senior business development consultant

Nur's wealth of experience and bursting contacts book mean she's an indispensable asset to our Istanbul office.

She's been in the business a long time, which means not only does she know everyone in the industry, but she's also very well respected and her name opens many doors in Istanbul.

Nur's role is finding the best deals and projects to the company, which benefits our clients immeasurably. Charming, stylish Nur speaks fluent English, German and Turkish.

Murad AyalpMurad Ayalp

Executive real estate specialist 

Raised by Turkish parents in Canada, Murad joined our successful team just over three years ago. 

Real estate is in Murad's blood - he comes from a family of real estate developers and has a background as a building contractor, licensed realtor and property manager - he certainly knows his stuff. 

His experience working under one of the most advanced real estate platforms in the world means he's a valuable addition to the team.

Semiha ImdatSemiha Imdat

Property Consultant

Turkish born and bred Semiha is known as "The Philospher" in the office as she's constantly found with her nose in a philosophy book, and has a degree in the subject from Ankara's Hacettepe University. 

She loves sharing her extensive experience - six years in real estate and counting - with the new people she meets from all around the world. 

When she's not working she loves to dance, camp and fly.

Omran Al AkkadOmran Al Akkad

Property Consultant

Omran works hard to liaise with our Istanbul clients, showing them around the city and its properties, and ensuring he’s up to date with the latest info. 

Twenty-six-year-old Omran’s originally from Damascus, and moved to Istanbul after graduating to complete his MBA. With his skills and experience, not to mention his fluency in English, Arabic and Turkish, he might well be deserving of the “legend” label he tells us he’s achieved in the office. 

Outside of work you’ll find him at the gym, or seeking out the perfect mocha.

Rose HindawiRose Hindawi

Property Consultant

With a degree from Aleppo’s Trade and Economy Institute and experience in hospitality, marketing and travel, Rose is ideally placed to advise her clients on everything Istanbul property related: market trends, new projects and local knowledge. 

She speaks Arabic, English, Turkish and French - a great asset in a multicultural city like Istanbul. 

Originally from Syria, Rose is passionate about her country and when she’s not showing clients around the city she’s volunteering with an organisation that gives refugee women the skills to build new lives in Istanbul.

Mounes Al NajjarMounes Al Najjar

Property Consultant

Mounes loves the relationship he builds with his clients during the course of his work: guiding and advising them to ensure they make the best possible Istanbul purchase. 

Syrian-born Mounes speaks Arabic, English and Turkish, and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Law. 

He’s been working in sales for eight years and his colleagues know him as the guy who works all day, every day. If he ever gets time to spare, he hits the gym and spends time with friends.

Zeynep KoksalZeynep Koksal

Agency Manager

Former hotelier Zeynep’s putting her tourism background and local knowledge to good use collaborating with international and local agencies to find top deals for our Istanbul clients. 

Born and bred in Turkey, “Zeyno”, as she’s known in the office, speaks English and Turkish and likes to spend her time off exploring her favourite city.

She is a valuable member of team Property Turkey. 

Nazrin Aliyeva

Nazrin Aliyeva


Nazrin is the vital link between our telesales team and the sales team on the ground, ensuring the customer service interface runs like clockwork. Nazrin is the youngest member of the Istanbul team and is affectionately known as “little sweet”.

Nazrin has a degree in Political Science and International Relations and two Masters degrees in Global Affairs and Asian Studies She speaks English, Russian, Turkish and basic Dutch and French.

When she’s not working Nazrin plays the piano, swims, reads about politics and is is busy planning her engagement party.

Deniz UlkenDeniz Ulken

Portfolio Manager

Studying at the Yeditepe University Faculty of Fine Arts ignited Deniz’s passion for design, and she’s now our resident graphic design expert. 

Born and bred in Istanbul, Deniz knows the city like the back of her hand - just as well, since she also manages our extensive Istanbul portfolio. 

In her free time, the local girl, known in the office as “Blondie”, loves playing tennis and listening to music.

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Property Turkey team

Last Updated: 14 June 2016

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