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The Fethiye region in Turkey boasts some popular and established tourist resorts, putting it on the map for tourism and investment. The once hippy backpacker haunt is today a sophisticated place with a laid-back feel. Fethiye sits in the Mugla province, on the Mediterranean coast of South Turkey. The stunning landscape features bays and coves as well as Mediterranean sandy beaches. The bay is protected from residential buildings, so foreigners have looked to nearby areas like Ovacik and Hisaronu to set up homes nearby. Reach Fethiye via Dalaman International Airport that hosts many European and international flights during summer. Large and diverse, expect intriguing history, and outstanding beauty, in Fethiye.


About the Fethiye Region of Turkey

Weather and Climate

The Mediterranean climate of Fethiye offers hot and humid summers with little wind and rain. Temperatures reach highs of 39*C in August and average 34*C. The winter months of November to April are cool and mostly sunny, with a daytime high of around 16*C and a night-time low of about 4*C. January and February are the wettest months. The best time to visit Fethiye is the early or late season; May, June, September, and October.

Fethiye in Turkey

Tourism in Fethiye

The primary industry in Fethiye is tourism. The popular summer months from May to October see the numbers in resorts reach well over 1 million people. Many Turks travel from other areas to work in the region during the season. Fethiye also attracts Turkish holiday-makers and Istanbul and Ankara business people who buy homes in the region. By the end of the tourism season, things start to dial down to adopt a more slow-paced way of life. However, the main city centre is still a hub of shopping, transport, and nightlife for residents.

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Expat living in Fethiye

Fethiye is home to several popular resorts where the British, European, Russians and Dutch happily live amongst the locals. Hisaronu, the liveliest tourist area with a 24/7 atmosphere, is the closest residential area to Oludeniz. Its quieter neighbour, the residential village of Ovacik, is also popular with an established foreign community. Calis boasts the nearest beach to Fethiye town centre and the best sunsets, and the flat geography is excellent for those with mobility problems. Heading out of Fethiye, the mountain village of Uzumlu has a wonderful wine house and feels a world away from the bustling crowds during the summer months.

The highly sought-after Gocek bay, famed for its marina, is an exclusive Mediterranean resort for those after something fancy. Ask any ex-pat why they chose to live in Fethiye, and most will reply long, hot summers and mild winters make the region ideal for year-round living. The beautiful and diverse region suits most tastes, needs, and budgets. The transport links are excellent throughout Turkey, and the new airport runs regular domestic and international flights year-round. Prices of everyday food, groceries and local alcohol are a fraction of many other Turkish and foreign destinations.

Quality of Life in Fethiye

Once known as ancient Telmessos, Fethiye town is a trading point and harbour town resting at the foot of the Mendes and Taurus mountains. Fethiye has grown considerably due to its excellent climate, stunning views, and inexpensive living. Paspatur Old Town, near the main harbour rear, is an ideal way to spend an afternoon shopping, drinking in a cafe, and exploring.

The newer streets home modern stores, banks, boutiques, and bars. The palm and bar lined promenade runs along the harbourfront from the town centre to the beach resort of Calis, and for history buffs, an amphitheatre, Lycian rock tombs and areas like Kayakoy Ghost Town are within easy reach. Fethiye offers something for everyone and rightly deserves its place as a beautiful and famous region in Turkey.

Oludeniz beach

Things to do in Fethiye - Turkey

1: Oludeniz Beach: Any trip to Fethiye without a visit to the world-famous Oludeniz Beach is a trip not worth taking. Known for perfect white sand and Turkey's most photographed beach, Oludeniz is a must-see in the region.

2: Gemiler Island: This lovely island in Fethiye is a kilometre long by 400 metres broad, rich in history and a great tourist hotspot. Spend a couple of hours exploring the ruins and pretty coves here. Not to mention, Gemiler was home to the original Santa Claus.

3: Sovalye Island: The first of twelve in the Fethiye Gulf and popular amongst those seeking seafront properties, Sovalye is a charming island with no roads, no cars and offers a highly private and exclusive lifestyle in a tranquil location. A favourite spot.

4 - Butterfly Valley: An unspoiled spot in Turkey- famous for its population of butterflies, this tourism landmark, accessed via a water taxi from Oludeniz, is a must-see for anyone in the region.

5. Tickling trout at Yaka Park: This is just a short drive from Fethiye; this rustic restaurant and trout farm is the perfect spot to relax and rest to the sound of waterfalls and beautiful surroundings.

6 - Fethiye rock tombs: Enjoy a glimpse into ancient Lycian times with a trip to the famous rock tombs in Fethiye, found within walking distance from Fethiye Town. You will find beautiful views from here.

7.  Saklikent Canyon: A stunning 300 metre deep and 18-kilometre-long canyon to explore and enjoy. During the summer months, walk 4 kilometres along the canyon length to enjoy the stunning natural surroundings.

8. Captivating Tlos Ancient City: A large and old settlement from the ancient Lycians, Tlos is around 4,000 years old - making this an absolute must-see for anyone who has been or thinking of going to Fethiye.

9. Like to be beside the seaside? Calis Beach is the ultimate family shore- the perfect beach. Calis Beach appeals to people from all levels of society - travellers, families, tourists, locals - you will never find a dull moment on this gorgeous sandy beach.

10: Kayakoy Ghost Village: As one of Fethiye's top touristic attractions, Kayakoy ghost village brings in tourists from near and far who travel specifically to see it. The small, crumbling town is more than an attraction because it reflects Fethiye's and Turkey's turbulent times during the War of Independence in 1923.

Kayakoy in Fethiye

Buying Real Estate in Fethiye

For house hunters in Turkey, Fethiye stands out as the ideal destination for many reasons. First, the ever-revolving housing market features Turkish and foreign buyers, so it offers high liquidity should homeowners choose to sell. In addition, the portfolio of apartments and villas for sale is all-encompassing, from your budget homes to luxury villas. Lastly, when comparing property prices with other regions in Turkey, Fethiye offers affordable prices per square meter.

If you want to own property in Turkey, browse our portfolio of property in Fethiye. Each listing contains everything to know, including price, neighbourhood location, home features and contact details to find out more via email or arrange a viewing. Alternatively, if you want to know more about the Fethiye region of Turkey, call us today.

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