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Turkish Mediterranean Region

Turkish Mediterranean regionTurkey has 7 geographical regions. The Mediterranean region is located to the south of Turkey bordering the Mediterranean, Aegean  to its west, Central Anatolia to its north and South East Anatolia to its immediate east border. It’s understandable why overseas home buyers and tourists are flocking to the Turkish Mediterranean coast with its combination of stunning landscape and perfect Mediterranean weather.  Let’s take a peek at the Turkish Med.

Main cities along the Turkish Mediterranean region 

The main provinces in this region are Adana province, Antalya province, Burdur Province, Hatay Province, Isparta Province, Kahramanmaras Province, Mersin Province, and the Osmaniye Province. 

The Mediterranean region of Turkey has a coastal area, but its also bound by a mountainous region. The coastal region is a strip of land squeezed between the Mediterranean Sea and coniferous Taurus Mountains residing to the west. There is another mountain chain that is located in this region, the Amonos Mountain chain runs from north to south in the far east of this region. 

A working city that never truly dies down like it's neigbours, Antalya is perfect for those looking for year round life in Turkey - with several international schools, jobs, restaurants, and more, Antalya combines the best of city life and beach life to present a perfectly balanced region where expats have enjoyed living for many a year now. You are most likely to find bargain priced apartments in Antalya, although you can also purchase large sized villas on the outskirts in the forest areas with quiet surroundings but just a short drive from the city centre. If you are undecided whether you want a nature retreat, a city lifestyle, a beach lifestyle, or something else - fear not - because Antalya is home to it all. 

Located at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, Kemer enjoys over 300 days of sunshine per year and is one of Antalya's most bustling tourism spots with tourists flocking in the summer, making this a perfect investment or holiday home destination. You can generally find homes in Kemer from as low as 70,000 Euros as the area is still yet to reach its full potential so invest now and reap the rewards later. 

Sunny Side is awash with a long and fascinating history that leaves plenty of landmarks and historical spots for you to enjoy every year. From Alexandra The Great, to Cleopatra, Side has played home to some of the most famous historical figures throughout time, there is something about Side that just draws you in and captures you from the moment you arrive. With a nice beach area, a healthy inflow of tourists every year, and nicely priced properties in Side, Side is affordable and ideal for year round. 

Oozing class and sophistication, Kalkan is the jewel along the Mediterranean, a place like no other - boasting superb sea views from the elevated position with 2 bays, a harbour for those who appreciate sailing, and several world class rooftop restaurants and bars to enjoy the authentic laid back lifestyle in Kalkan. If you are searching for luxury, you will almost certainly find it when looking for property in Kalkan. Prices in Kalkan can run into the low millions such is the prestigious location coupled with the superb real estate to be found here.

Small in size but huge in stature, Kas is where some of Turkey's rich and famous choose to call home due to the abundance of privacy and elegant bohemian Golf in Beleklifestyle to be enjoyed in the peninsula. The luxury and exclusivity of Kas means that property prices in Kas are steadily in the rise - high rental income and a top quality marina makes Kas an ideal location to invest in a lucrative Turkish nest egg. 

If you like golf and sunny holidays - then Belek is the area for you. With over 17 Championship quality golf courses in the region, including those designed by world renowned golfers such as Nick Faldo and played on by Tiger Woods and co, Belek is where you will never tire of finding a round of golf to be played. But don't think that Belek is only a spot for men and their sticks, there is also great transport links to shopping centres and facilities that the whole family can enjoy. Belek properties are affordable and can be found from as little as 80,000 Euros. 

Found in front of the Taurus Mountains, Alanya is one of Turkey's most loved holiday destinations with several natural beauty's drawing hundreds of thousands of tourists each summer. You will never be too far from an English speaking person when in Alanya, with many choosing to purchase a holiday home in the area. Properties can be found in Alanya for good prices, however the region is perhaps not best suited to those looking for investment opportunities or high capital growth potential abroad. 

Climate and weather in the Mediterranean region of Turkey

The region has two different climates one of the coastal climate and the other of the inland climate. If you are planning a trip to visit this amazing region then this information will help better guide your understanding and your packing.

Turkish Med beachThe overall climate is what you would expect from the Mediterranean. The coastal climate has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, cool and sometimes wet winters. During the rainless and virtually cloudless summers the temperature can sometimes exceed 40 degrees Celsius. Snow is virtually unheard of in the coastal areas and winter lows rarely go below 5 degrees Celsius.

This region's winter is November through March and receives the most rainfall. The summer is late April through to late October and brings the Mediterranean Sea’s temperature to an average 28 degrees Celsius. This area is a perfect place to plan a summer holiday home or invest in a summer rentals. The beautiful coastline and warm summer temperatures are perfect for those who also like water sports such as surfing. 

The mountain regions tend to be cooler and wetter, but they are rarely very cold.  The clear coastal winds help to ensure that the mountains also see sunshine for much of the year.  The key difference is that mountain areas will typically see more rain in the fall and winter.  In addition, the peaks of Taurus Temperatures Mediterranean TurkeyMountains which form the backdrop of Turkish Mediterranean are snow-capped 6 months of the year with several major ski resorts within easy reach of the region's main tourist and real estate attraction Antalya province. It is possible to swim in the morning and ski in the afternoon in this diverse and beautiful region of Turkey.

The agriculture for this region has a lot to do with the weather the mountains inspire. The western coastal area, home to the Taurus mountains is the backdrop traps the warm moist ocean air, making the coastal areas very lush. Because of these same mountains the Mediterranean gives much of Turkey a continental climate with distinct seasons.  Within the region, tropical plants and olive trees abound. 
The outlying regions are, however, are more subject to extremes. The Mediterranean Basin has an area of 2,085,292 km², and only 98,009 km² remains largely untouched by the human inhabitants. The Mediterranean Basin is classified a bio-diversity hotspot by Conservation International due to its rich bio-diversity and threatened status. This region holds 22,500 endemic vascular plant species.

Lycia TurkeyHistory and culture of the Turkish Mediterranean 

The culture of the Mediterranean region is rich in art and history. The Mediterranean Region is pollution free thanks to the combination of minimal industry and ocean breezes.  Both the beauty of its history and the local art make the Turkish Med a top tourist destination in Turkey and Europe at-large. 

This region is the site of many ancient cultures such as Lycia, Pamphylia, and Cilicia west to east. The Roman’s captured this region about a century before the birth of Christ and there is evidence that this region was occupied by the Crusaders on their way to Jerusalem by the clearly Crusader-built citadels located on the eastern side of the region. This era is when most of the regions locals came in as nomadic tribes from Central Asia. Some still keep to their founding ancestor’s traditions spending their winters on the warm coast and then relocating to the heights of the Taurus Mountains or the plateaus of Central Anatolia during the summer with their goats and camel caravans. Ottomans seized this region around the 1400’s. 

Turkish Mediterranean today: 

Turkish MedThe present day culture speaks a number of different dialects Mugla Sivesi, Lycia, Cilician Mountain dialect, which is an extension of Cypriot Turkish, and also the Syrian dialect of Arabic is prevalent in and around Antalya. Through the explosion of English speaking tourists most of the region will be able to understand and communicate if at least a basic level. The regional locals may also speak some German, Russian, and Scandinavian and these may come in handy especially if you are travelling to the resort towns that are mainly visited by those nations.

There are many ways to travel into the Mediterranean region of Turkey. You can fly straight in with the major airports that host international incoming flights is Dalaman, Antalya, and Adana. If you are already in Turkey you can take their train in with daily service from Istanbul and Ankara. Isparta and Burdur has service from Izmir. There are major bus services in every large city and touristic important town in Turkey. Cars are also an option as there are many modern highways connecting to this region. The last option you might consider is by boat or ferry.  If you are moving across the region, it’s likely that you’ll end up using several of these, but they are all available and modern.

Things to do and see in the region: 

Snorkelling in TurkeyThe list of activities in the Turkish Mediterranean is endless.  There are world class water sports, including yachting and kite-boarding, as well as more tranquil water pursuits such as snorkelling and scuba.  On land, there are ruins and other national treasures to explore, local and global shopping and many other activities.  Mighty Taurus mountains provide excellent settings for Mediterranean skiing with several well established ski resorts such as Saklikent near Antalya city and Davraz near Isparta, not to mention the world class golf courses of Belek

The world has come to understand the value of the Mediterranean diet and the Turkish Med doesn’t disappoint your palette.  Fresh goat and seafood is surrounded by fresh vegetables, including locally grown olives and tomatoes.  You certainly shouldn’t visit Turkey without enjoying some traditional Turkish food, either.  All dishes are generally accompanied by fresh baked breads, but save room for desserts you won’t find anywhere else.  In an unusual Turkish tradition, you’ll often find fresh cold water on street corners and in front of mosques in containers known as sebils, primarily in the summer months.

Why choose the Turkish Med?

Taken as the sum of its parts, the Turkish Med represents everything a Turkish real estate investor could ever hope for.  The number of foreign tourists continues to annually increase.  Real estate values are often doubling or tripling every three or four years, if not faster.  Turkey also has the best of history coupled with modern life.  The region’s climate is second to few and there is still much undeveloped land and opportunities to uncover. 

Overall, Turkish Mediterranean is a fantastic blend of perfect climate, deep routed culture, exceptionally beautiful landscape and endless beaches. The phrase 'heaven in a place on earth' truly finds its meaning with the Turkish Mediterranean coast. 
Last Updated: 16 January 2014

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