Should I use a solicitor to buy property in Turkey

Updated: 06 December 2021 Created: 19 May 2013

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We always advise our clients to use a solicitor to buy a property in Turkey. The simple reason being, it saves a ton of time and makes your purchase process smooth and stress-free.

Should I use a Solicitor to buy property in Turkey?

When we agree with a seller to advertise their property, we do our due diligence and check all paperwork is in order. However, there are extra checks at the time of purchase. Also, with off-plan property, which can up to 18 months to be completed, things can change. By spending a relatively small amount on a real estate lawyer, you'll be able to safeguard your real estate investment.

Turkish law does not require the use of a solicitor, which means it's not unheard of for buyers and sellers to just exchange money, and deeds. However, over the last decade, real estate purchasing laws have tightened up to safeguard buyers with more checks and procedures. Even Turkish buyers are now using solicitors to protect their purchase because it makes sense to take advantage of laws in the buyer’s favour.

Using a Solicitor to Buy Property in Turkey

In two decades of experience in the Turkish real estate industry, almost without exception we have found that the people who have fallen victim to fraud or terrible deals, neglected to use a registered solicitor to complete their purchase. Buying a home is a significant investment, why risk it by trying to cut corners and save a tiny amount of money? The average cost of a solicitor’s services in Turkey is £1,000, but the value of this is immeasurable.

Using a solicitor will ensure your real estate purchase does not run into trouble. The solicitor will check outstanding charges against the apartment, villa or commercial property, whether the current owner is selling fair, and ensure the safe transfer of the property to your name. During almost two decades of experience in the Turkish real estate market, we have worked with several professional and experienced solicitors. You can also find English speaking and qualified Turkish solicitors on the British Consulate website.

Some buyers have asked whether they can use their solicitor in their home country. This does not benefit unless the solicitor is knowledgeable on Turkish real estate laws. We know of a few Turkish firms in London who have branch offices in major cities like Izmir and Istanbul, and their knowledge and expertise gets the job done. If you find a lawyer but want to check their license to practise, get in touch with us so we can confirm their certifications with the Turkish Bar Association.

What does a Solicitor do for a Turkish property Buyer?

You have many choices as to how much power you give the solicitor in Turkey. Some people only use them to carry out the checks and complete the title deed application, while others grant them the full power of attorney in Turkey so they can sign for deeds on your behalf. This is useful for foreign buyers unable to travel to Turkey at brief notice.

Otherwise, the role of a solicitor in Turkey is: 

1: To draft, complete, arrange signing and notarisation of the contract that will contain the sellers and buyers personal details, the details of the property according to the land registrar, and clauses that will be evoked if the sale cannot take place.

2. The solicitor will check the title deeds for debts, and that the property has all necessary documentation in place. This can include habitation certificates (ISKAN) and building, and licence permits.

3. Convert the title to your name and complete all the property purchase at the local title deed office on your behalf, if you have granted them a power of attorney.

Questions about using a Solicitor to buy property in Turkey

Please contact us if you have questions or would like a list of recommended solicitors to buy property. If you are still to decide on the home you want to buy in Turkey, we invite you to browse through our portfolio of property for sale in Turkey in many areas including Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum, Fethiye, Izmir, Bursa and more. As a certified agent with offices all over Turkey, we have helped thousands of Turkish and foreign buyers to find their dream home.

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