Where do Rich People Live in Turkey?

If you want to know where rich people live in Turkey, the trend is like other rich people in European cities and worldwide. Rich Turkish people tend to base themselves in one city centre and, of course, will have summer retreat homes in other parts of the country. Whether talking about celebrities, businesspeople or those lucky enough to inherit fortunes, wealthy people in Turkey head to expensive districts of various parts of Turkey for real estate, social circles and trends.

Since most don't have monthly cost budgets, running more than one property is quite the norm. Preferring prestigious neighbourhoods with privacy, they also move into separate niches of real estate markets, and search for a quality of life that allows easy access to fine living. So, let's look at where you should head if you want to hang out with rich people in Turkey.

Luxury living in Turkey

Where do Rich People Live in Turkey?

1: Sariyer for the Fine Quality of Life

In Istanbul, where ancient history meets modernity, there are 39 official districts, and one that stands out for opulence is Sariyer. Sitting on the serene Bosphorus shores, Sariyer exudes exclusivity with illustrious neighbourhoods like Tarabya and Emirgan, where luxury houses know no bounds and extravagance reigns supreme.

Sariyer has long been associated with wealth and privilege, attracting discerning residents and elite clientele from around the globe. The reputation as Istanbul's most exclusive district, boasting coveted real estate addresses, is well-deserved. Sariyer offers unparalleled luxury in this Turkish city, from sprawling waterfront mansions to lavish hilltop villas.

Tarabya: This neighbourhood embodies waterfront living in Sariyer, part of Turkey's biggest city. With tranquil vibes and panoramic views, stately Yali houses line the waterfront, each more opulent than the last, while beautiful gardens and private docks add to the allure. From exclusive yacht clubs to Michelin-starred restaurants, residents indulge in fine dining and entertainment experiences that this beautiful neighbourhood offers.

Emirgan: Historic Emirgan, another elite neighbourhood in Sariyer's crown, exudes sophistication. Steeped in history, this neighbourhood features verdant parks and vibrant cultural scenes. Emirgan Park, one of Turkey's largest green spaces, offers tranquillity amidst urban bustle, with lush gardens, scenic walking paths, and stunning waterfront views. In addition to natural beauty, Emirgan's attractions and landmarks include the iconic Emirgan Mosque and historic Sakip Sabanci Museum.

Sariyer offers unparalleled amenities and services catering to every whim and desire, and exclusive boutiques, shopping centres, luxury spas, and world-class dining ensure residents want for nothing as they indulge in the finer things in life. From private yacht cruises along the Bosphorus to leisurely strolls through lush gardens, Sariyer's wealthy neighbourhoods, including Tarabya and Emirgan, serve as shining examples of elegance where every corner reveals new delights and every moment is opulent. To buy property in Sariyer is to make it into Turkey's elite social circles.


2: Lively Besiktas in Istanbul

Also sitting in European Istanbul, Besiktas emerges with sophistication in Istanbul's vibrant tapestry. Renowned for its prime waterfront location, with coveted homes and wealthy residents, Besiktas exudes an exclusivity that attracts discerning buyers and investors. Besiktas's rich history dates back centuries, and from ancient times to the present day, the district has been a hub of commerce and culture, drawing influence from diverse civilisations that left their mark on landscapes. The area is famously home to the Dolmabahce Palace, that was the last residence of the Ottoman empire before they were disbanded.

Properties along the Bosphorus offer unparalleled views and unrivalled prestige, making them highly sought-after, and the stunning waterfront at the heart of Besiktas, where the Bosphorus Strait serves as a picturesque backdrop, features luxurious waterfront Yali houses to sleek modern apartments. From historic Ortakoy to modern Bebek, each neighbourhood in Besiktas offers convenience and sophistication.

Ortakoy, with its iconic waterfront mosque and bustling square, exudes old-world charm. Cobble streets, lined with boutique shops and upscale restaurants, create vibrant atmospheres. While Bebek is synonymous with contemporary luxury and wealthy living, tree-lined streets with luxurious villas, modern apartment buildings, and high-end boutiques cater to wealthy residents. With exclusive clubs and a scenic waterfront promenade, Bebek embodies the wealthy lifestyle in Besiktas.

In addition to cultural offerings, Besiktas boasts an eclectic culinary scene with diverse culinary traditions. From traditional meze to international cuisine, the district's restaurants and eateries cater to every palate, ensuring residents enjoy excellent dining experiences without leaving their neighbourhood. With a prime waterfront location and affluent amenities, Besiktas is undeniably prime for expensive houses and the wealthiest people.

The district's real estate market is characterised by high demand and limited supply, driving property prices high. For wealthy residents, Besiktas combines the best of Istanbul's cultural heritage with modern amenities and conveniences. From panoramic Bosphorus views to exclusive dining and entertainment, Besiktas even attracts wealthy investors from Saudi Arabia.

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3: Stylish Nisantasi in Istanbul

Nestled in Istanbul's bustling Şişli district, Nişantaşı emerges with refinement, captivating residents with elegant charm, boutiques, and cosmopolitan ambience. Renowned as one of Istanbul's most expensive neighbourhoods, Nişantaşı attracts the wealthiest people, discerning shoppers, and cultural connoisseurs. Nişantaşı's Ottoman roots were as residential districts for the city's elite. Over the years, the district evolved while still retaining historical and architectural grandeur. Elegant townhouses and Art Nouveau buildings line tree-lined streets, reminders of the illustrious past.

Nisantasi is synonymous with luxury shopping, boasting an impressive array of high-end boutiques and modern fashion houses. From international luxury brands to renowned Turkish designers, the neighbourhood's bustling shopping streets offer fine fashion, jewellery, and accessories, catering to affluent clientele. Abdi İpekçi Street, the main thoroughfare of Nisantasi, is lined with flagship stores of luxury brands, including Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel, and comes alive with shoppers, fashionistas, and trendsetters, creating excitement and exclusivity.

Nisantasi also promotes gourmet restaurants and trendy eateries. From fine dining serving haute cuisine to cosy bistros offering traditional Turkish fare, the neighbourhood's diverse culinary offerings promise delectable eating. Visitors to Nisantasi savour culinary delights, from authentic Turkish food to international delicacies, all prepared with fresh ingredients and impeccable attention to detail. The neighbourhood's bustling sidewalk lounges and elegant dining venues are perfect for remembering culinary indulgence and dining experiences.

Art enthusiasts can explore Nisantasi's galleries and exhibitions, where contemporary art and traditional craftsmanship display a dynamic tapestry of artistic expression. The neighbourhood's theatres and performance venues also host cultural events, from classical music concerts to avant-garde theatre productions, providing residents rich cultural experiences.

Nişantaşı's rich fame extends beyond luxury shopping to residential properties that are the most coveted and sought-after in Istanbul. The neighbourhood's elegant apartment buildings and modern condominiums offer residents spacious interiors and state-of-the-art amenities. Demand for residential real estate in Nişantaşı remains high, driven by the prime location, wealthy lifestyle and rich reputation, and wealthy residents buy exclusive properties with unwavering promises of privacy, security, and sophistication.

4:Cesme and Alacati for Holiday Homes

Away from the Izmir city centre but belonging to the region, Cesme and Alacati emerge as twin jewels in Turkey's crown, with stunning beaches and refined culture. Boasting idyllic beauty, these coastal havens have earned fame among Turkish people and international travellers for luxury restaurants, boutique shopping, yachting culture, and real estate offerings. Both towns, though distinct in character, share Aegean allure and seaside splendour.

Cesme exudes timeless tranquillity with a picturesque harbour, ancient castle, and azure waters. Alacati combines whitewashed buildings, colourful shutters, and a bustling town square where history and modernity intertwine. Cesme's harbour has waterfront cafes and seafood restaurants, where diners savour fresh fish and seafood while soaking in panoramic Aegean Sea views. In Alacati, bustling streets with cosy eateries and trendy bars easily attract visitors with regional specialities, windsurfing potential and international cuisines.

For trendsetters, expect veritable shopping paradises with designer stores and artisanal shops. From chic beachwear and handmade jewellery to stylish home decor, boutiques offer curated selections of high-quality goods. Alacati's reputation as a fashion-forward destination, with boutique hotels and trendy cafes, attracts stylish crowds. From bohemian beachwear to sophisticated evening attire, Alacati's fashion scene reflects laid-back charm.

With crystal-clear waters and favourable wind conditions, both are favoured by yachting enthusiasts who sail in on luxury yachts, sailboats, and catamarans. Yachting culture thrives with yacht clubs, sailing schools, and maritime events. Embarking on leisurely cruises or participating in regatta races, maritime offerings provide unique opportunities to experience serenity.

Expect luxury real estate options for coastal living, including waterfront villas, luxury apartments, and exclusive estates. The prime location and stunning beauty make this town highly desirable for second-home buyers and investors looking to invest their Turkish lira. Cesme's developments and beachfront properties offer residents beautiful views and easy beach access. In Alacati, charming stone houses and traditional villas blend seamlessly with modern condominiums and boutique hotels, creating contemporary luxury.


5: Daily life in Golturkbuku - Bodrum

Nestled along the sun-kissed shores of Turkey's Bodrum Peninsula, Golturkbuku captivates discerning travellers and affluent residents with an idyllic ambience. As Bodrum's most exclusive destination, Golturkbuku exudes luxury that attracts the wealthy and elite, both Turkish and foreign, to spend their Turkish lira. Golturkbuku, often referred to simply as "Gölköy" by locals, lies on the northern shores of the Bodrum Peninsula, overlooking azure waters. Blessed with panoramic views, the village offers serene escapes from city life, tranquillity, and indulgence in equal measure.

Luxury accommodations abound in Golturkbuku, ranging from boutique hotels and lavish resorts to exclusive private villas and beachfront estates. Each offering promises pampering experiences, with impeccable service and lavish amenities. Göltürkbükü's sheltered bay and pristine waters also attract yachting enthusiasts and maritime aficionados, and chic beach clubs and waterfront venues are the backdrop for glamorous soirées and social gatherings, where the elite come to see and be seen.

Upscale amenities add to lucrative real estate markets, offering domestic and international buyers investment opportunities. Luxury villas, beachfront estates, and exclusive properties abound, with prime locations and stunning views, making them sought-after among discerning investors, including those from Saudi Arabia. Golturkbuku is an excellent neighbourhood where luxury, beauty, and exclusivity create unforgettable experiences. Whether indulging in gourmet cuisine or exploring the vibrant social scene for luxury seaside retreats, Golturkbuku is genuinely second to none.

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6: Beautiful Views in Kalkan on Turkey's Turquoise Coast

Perched on the southwestern edge of Turkey's Mediterranean coastline, Kalkan boasts sophistication and captivates house hunters with beautiful views and timeless charm. Kalkan offers escapes for discerning visitors seeking indulgence by boasting opulent homes, world-class restaurants, and sailing adventures. Forget about the large shopping malls and budget coffee shops because this is all about personalised service.

Nestled between azure Mediterranean waters and the rugged Taurus Mountains, Kalkan boasts breathtaking natural settings and belongs to the Turquoise Coast. The picturesque harbour, narrow cobblestone streets, and whitewashed buildings exude timeless elegance, evoking the allure of bygone eras.

Breaking down into 6 affluent neighbourhoods, some waterfront villas easily reach millionaire figures. Kalkan also earns fame for seaside villas, which dot the hillsides overlooking the sparkling Mediterranean waters. These luxurious properties offer blended traditional Turkish architecture and modern amenities, with spacious interiors, private infinity pools, and panoramic terraces that showcase the coastline but cost enough Turkish lira to break the bank.

For a life by the sea, luxury yacht charters abound in Kalkan, allowing travellers to cruise in style and comfort. Whether exploring the nearby islands of Kekova and Kas or simply basking in the sun on the deck, sailing in Kalkan promises unforgettable experiences of adventure and maritime luxury. Also, head to exclusive beach clubs and seaside retreats that offer relaxation and indulgence to unwind in style. From private cabanas and sun-drenched loungers to VIP service and gourmet cuisine, these luxurious establishments cater to discerning travellers, ensuring pure bliss by the sea.

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Fun Fact - How Many Billionaires Are in Turkey?

Based on USD figures, instead of Turkish lira, there are 25 billionaires in Turkey, of which 22 live in Istanbul and 3 live in Ankara. The top billionaire is Ibrahim Erdemoglu, with $5300 million in 2023, ranking him at 497 in wealth worldwide. His business operates in the manufacturing and carpet industries. Meanwhile, Murat Ulker, born in 1959, is a non-self-made billionaire worth $5,000 million in 2023, with business in food and beverage. Ali Erdemoglu is a self-made male billionaire worth of $4700 million. Semahat Sevim Arsel, a non-self-made billionaire, is estimated to be worth $3 billion. She operates in several sectors, including finance, real estate and retail. Lastly, Ipek Kirac sources her wealth from real estate, banking, and media.

Who is the Sabanci Family?

When asked where rich people live in Turkey, one prime example is the Sabanci family, one of Turkey's wealthiest and most influential families known for their prominence in business and philanthropy. The family's fortunes originated with Hacı Ömer Sabancı, who started cotton trading businesses in the early 20th century. Over time, they expanded into textiles, finance, energy, and automotive. The late Sakıp Sabancı transformed the family business, and they became a powerhouse in Turkey's economy, with interests in diverse sectors like banking, cement, energy, and retail.

They participate in philanthropic efforts. The Sabancı Foundation, established in 1974, supports education, healthcare, arts, and culture initiatives nationwide. The family also significantly contributed to museums, universities, and cultural institutions. They are central figures in Turkey's economic and social fabric.

The Sabancı family owns properties and residences in various locations within Turkey and internationally. However, specific information about current homes is typically kept private for security and privacy reasons. Historically, they live in Istanbul, Turkey's largest city, where they own homes and properties. Istanbul is the economic and cultural hub of Turkey, hence why many wealthy people live in Istanbul.

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