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Updated: 30 April 2020 Created: 30 April 2020

For our team at Property Turkey, changing times means adapting quickly, while still offering that top-notch, face-to-face service our clients have come to expect.

As we’ve learned over the last few weeks, much can be done remotely. We’ve seen orchestras playing symphonies together from their homes, we’ve taken online CrossFit classes and joined house parties, pub quizzes and even nightclubs online. 

When you consider how much we’ve learned about our online capabilities, it’s not much of a reach to consider buying property remotely. 

Thanks to technology, we are pleased to be able to continue to meet our clients’ needs in a consistent way. Property Turkey will continue to operate almost as normal, but with one small difference: you’re now able to tour Istanbul and the many projects we offer there from the comfort of your own home using our virtual tour service.

Step 1: Let’s talk

“Hello, how are you? Let me know how I can help.”

Your first contact with our Property Turkey consultants will be a phone call with one of our client advisors. No two buyers are alike, so during our get-to-know you chats, we’ll get to know you, asking you questions to find out exactly what you want. 

All our clients have different requirements: some are investors, others lifestyle buyers. Some are just starting out, others are seasoned investors. We need to understand exactly who you are and what your expectations are before we can help.  

And of course, you’ll want to ask some questions, too. If you’re new to Turkey, you’ll certainly have a few. Or perhaps you know Turkey well, but want to drill down on the finer points: what’s the neighbourhood like? What’s the likely rental return on this villa? What’s the deal with paying tax in Turkey? How can I get Turkish citizenship by investment

Our client advisors are well trained in everything from the purchase process to tax law. And if they don’t know, they’ll find out for you.

Call centre

Step 2: Let’s book you in 

Behind the scenes, your client advisor has been busy working with an investment consultant in your chosen area.  

For this example, let’s look at Istanbul. Istanbul’s property landscape is large and diverse, and it’s important to have someone on the ground who knows exactly what’s going on. Enter our investment consultant. This is the person in the field, with an intimate knowledge of property and the local economy. 

Using the information obtained from the client advisor, our Istanbul consultant will draw up a list of properties specific to your requirements. 

Then, you’re ready to go.

PropertyTurkey experience

Step 3: Hit the (virtual) road

“Hop in, I can’t wait to show you around the city!” 

Now, you are ready for a virtual tour of Istanbul and Istanbul properties. With your investment consultant in the driving seat, you’ll explore the city’s neighbourhoods and the projects most aligned with your property goals 

In the car, a 360 degree camera mounted on the passenger dashboard affords you a front-seat view out the window, and you can also see your consultant beside you, providing a commentary as you explore the city streets. 

You quickly discover that your consultant knows his stuff. And that he loves this city: his enthusiasm is so contagious it’s not long before you imagine you’re right there beside him. He explains which streets are on the way up, and which are about to enter a regenerating phase - a potential goldmine for investors. Some neighbourhoods are not so good options, he points these out, and gives you some background to explain why.

He slows down to point out landmarks along the way: there’s the Blue Mosque. Here’s the iconic Taksim Square, and this is Istiklal Avenue, the longest, busiest street in the city. Here’s the best place to buy Turkish delight, this is the largest mall on the European side of the city. 

And of course, there’s the projects. With your consultant, you’ll visit showhomes, going carefully through the pros and cons of each development. Some will be off plan, and some will be under construction. Your consultant will explain what this means for investors, in terms of price points and completion date. Be sure to ask lots of questions, and make your own notes as you go. 

It’s important to know about the locale of these projects, so your consultant will take you on a circuit of the neighbourhood, pointing out the local metro station, the nearest mall, medical centre and all the unique selling points -- and drawbacks -- of the area. 

Istanbul’s a huge city, with a vast number of distinctive neighbourhoods, so depending on your requirements and what you want to see, a tour might take a couple of days. But that’s okay -- the more information you have, the better.

Virtual tour

Step 4: Any questions? 

By now, you’ve seen the sights and heard the sounds of the city: the call to prayer, the cries of the street vendors and the “ding-ding-ding of the tram rattling its way down İstiklal Avenue. And with your consultant’s descriptions you can almost - almost - inhale the salty smell of the Bosphorus, and the rich aroma of roasting meat and yeasty bread from the street food vendors.

You’ve also got a good idea of what projects we have to offer. You’ve seen off-plan properties, newly completed seafront apartments and established homes in Istanbul’s centre. With your consultant’s help, you’ve honed in on a few suitable properties that suit your budget and your goals.

You probably have a lot of questions: and now’s the time to answer them. So let’s sit down with your consultant and work out the nuts and bolts. 

Answering questions

Step 5: Let’s shake on it 

Together, you’ll agree on a price and work out a payment plan. Then, you’ll be ready to sign on the bottom line. Your investment consultant will explain that you’ll need to send a reservation fee on your credit card, this will freeze the price and take your unit off the market.

All that’s missing is a handshake. 

Online handshake


Step 6: Filling out the paperwork 

After you’ve paid the reservation fee, our legal department springs into action. This part’s actually really simple, especially if you sign a power of attorney in Turkey that allows our lawyers to work on your behalf. This is something we do even when it’s business as usual, because the processes have to take place within Turkey, and most of our clients head back home after a contract signing.  Please note that you can provide power of attorney to your lawyer from your country of residence also.  You do not physically have to be present in Turkey, you can sign the relevant documents and have them notarised at the Turkish Consulate in your country of residence. 

During this process, with our lawyer’s help, you’ll:

- Sign your purchase agreement

- Get a title deed 

- Get the ball rolling on obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment, if required.

All the while, you’ll be keeping in touch with your client advisor, who’ll smooth out any bumps and keep you informed of the progress of your project. If you’re looking for tenants for your property, they’ll get that ball rolling, too.

Turkish citizenship by investment

Why take a virtual tour with Property Turkey?

At Property Turkey, our client-based approach has always driven our sales process. Our virtual sales process has been streamlined for efficiency, while still providing the top service our clients are used to. In fact, we believe many of our clients will choose to opt for this service in the future, even once normal life resumes. 

For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch offices

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Smartly priced seafront Homes Istanbul

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