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Alanya, TurkeyAlanya is an area of outstanding beauty, which nestles in front of the Taurus Mountains by the Mediterranean Sea. Located on a peninsula reaching into the in the Mediterranean Sea, the holiday resort is a typical southern town with stunning nature and ancient history.

The town was one of the major centres for the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman empires and served as an important fortress. The Red Tower and Alanya castle, are recognised landmarks of the town and were built in the Seljukian period.

The focal point of so many civilisations, Alanya is a popular tourist attraction offering natural and historical beauties. Alanya is one of the most popular cities of the Turkish Riviera and easily accessible by various means of transport. 

The Antalya Airport serves both domestic and international flights enabling direct transfer to Alanya. There are many shuttle services stationed at the airport which provide transfers to nearby destinations. Situated on one of the major highway conjunctions, the region of Antalya is easy to reach by bus from every province.  Passengers travelling to Alanya can take the shuttle services that leave from the Antalya bus station.

The old region of Alanya boasts ancient stone streets which are secluded by huge city walls, providing a haven of peace and exceptional views of the surrounding nature and scenery. The new town has been developed over the years and is now a large centre in its own right, having a real tourist feel with plenty of bars, restaurants and shops. 

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As well as being home to many monuments from other countries, Alanya will amaze with its natural beauties and phenomenal sunshine. The Castle at Alanya, is one of the most notorious buildings situated on the land. Built in the 13th century, the castle hosts 83 towers and 400 cisterns. 

As the heart of several old cities, Alanya is also known for its many pieces of history that were left behind at that time and make for interesting viewing. Alanya welcomes everyone not just because of its historical offerings but also for its outstanding beauty. The crystal clear blue sea is sure to delight, with as far as the eye can see being fronted by white golden sand that stretches along the entire coastline.

The population in 1985 stood at 87,080, however it has grown to approximately 384,949 today. The city is populated by 134,396 people, of which 9,789 are European, about half of them from Germany and Denmark. The European population tends to be over 50 years old. The population in the summer months inclusive of tourists hits about 1.1 million each year. The tourists provide most of the income for many of the population.  

Most of the rain comes during the winter in Alanya, leaving the summers long, hot, and dry. Due to the close proximity of the Taurus Mountain to the sea, you are likely to experience fog most mornings; there are also visible rainbows on many days. With the mountains as the backdrop it creates a surreal effect as you can see snow on the top of them even on hot days!

With an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, stunning scenery and spectacular beaches it is easy to see why the population is growing. With low costs of living and bank accounts with an interest rate of 12.5% it has to be considered. Where else can you sit outside all year round and enjoy life on the coast combined with the peace and beauty of the countryside. Alanya is known for the quality of its agricultural farmland and therefore many fresh products are grown from the countryside. Food is always a pleasure in Alanya or you choose to cook with fresh local ingredients, or go out to eat at one of the most affordable restaurants. Should you decide to purchase a property in Alanya, currently this would be an excellent capital investment holding good future prospects. 

Alanya is a hive of activities with lots of things to do and plenty of tour guides that are willing to assist. 
1. Scuba Diving (more fish during the high season) 
2. Jeep safari tours 
3. Quad bike tours 
4. Donkey riding 
5. Trip to historic Amphitheatre in Aspendos 
6. Boat trips, although try to get the price down to €5 for one hour, make sure that this includes visits to caves if the weather permits, and lunch as well as animation with Eurodance music. A word of caution though, take care as there are salespeople that will promise sightings of turtles and dolphins ahead of season or that you will go to see the caves when the boat is clearly too big, just be sensible and check these details first. 

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