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The first thing to know about Alanya, an area of outstanding beauty, is that it nestles in front of the Taurus Mountains in Turkey. Located on a peninsula reaching into the Mediterranean Sea, the holiday resort is a typical southern town with stunning nature and ancient history. The pristine city-centre, an important centre for the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman empires, also served as an important fortress. Recognised landmarks include the Red Tower and fortified castle, built in the Seljukian period.

The focal point of so many civilisations, Alanya is a popular tourist attraction offering natural and historical beauties. The population in 1985 stood at 87,080; however, it has grown to approximately 248,000 today. Of this, many are foreigners coming from counties like Germany, Russian, Denmark and Britain. The Europeans tend to be over 50 years old. The population in the summer months, inclusive of tourists, hits about 1.1 million each year. So as you can see, Alanya serves not only as a popular tourist destination but is also a multicultural hub.

Alanya in Turkey

About Alanya in Turkey

1: How to Get Here

Alanya, a highlighted Turkish Riviera destination, is easily accessible by various means of transport. Antalya Airport serves both domestic and international flights enabling direct transfer to Alanya. There are many shuttle services stationed at the airport which provide transfers to nearby destinations. Situated on a significant highway conjunction, the region of Antalya is easy to reach by bus from every province. Passengers travelling to Alanya take the shuttle services that leave from the Antalya bus station.

2: Weather and Climate

Most rain comes during the winter in Alanya, leaving the summers long, hot, and dry. Due to the Taurus Mountains' proximity to the sea, mornings have fog, but there are also visible rainbows on many days. With the backdrop mountains, it creates a surreal effect as snow settles on top of them even on hot days. With an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, stunning scenery, and spectacular beaches, it is easy to see why the population is growing. Where else can you sit outside all year round and enjoy life on the coast combined with the countryside peace and beauty?

3: Eating Out and Nightlife

Alanya is known for its agricultural farmland quality, so many fresh products are grown from the countryside. Food is always a pleasure in Alanya. You choose to cook with fresh local ingredients or go out to eat at many affordable restaurants. We recommend doing as the Turks do and indulging in traditional Turkish cuisine. After all, there is much more to it than the typical Kebab. However, suppose you want to taste your way around the world. In that case, it is natural that as one of Turkey's top tourist destinations, Alanya's restaurants span every corner of the globe to deliver up delicious grub.

4: Exploring Alanya

Alanya old town boasts ancient stone streets secluded by concrete city walls, providing a haven of peace and exceptional nature and scenery views. The new town is now a large centre, having a real tourist feel with plenty of bars, restaurants, and shops. As well as being home to many monuments from other countries, Alanya will amaze with its natural beauties and phenomenal sunshine. The castle, a notorious building, was built in the 13th century and hosted 83 towers and 400 cisterns. As the heart of several old cities, Alanya is also known for its many history pieces left behind at that time and make for exciting viewing. Alanya welcomes everyone not just because of its historical offerings but also for its outstanding beauty. The clear blue sea is sure to delight, with as far as the eye can see and twinned by white golden sand that stretches along the entire coastline.


5: Things to Do in Alanya

One sure thing is that you will never be short of things to do. Couples, solo travellers, groups of friends and families will all find a wealth of activities from day to night. Whether this is exploring local landmarks, enjoying water sports, or heading out into the Antalya region, be prepared for a lot of excitement. Some people like to explore independently, hence hire a car, while others book excursion tickets from local tour agents. Maybe you want to visit natural beauty landscapes, explore the top sights, see inside the mosques, shop in the bazaar, go trekking or even white-water rafting. Think about indulging in a Turkish bath or seeking out ancient Roman ruins. Either way, learn about the top sites to see in our article about attractions in Alanya.

6: Did You Know?

All around Turkey sit plenty of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Often classed as the best places to visit, as soon as a destination receives a world heritage site confirmation, the tourism industry figures go through the roof, such is the prestigious recommendation of the United Nations' cultural landscape. For this reason, in 2020, Alanya submitted the well-preserved old town district for consideration. Now sitting on the tentative list, the ancient walled city reflects the beginning of Alanya before it achieved international fame for tourism and foreign house sales. More about the UNESCO World Heritage Site list for Turkey.

7: Turquoise Coast

On any holiday to Turkey, a top recommended itinerary is a boat trip from any of the seaside resorts, and picturesque Alanya delivers various sailing options in style. Also belonging to the Idyllic Mediterranean coast or Turkish Riviera, for budget cruises, head to the harbour in the morning during summer. Exploring bays and coves, this day trip also featuring lunch on board, is all about relaxation. If you find yourself liking it a lot, consider booking an overnight gulet blue cruise to explore further afield—more about the Turquoise Coast of Turkey.

8: Buying Property

Alanya does not just have a booming tourism market. It also thrives with foreign house buyers who either want to buy an apartment or villa for holidays, live here all year round, or as a mid to long-term investment that appeals to exceptional prices and outstanding architecture. Of course, the Mediterranean lifestyle is also a big lure. Still, plenty of other reasons draw people to learn more about Alanya and buying property, and you can read them in our article about foreign house sales.

9: The Larger Antalya Region

Alanya belongs to the larger Antalya region, a top tourist destination in Turkey with much to boast about, including beautiful waterfalls, traditional villages, archaeological sites, ancient ruins, caves, museums, festivals, beautiful beaches and more. Our travel guide to lively Antalya talks about sightseeing tourist attractions like Olympos, places to visit like Belek and Patara, the famous Lycian way, and historical sites. It also gives further information about this popular tourist destination. Antalya is one of Turkey's most visited places, and we are sure it won't disappoint.

Alanya Turkey

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