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Updated: 26 February 2014 Created: 26 February 2014
Lara Beach, AntalyaAntayla is a Turkish city with over one million residents and all of the shopping, restaurants and other amenities found in any notable city around the world.  But, Antayla also has an area with an extraordinarily beautiful beachfront, the district of Lara.  Unlike the quaint Konyaalti beachfront, Lara has more commercial development, both retail and residential, so it is ideal for real estate investors or visitors who want lots to do when they aren’t working on their tan or snorkelling in the sea.

The Kundu area of Lara has a slightly unusual personality.  Most of the hotels here are modelled after global landmarks.  Here you’ll find replicas of the Kremlin, Venice, the Taj Mahal and others.  All of this replication has earned this area the nickname, “Las Vegas in Turkey.”  If you’re big on watercraft, perhaps you should stay at the Titanic Beach Lara.  Yup, it’s shaped like that.

While you are here, you should certainly visit the old central Antayla city, Kaleici.  Here you’ll find remnants of Ottoman, Roman and other periods in the varied architecture.  There are also several architectural ruins to explore.

If you want to stay outdoors, take the brief trip to the Duden waterfalls.  Here you can learn about a unique water system that employs sinkholes and waterfalls with water finally falling into the Mediterranean Sea.  There are multiple viewing platforms and guides ready to answer questions in multiple languages.

You might also want to explore Karian Cave.  In addition to exploring the largest human inhabited cave in Turkey, you’ll see artefacts that have been removed from the cave as part of the ongoing archaeological work, including a Neanderthal skull fragment.

Koprulu Canyon raftingA wonderful day trip is Koprulu Canyon.  This large canyon boasts delicious fresh fish restaurants, most commonly trout caught from the Kopru River.  The very deep canyons and beautiful tree and plant life is enjoyable year around.  You can take on the water with a guided white water rafting trip or drive scenic roads that cross multiple waterfalls feeding the river.  Make sure you see the amazing bridge over the river that was built by the Romans and spend a few minutes wondering how they built it in the first place.

Lara is an excellent location for real estate investment.  There is only so much beach in the world and much of it is overrun and overdeveloped.  Until the last several years, Lara was better known to Turks who enjoyed the beach on the weekends.  But, when the global real estate recession began, savvy real estate investors went looking for previously underdeveloped locations and Lara Beach started to grow very quickly.

Lara Beach weatherSome investors choose Lara Beach as a retirement paradise.  Others choose the buy-to-let option so renters can pay the mortgage while they enjoy the appreciating values.  Still others choose a hybrid where they use their property a few weeks each year and rent their home to others when they are not using it.  In any of these cases, Lara is sure to see continue property value and rent revenue growth for many years to come.

The government of Turkey is also helping.  For only the last few years, foreigners can now own Turkish real estate directly with all of the same rights as Turks.  This is led to large rapid institutional investor money flowing into the area, further accelerating value and new development.

Turkey has a number of Turkish and global banking brands and interest rates are competitive when finance is granted in Euros.  With a competent real estate advisor to guide you through the process, you’ll very quickly capture your own piece of heaven in Lara where you can rest, go full blast or anything in between.

Lara Beach apartmentsWhy buy property in Lara, Antalya. 
A bustling area, Lara is ideally located close to Antalya airport which attracts lots of tourists travelling to Antalya which in turn makes your real estate investment in Antalya an excellent choice for those looking for buy to let income on their homes. Demand from holiday makers will never be in short supply and you can leave plenty of time for yourself to enjoy a luxury holiday home by the beach, if you want, you could even rent out the home on long term contracts as there is a high rising profile in Lara of a commercial and residential mix of residents providing a lovely buzz year of year round activity and life.

So, what makes buying property in Lara, Antalya such an attractive proposition? 

1.    Great location mix of beach life and year round activity making it ideal for the best of both worlds
2.    Excellent links to Antalya airport 
3.    Buy to let income easily attainable 
4.    High capital growth prospects in the area 

Lara is an established town on its own right, those who choose to live here do so with purpose. From a pure investment objective, it more than ticks all the right boxes – however more than that, It also ticks the lifestyle boxes that perhaps other regions in Europe would not. 

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