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Updated: 19 May 2014 Created: 04 June 2013
Turkey is a vast and wide nation with varying weather and climates depending on your location. If you are looking to buy a lovely home in Turkey to live your days out in the sun, basking in the beauty of the weather – we suggest you give this a read before going any further. In order to make the best decision on your real estate purchase, you need to know the ins and outs of the weather in Turkey and we have put together this easy guide for you to explain how the weather and climate is like in different regions of Turkey.
Mediterranean weather 
Mediterranean region of Turkey:
Some of the best weather and temperatures are found along the Mediterranean side of Turkey. Summers are long, hot, and superb for swimming, sunbathing, and generally enjoying the t-shirt and shorts weather. Winters are wet but not too bad. Winter months can experience up to 200 millimetres of rain per month, while summer months it will be rare to experience any rain at all.

In this region you will find other popular Turkish tourism and holiday home destinations such as Antalya, Kalkan, Kas, Side, and Alanya – all of these experience superb summer weather almost year round.
Temperature range: During the winter temperatures can be expected to be around the 15 degrees Celsius mark, while summer months can soar to a hot 35 degrees Celsius giving ample time in the sun.
Average high / low temperature in Turkey
Aegean region of Turkey:
A very traditional Mediterranean climate is found along the Aegean. Summers are warm and hot, winters are mild but not too cold. You will rarely experience any snow during winters, however you can experience some humidity and thunderstorms during the winter. Rainfall is measured at around 100 millimetres per month during the winter while in the summer it rarely rains at all.
Famous spots for tourism and Turkish holiday homes are found here. Bodrum, Fethiye, Izmir, Kusadasi, Marmaris, Altinkum, and Gocek are all found here and experience similar type temperatures year round.
Temperature range: winter temperatures average at around 15 degrees Celsius while summer temperatures max out at around 36 degrees Celsius, meaning you have a nice warm climate year round to enjoy.
Black Sea:
The Black Sea region of Turkey is home to some of the strangest weather changes seen in Turkey. Here you can expect to see an even distribution of rain throughout the year – this is the only region in Turkey where you will see a lot of rain – who would have thought, rain in Turkey? On average, there are around 130 millimetres of rain per month during the winter period, and around 60 millimetres of rain per month during the spring and summer months. You can also expect some snow during the winter and the air can be quite humid.
Temperature range: 5 degrees Celsius during the winter, to a warmer 25 degrees Celsius during the summer.
Central Anatolia:
In this region of Turkey, you can expect weather to be hot and dry in the summer, and cold and chilly in the winter. Rainfall in Central Anatolia will be at a maximum of around 55 millimetres per month during the spring, while in the summer there is hardly a drop of rainfall in the sky, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the sunrays and Turkish sunshine.
Temperature range: Temperature can range from as low as -7 degrees Celsius in the winter, up to a hot 29 degrees Celsius in the summer.
Eastern Anatolia:
Eastern Anatolia is home to one of the most severe climate swings found in Turkey. Winter months are harsh and cold, while summer months are very hot indeed. Because it is located at a high altitude and is not near water, the winter months can last long – some even from October to May. Rain remains at a constant rate throughout the year, with an average of 25 millimetres falling per month. 
Temperature range: During the winter you can see temperatures dropping to a huge -40 degrees Celsius, while it generally range at around -10 degrees Celsius. Summer months heat up to around 27 degrees Celsius.
Turkish map
Southeastern Anatolia:
Similar to Central Anatolia, winters are cold while summers are long, hot, and dry. You might experience a little bit of snow during winters, while during summers, expect to have plenty of hot days with t-shirt weather lasting months on end. During the winter, there is an average of 60 millimetres of rain per month, while summer months will see not a drop of rain for months.
Temperature range: Winter months will see temperature drop to around -1 degrees Celsius, while summer months will see temperatures soar to a hot 40 degrees Celsius.
Marmara region of Turkey:
Home to Turkey’s giant city – Istanbul. Weather in Istanbul is generally quite humid, with up to 80% humidity on some days, resulting in some fog in some areas of the city. Winter in Istanbul is often colder than other cities and snow can fall in winter, while summers are hot.
Generally speaking though, Marmara is considered a Mediterranean/subtropical climate along the southern coast of Turkey, and an oceanic climate along the northern coast. There is a range of different climates found within this region but summers are generally hot, and winters generally cold with a chance of snow.
Temperature range: Winters generally range at around 10 degrees Celsius, while summer generally reaches up to 29 degrees Celsius and around 100 millimetres of rain per month in winter. 

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