Are you smarter than a Turkish expert? Turkey landmark quiz

So, you think you know Turkey? Test your knowledge by identifying the landmark from the small detail. Propertyturkey.com director Cameron Deggin scored a respectable 7/10, see if you can beat his score?
a) Ephesus

b) Cappadocia

c) Pamukkale

d) Patara

a) The Blue Mosque

b) Hagia Sofia

c) Topkapi Palace

d) Dolmabahce Palace

a) Aspendos Theatre

b) Tlos Theatre

c) Ephesus Theatre

d) Side Theatre

a) Lycian rock tombs

b) Mount Ararat

c) Troy

d) Fairy Chimneys, Cappadocia

a) Cave dwellings, Cappadocia

b) Roman grain store, Side

c) Lycian rock tombs, Fethiye

d) Catacombs, Ephesus

a) Sumela Monastery

b) Temple to St Nicholas

c) Kayakoy’s ghost village

d) Kalkan’s Lycian rock tombs 

a) Babadag Mountain

b) Nemrut Mountain

c) Ararat Mountain

d) Gobekli Tepe

a) Yildiz Palace, Istanbul

b) Ishak Pasha Palace, Istanbul

c) Blue Mosque, Istanbul

d) Galata Tower, Istanbul

a) Sovalye Island, Fethiye

b) Gumbet Beach, Bodrum

c) Blue Lagoon, Fethiye

d) Konyaalti Beach, Antalya

a) Bodrum Castle, Bodrum

b) Mamure Castle, Anamur

c) Cesme Castle, Cesme

d) Kizkalesi, Silifke 



1.  c) Pamukkale

This unusual rock formation is located in Denzli, in Southwestern Turkey. Its terraces are formed by a build up of carbonate minerals.
Pamukkale Turkey

2. b) Hagia Sofia

The interior of the Hagia Sofia, in Istanbul, is rich with architectural flourishes and history. It was once a church, and you can still see the glittering Biblical mosaics that were kept when the building became a mosque.
Hagia Sophia

3. a) Aspendos Theatre

This incredibly preserved theatre, in the Antalya region, was once part of the great city of Aspendos, which reached its peak in the 5th century BC. Today it’s still used for cultural events.
Aspendos Theatre

4. d) Fairy Chimneys, Cappadocia

The Fairy Chimneys rock formations, near Goreme, are formed when the softer rock at the bottom is eroded, leaving caps on the top. These geological marvels are one of the many attractions that brings tourists to Cappadocia in Turkey’s interior.
Fairy Chimneys Cappadocia

5. c) Lycian rock tombs, Fethiye

The Lycians buried their dead outside the town centre, on the hillside, so they could look down on their loved ones who still walked among the living. These beautiful tombs are found overlooking Fethiye centre.
Lycian rock tombs

6. a) Sumela Monastery

This haunting monastery, located on a 1200 metre high cliff face, is almost 300 years old and a major attraction in the Trabazen region, on the Black Sea. Although its main function is now as a tourist attraction, divine liturgies are held there every now and again.
Sumela Monastery

7. b) Nemrut Mountain

A number of statues remain on the summit of Nemrut, in southeastern Turkey. They’re thought to be a royal tomb from the 1st century BC. The statues probably represent Armenian gods.
Nemrut Mountain

8. d) Galata Tower

The Galata Tower is a medieval stone tower in Istanbul’s Galata quarter, near the Golden Horn. It’s one of the city’s most notable landmarks, and if you climb up you’ll be rewarded by a breathtaking view of Istanbul’s peninsula.
Galata tower

9. c) Blue Lagoon

The popular, pretty Blue Lagoon is one of Turkey’s most famous ­ and most photographed beaches. Located down the hill from Ovacik, its white sands attract visitors throughout the summer months.
Oludeniz beach

10. a) Bodrum Castle

This striking landmark is located in Bodrum’s harbour. Built in the early 15th century as a refuge for the Knights of St John, it’s now a museum housing some of the best underwater discoveries in the Mediterranean.
Bodrum Castle

How well did you do? 

1­ - 3. Total novice: Oh dear. You’re woefully uninformed in all things Turkish. Book yourself a trip to see the sights ­ and soak up a little sun while you’re at it.
4­ - 6. Average Joe: Not bad, but could be better. Your knowledge of Turkey is pretty good, but there’s always room for improvement.
7­ - 10. Turkish ambassador: Your eagle eye has done you proud. You can consider yourself an expert on Turkey’s tourist hotspots.


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