Where is the best place to buy a holiday home abroad?

When deciding on the best place to buy a holiday home abroad, you have plenty of choices. From the sunny beach resorts of Spain to Portugal's bustling cities, or small French villages in among scenic landscapes. Over the last ten years, though, increasingly people have turned to Turkey for that summer home near the beach. In specific the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts in places like Bodrum, Fethiye and Antalya. These are all coastal destinations, where tourism is a stronghold, hence attract foreigners in their thousands, either for a two-week beach holiday or for a permanent lifestyle change.

Some people, after using their home for summer holidays, also move out here when they retire, so the country now has a sizeable expat population. Whether you want a budget apartment or are looking at large, luxury villas for sale, many reasons exist as to why Turkey should be a worthy contender for your real estate purchase. Let's look at what they are.

Where to buy in Turkey

Why Turkey is the Best Place to Buy a Holiday Home Abroad

1: Value for Money and Home Prices

The first criteria most people have when searching for a holiday home abroad is price. Everyone sets themselves a budget, and this determines whether we buy a ground-floor flat or penthouse apartments with stunning sea view. Here, the proof is in black and white why Turkey comes out trumps. Compare the prices of apartments in Spain to those in Turkey, and you will see there are so many opportunities to save money and upgrade at the same time.

With starting prices of property averaging at about $50,000, buyers also get freehold ownership to the title deeds. Don't think you are compromising on quality either. Turkey has set criteria for quality and developers to adhere to. If you buy one of the old fashioned cottages or houses, you will need to do much renovation work. But new build apartments and villas are modern, trendy and incorporate all the latest trends in home living. See examples of property for sale in Turkey here.

2: Best Hospitality You will Ever receive

Turkey's beaches and scenic landscapes are a massive lure, but one reason people return year after year is hospitality. Turkish people are renowned for welcoming everyone, whether they have met them for the first time, or are lifelong friends. Ask anyone who has been here on holiday, and they will testify how easy-going Turks are and the reception they receive. The hospitality has a knock-on effect on the real estate industry because people feel more confident when buying a house, or if living here, to strike up friendships with neighbours.

3: English Speaking Locals

Turkey is a vast country comprising 81 provinces. Head to the north or east, and you will experience language differences. Yet, one reason many people buy in either Istanbul or the southern or western coasts is that English is spoken on every corner. Most of these places rely on tourism for income, so locals take a keen interest in learning the language. For buying property, all legal paperwork is in Turkish, but the law stipulates that a translator must be present so that at every step of the way, you know what is happening and what to expect.

4: Maintenance Costs

For many people, the running costs of a property in Turkey are a big lure. Forget about TV license because they don't exist. Depending on where you live, and the size of your family, water can be as little as $3 per month. Big companies offer excellent deals on home internet, mobile, home telephone and TV packages. Council tax for most apartment owners comes in under $130 per year. Add to this, the monthly living costs. Many retired people have deposited sizeable amounts of money into bank accounts, averaging about 8 to 10% interest that they withdraw. They then live off this without touching their capital. While smoking, drinking and running a car can clock up a few bills, outgoings like food are cheap, especially when you visit the local weekly market. See an example of living costs for Turkey.

5: State-of-the-Art Air Travel Industry

Most people look to the Aegean or Mediterranean to buy an apartment, and these areas are serviced by Bodrum, Dalaman and Antalya Airport. These three are Turkey's top touristic airports having won many awards for service and efficiency. On a typical year, millions of people pass through them, because of frequent flight schedules from many countries. Istanbul also has a new airport that when complete, will be the world's biggest. Using state-of-the-art technology, it aims to be the best air travel hub in the world. What does this mean for house buyers from abroad? You can get here during any month of the year to use your home as and when you want—more about airports in Turkey.

6: Gorgeous Overseas Weather

Did you know Turkey has several climate zones? In June, cold evenings in the Kackar mountains means wrapping up warm, but on the other side of the country, people will dine alfresco style under the moon. In terms of weather, for hot summers and mild winters, choose the Aegean and Mediterranean, but more so the latter. This also explains why these stretches of coastline are the kings of Turkey's beach holiday industry. Temperatures reach up to 40 degrees during July and August, and the rainy season runs from January to March. Aside from that, we are talking one of the world's most idyllic places to live for gorgeous weather.

7: Citizenship Investment Program

Golden visa programs where people buy real estate to gain citizenship right in that country are nothing new. Yet Turkey's investment program is one of the world's cheapest and easiest to apply for. All you have to do is spend $250,000 on a property and keep it for three years. In return, you can live and work like a Turk. Compare this to Spain, whose entry-level is 500,000 euros, and you can see why many foreigners get a second passport in Turkey. Read about Turkey's citizenship by investment scheme.

So as you can see for the best place to buy a holiday home abroad, there are quite a few reasons to consider Turkey. To find out more, browse our buyer's guide that lists everything you need to know, including the buying process, legalities, extra costs and settling into your new holiday home.

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Handy Tip for Buying A Holiday Home in Turkey

For foreign houses sales in Turkey, there are two top destinations. Istanbul which attracts real estate investors because of its status as Turkey's most prominent city, and then Antalya. This region covers an enormous section of the Mediterranean coast and is also home to some of Turkey's best beaches like Kaputas, Lara and Konyaalti. The multicultural feel leads many foreigners to buy apartments or villas to use for summer. If you want a holiday home, it is worth looking at Antalya, and you can find out more about the region here.

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