6 excellent reasons to buy property in Gumusluk

The Bodrum Peninsula on the Aegean coast of Turkey receives much admiration from the international world. As a popular holiday destination, and expat haven, many nationalities enjoy the 300 odd days of sunshine a year as well as the many small coastal resorts, each with their own characteristics.

One of them is Gumusluk, sitting approximately 25 kilometres outside of Bodrum main town centre. Historically famous as the site of the ancient Dorian city of Myndos, its landmark is Rabbit Island, named after the rabbits that ran wild there. In recent years, its popularity has grown, earning itself a reputation as a must-visit place while in the area. Couple this with the fact that foreign property investment in Gumusluk is also gaining attention, and you may wonder what the lure is - and why people are buying their Turkish villa or apartment in Gumusluk.

Gumusluk, Bodrum

So, why are people buying property in Gumusluk?

1. It is a quaint, traditional seaside village

Gumusluk is part of a cosmopolitan and versatile destination in Turkey, yet it has still maintained its traditional vibes and ambiance. The tight knit community enjoys a carefree lifestyle and long walks on the sandy beach fronted by the blue waters of the Aegean. In traditional Turkish style, locals welcome foreigners into the community, whether they are holidaying or living there, so after a while, everyone knows your name. Hustle and bustle are non-existent and with much of daily life focused on the seafront, expats who have spent years working in cities find Gumusluk fits their idea of what retirement should be like.

2. It's unlikely to lose its village status

Sometimes, our customers remark that a place has lost its charm and sold out to tourism. This typically happens when the resort grows from a small seaside village to a large bustling town. Whether or not, you agree with this sentiment, it is unlikely to happen in Gumusluk because the surroundings hills and lands are protected areas because of its historical value related to the ancient city of Myndos. What does this mean? In Turkey, builders cannot develop on green areas protected by law, so while it is in place, Gumusluk will maintain its small community vibes.

Gumusluk, Bodrum

3. It's the place to see and be seen

Even though Gumusluk is a small village, it has countrywide fame for its evening seaside dining restaurants. Naturally, as a fishing village, seafood such as calamari and shrimp is in abundance alongside a wide variety of fish. Combine this with tables by the seaside, impeccable waiter service, high-quality wine and soft music, and you have a winning combination for comfortable al fresco Aegean dining. Melengec restaurant, in particular, is a favorite of the rich and famous celebrities in Turkey, who are holidaying on the Bodrum Peninsula.

4. People enjoy a healthy lifestyle

There are many reasons why expats prefer the Turkish seaside resorts for relocation, and one of them is the way of life. Experts testify that seaside air is not only cleaner but it is also healthier and makes us sleep better at night. Combine this with fresh fish and seafood as well as organic fruit and vegetables sold at the local market, and you have all the ingredients for a fit and active body. In many ways, the general cuisine trends of Bodrum are much like the Mediterranean diet that is the best to eat. Also, think about walks on the beach in the morning, and afternoons swimming, and you have the easiest and most enjoyable exercise plan ever.

Gumusluk, Bodrum

5. Bodrum Town centre is just 40 minutes away

Although the locals of Gumusluk enjoy a peaceful life, they still want all amenities and facilities close to hand. Bodrum town centre with places like the hospital, British consulate, dentists, cargo offices, and major shopping malls is a short bus drive away. Its nightlife scene is more vibrant, and for simple things like choosing a hairdresser, a huge variety is on standby to pick from. That is a major lure for Gumusluk because although it is beautiful and quiet, locals do not have to give up the necessary amenities for a full lifestyle.

6. There are a number of unique properties for sale

The property portfolio of Gumusluk is not bursting at the seams, but potential buyers do have individual Bodrum villas and apartments to look at.

 This luxury villa makes use of Modern Fusion Architecture, a favourite style that blends themes such as old and new, or in the case of the villa, authentic stonework with trendy decor. With its Japanese-style bathroom, floor to ceiling windows, and private infinity swimming pool, it would be the perfect property for a 40-something jet-setter looking for peace, tranquility, and privacy.

Alternatively, this 4-bedroom villa by German architects, designed to Feng Shui guidelines mainly appeals to those with spiritual beliefs. Incorporating the Ying and Yang symbol, it also has luxury features such as fingerprint scanning for security, electric shutters, and curtains as well as smart home technology. Of course, a full sea view to wake up to in the morning perfectly complements the concept of Feng Shui.

Then there is obviously the much sought after seafront location. Properties like this 3-bedroom villa sitting on 2000 square meters of land appeal to investors looking for a buy-to-let villa. Situated a short stroll away from the famous seaside restaurants, landmark rabbit island, and the sandy beach, a second income from holiday rentals is highly possible.

See more unique properties in Gumusluk or alternatively, read our buyer's guide detailing everything to do with the property buying process in Turkey including costs, locations, management and more.

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