Top 5 reasons to buy real estate in Antalya

Foreign buyers sometimes ask us for good reasons to buy property in Antalya, Turkey. The name Antalya refers to the city centre and larger region sitting in southern Turkey. The area earns fame as Turkey's top beachside destination; hence Antalya attracts many Turkish and foreign buyers looking at the real estate market. When they buy property here, they either want a summer holiday home, somewhere to live permanently or a good investment and reasonable real estate prices that will add value to their financial portfolio.

So, when foreign investors ask us why the Real estate market in Antalya is an excellent investment, our answer is endless. The Antalya region keeps delivering excellence in all areas of life. Then just when you think the region has peaked, it provides more. In this article, we look at what makes the Antalya region ideal for real estate investments in Turkey and four crucial tips for a smooth house purchase. Additionally, we look at famous places to buy property, including Belek, Antalya city centre, Alanya and more destinations.

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Why Buy Property in Antalya

1: House Prices Compared to Europe

When comparing Antalya to Western European cities in Germany, France, or the United Kingdom, house prices in Antalya are more affordable. In fact, many foreign buyers have been able to purchase investment properties outright by re-arranging finances in their home country. Some, like our British buyers, sell their UK property, can afford to buy a house, and still have money left over. When looking at major cities across the globe, Antalya consistently ranks highly.

2: Ideal for Mid to Long term Real Estate Investment

One primary objective of a mid to long-term investment is capital appreciation. Antalya's coastal city and region delivers potential on every front. This well-established location features vital tourism, business and education sectors. As one of the most popular cities in Turkey, without a doubt, Antalya rules the Mediterranean. The diversity of tourism sectors and nationalities who buy and live there ensures Antalya will always be the king of beachside real estate in Turkey.

3: Diverse Real Estate Portfolio

The range of properties in Antalya is vast and covers all price points. Whether looking for a budget apartment, luxury villa or something in between, every taste and budget is accommodated. Buyers have several options, from quality city centre apartments to luxurious villas with sea views on the outskirts. New-build projects from reputable developers offer unbeatable value for money. This diverse real estate portfolio makes Antalya an attractive location for property investment in Turkey.

4: Simplified Buying Process

The property buying process is quick and straightforward. Property transactions are carried out through a local solicitor who will help guide you through the legalities. The entire process takes as little as two weeks. The method also involves obtaining a tax number, which is essential for foreigners when buying property in Turkey, and you will need to open a local bank account too. With our help, the process is done quickly and easily.

5. High Liquidity on the Property Market

One significant advantage of buying property is the high market liquidity. Antalya's vibrant and lively real estate market constantly evolves, so it is easy to buy and sell properties with little difficulty. The local government supports the property sector, making Antalya attractive to all investors. Suppose you decide to exit the market for any reason. In that case, you can do so quickly without suffering too much financial loss.

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6. Public Transportation Network

Antalya is served by an excellent transport network with easy access to other parts of Turkey and further afield. It has an international airport, numerous bus and coach stations, many taxis, and well-maintained highways connecting it to other towns and cities. The government is investing heavily in transportation infrastructure, making it easier for locals and visitors to get around.

This improved infrastructure adds value to property investments in Antalya by providing easy access to amenities, services, attractions, and other areas of interest. Buyers benefit from travelling quickly throughout the region without relying on public transport or hiring a car.

7: Climate and Quality of Life on the Mediterranean Coastline

Antalya's warm Mediterranean climate features long summers and mild winters. This makes the region great for outdoor activities like swimming, sailing, and cycling. The city features stunning beaches and resorts where visitors relax and soak up the sun. The city centre of Antalya is bustling with life, offering restaurants, bars, shopping malls and cultural attractions. Add to this the affordable cost of living compared to European countries, and you have an excellent daily life to wake up to every morning.

Life in Antalya

8: Multicultural Communities

With many expats from Europe and other destinations, the city's cosmopolitan feel stands out. This diverse population presents different cultures and customs, adding to the vibrancy of Antalya's many desirable locations. The multicultural communities in Antalya are vibrant and diverse. People from all walks of life live, work and play here, creating lively atmospheres that welcome everyone.

Expats from various countries have been drawn to the city's picturesque beaches, stunning landscapes and sunny climate. With many nationalities represented, Antalya is ideal for people of different cultures to meet and share their experiences. Local Turkish communities are also friendly and welcoming, making it easy for newcomers to settle in Antalya. Cultural activities like traditional festivals and art exhibitions occur throughout the year, making living in Antalya enjoyable.

9. Things to do and Places to Go

There's no shortage of things to do and places to go in Antalya. If you love an active life, explore beautiful beaches, scuba diving opportunities and stunning mountains. Meanwhile, if culture is more appealing, Antalya's cultural attractions include museums, galleries and historic sites. Alternatively, shopaholics will be in their element with designer shops and boutiques offering international designer labels. To top it off, the nightlife is vibrant, with lots of bars and clubs playing music worldwide.

10: Resort Beaches Galore

Antalya is renowned for its beautiful beaches - and with good reason. Whether you prefer quiet beaches or an action-packed one, you'll find many choices in Antalya. The city features famous beaches of Turkey, including Lara Beach and Konyaalti. Both offer golden sand, clean seawater, and various activities to entertain the whole family. Many Blue Flag beaches scattered around the coastline are renowned for excellent safety and hygiene. With amazing beaches, it's no wonder that people flock to Antalya each year for beach holidays. It's also great news for overseas buyers because beachfront properties are highly sought after and increase in value over time.


Key Points About the Real Estate Market

Legal Assistance: Potential buyers should hire a lawyer experienced in Turkish real estate law. They ensure all necessary legal procedures are followed, conduct due diligence and assist with the title transfer process.

Financing Options: If you require financing, various options are available to foreigners in Turkey, including mortgages from Turkish banks. Researching and comparing different financing options and consulting with financial institutions to determine the best solution for your needs is advisable.

Property Inspections: Before finalising the purchase, conduct thorough inspections of properties for sale to identify potential issues or necessary repairs. Hiring professional inspectors can help you assess the property's condition and avoid surprises.

Costs and Taxes: Consider other costs like legal fees, agent commissions, property taxes, and maintenance fees for communal areas for apartments or villas within complexes. Be sure to budget for these expenses in Turkish lira to avoid any financial surprises.

Popular Places in Antalya City Centre

Konyaalti Beach: This seaside neighbourhood is one of the most favourable med destinations for beachside living. But be warned, high demand and low supply have pushed prices up. Konyaalti also offers close proximity to the city's top attractions, like the Aquapark, which is excellent for family fun.

Turkish Property in Lara: This area has grown tremendously over the past decade. Lara is home to five-star resorts and luxury shopping malls. It has modern amenities, luxury apartments and high-end living. It's also just a short drive from Antalya Airport, making it ideal for frequent travellers.

Housing Market in Altintas: With high demand but low supply in both the above areas, Altintas is becoming the new alternative, and so far, has attracted many investors with affordable priced property on large lifestyle complexes.

Antalya in Turkey

Popular Places in the Larger Antalya Region

Golfing Belek: Belek offers breathtaking sea views, the best golf courses in Turkey, luxury hotels and resorts and excellent beaches. Those who prefer quieter places to live find peace and tranquillity in Belek's residential neighbourhoods, with high-end villas on offer. The strong rental market in Belek also makes the town ideal for investing in holiday property for sale.

Bustling Alanya: Alanya, on the eastern coast of Antalya, attracts thousands of visitors annually. The city centre offers various entertainment options, including restaurants, bars, shops, and nightlife venues. Alanya also boasts architectural attractions, like the old castle and Red Tower. Outdoor activities include water sports to trekking in nearby mountains. Property for sale in Alanya ranges from average prices for modern apartments to luxury villas with breathtaking sea views. It's no wonder many people invest in property in this vibrant city.

Historic Side: From family-friendly activities to romantic restaurants, this area appeals to all tastes. Property prices here vary depending on location, but choices include beachfront villas for sale to budget apartments with stunning sea views. Whether you want a holiday home or permanent residence, Side features many homes for sale. Plus, it's just a short drive from Antalya City Centre, so enjoy the best of both worlds when investing in property here.

Kemer Seaside Town: Here are some of Antalya's best beaches, alongside other attractions like Kemer Marina and the impressive Tahtali Mountain. On top of that, Kemer offers excellent shopping and dining opportunities. From luxury villas with private pools to cosy apartments, the properties in Kemer suit any budget.

Luxury homes in KalkanKalkan is famous for investing in luxury houses for sale, thanks to stunning views and a vibrant atmosphere. Plus, Kalkan's luxury homes for sale represent elegant properties with modern amenities. Kalkan has everything, whether you want an apartment or a villa with a private pool and garden.

Note: The Turkish Citizenship by Investment Scheme

Some foreign nationals want to buy property in Turkey to apply for the Turkish citizenship real estate scheme and get a Turkish passport. However, most eligible properties for sale that are government approved are in Istanbul. The citizenship scheme was introduced to rejuvenate specific real estate markets, of which the Antalya region wasn't one. If you are buying property to gain citizenship in Turkey, please get in touch with us to discuss the sale options available and the citizenship application process.

Our Services as a Real Estate Company in Turkey

At Property Turkey real estate agency, we understand the complexities of the real estate sector in Turkey. We are here to make the sale process as smooth as possible while ensuring a lucrative deal. Our experienced professionals handle all aspects of your sale, from inspecting the property and conducting due diligence to assisting with financing options and title transfers.

Our legal advice ensures you're always up-to-date on Turkish real estate laws. With us by your side as an established real estate agency, rest assured that you're in safe hands when investing in property. See our portfolio of hundreds of properties for sale here, or contact us today to learn more about how we can help you purchase your dream home or why to buy property in Antalya.

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