Is Antalya in Turkey a Good Place to Live?

When people ask us whether Antalya is a good place to live, we need only look at current stats to see it is. Thousands of expats living in Antalya - Turkey, make it a multicultural destination comprised of different nationalities. It is the number one destination for retired expats and ranks in the top three positions where foreigners buy property in Turkey.

To be clear, we are talking about the larger Antalya region and not just the city centre. Collectively the towns and districts form a large part of Turkey's Mediterranean coastline. From the gorgeous climate to the Taurus Mountains range backdrop, the area is home for many expats who say moving to Turkey was the best lifestyle decision they made. But what were the exact reasons they chose Antalya over other places in Turkey?


Why Antalya is a Good Place to Live

1: Life on Turkey's Best Beaches

The coast of the larger Antalya region stretches for more than 500 kilometres and is home to some of Turkey's best beaches, as voted by Trip Advisor users. Notable, sandy stretches of sand that draw in thousands of holidaymakers every year include Cleopatra's in Alanya, Konyaalti and Lara in the city centre, and Kaputas on the outskirts near Kas and Kalkan. Such is their perfection, Antalya holds the crown as Turkey's top beach holiday destination, and expats get to enjoy them every day.

2: Impressive Transport Network Throughout Antalya

For non-car owners, a local transport network is essential, and Antalya city steps up to the podium. Firstly, a cost-effective bus network connects to all towns and villages of the Antalya region and other destinations in Turkey. The D400 highway that runs from the east to west of Turkey goes through the Antalya region, making getting around easy. However, the jewel is Antalya state-of-the-art airport that handles thousands of passengers every day and is just a 20-minute transfer from the city. Frequent flights to other countries and destinations within Turkey like Istanbul make getting back to see friends and family back home easy and quick to do. Finally, of course, car rental is cheap and opens Antalya for exploration.

3: Shopping and Nightlife Places

Antalya city centre has the best nightlife and shopping scenes in Mediterranean Turkey. Places to spend the cash include large shopping malls like Migros and Deepo or boutique and traditional market stalls. The nightlife can be as low-key or hectic as you want. Prominent nightclubs include Ceila, Gaga and Alley. People who like to romance and sit-down conversations with good friends choose seaside restaurants or rooftop terraces. Do not forget the traditional restaurants in Turkey known as lokantas or dine in the five-star restaurants with world-renowned chefs. For shopping and nightlife, the choice in Antalya city has never been better.

4: Good Prices of Real Estate

Many international expats choose Antalya in Turkey as somewhere to live because house prices are competitive compared to places like Spain, Portugal, or France. New property also features the best in architecture and modern living. In certain areas like Mahmutlar in Alanya city, apartment living is popular. Still, the real estate portfolio also includes a wide range of luxury villas with private swimming pools and gardens. Additionally, property in Antalya makes a wise investment if expats keep it mid to long term for 5 to ten years. See the portfolio of Antalya property for sale here.

Alanya in Turkey

5: Low Cost of Living in Turkey

The money savings aspect continues into the daily cost of living in Turkey. Many people enjoy a lucrative exchange rate when exchanging their pension, and since they do not pay tax on it, they save even more money. Although owning a car, drinking, and smoking can rack up the bills; there are low costs for things like water, council tax, and maintenance. You can also save money by shopping at traditional, local markets. Many expats in Turkey also enjoy an additional income by investing in high-interest savings accounts. The opportunities to enjoy a low cost of living in Antalya are endless.

6: Gorgeous Weather Climate

The country of Turkey separates into several geographical regions. Each has a unique weather climate, and the Antalya region of Turkey comes out on top with nearly 300 days of sunshine a year. Locals often swim in the sea on Christmas day. Indeed, expats in Antalya city love the hot summers and mild winters. The only downside is the rainy months of January and February, but Antalya delivers in abundance for gorgeous weather.

7: Outdoor Lifestyle and Activities

The gorgeous weather also opens the great outdoors, and doctors say this is good for our health. Twin this with the wide range of outdoor activities, and Antalya is a hobby bonanza. First, try your hand at golfing in Belek, home to many state-of-the-art courses and has hosted famous players like Tiger Woods. Then, maybe, seek an adrenaline experience in the white water and adventure sports in Alanya. Go paragliding or canyoning in Kas, or take up swimming and walking. The choice in Antalya is endless.


8: The Unique Turkish Riviera

One of our favourite aspects about living in Antalya is the Turkish riviera, of which Antalya city is a significant hub and place of excellence. Every morning during summer, boats depart from resort harbours to sail the coast and visit numerous bays and coves. Alternatively, jump onboard a blue cruise for fantastic food, beautiful views, and top-notch service over a 4-to-7-night period. The Turkish riviera and being out at sea makes you feel good and lucky to enjoy life in Antalya.

9: Fun Tourist Attractions and Places of Interest

We always say travelling around Antalya is the best way to get to know it. Antalya delivers with lots of places that are easy to get to and offer an ideal insight into the current day and historical vibes of Antalya. From well-known historical sites like Aspendos and Perge to stunning views from Mount Tahtali to the mystic of Chimaera burning flames, every day can be an adventure in Antalya.

Side Turkey

10: Learning Turkish

One common question people who are considering moving to Turkey ask is about the language barrier. Many people struggle to learn Turkish, especially at retirement age. This is normal since experts say seven is the best age to learn a language. The good news is this will not hamper your life in Antalya. Thanks to its booming tourism industry, many locals speak other languages like English, German and Russian because they rely on tourists as a source of income. We advise learning one word a day but do not fret the small stuff because Antalya is a big cooking pot of culture and diversity.

More About Antalya

So, as you can see, Antalya is the jewel of Mediterranean Turkey. If this article has piqued your interest, read our regional area guide, which contains lots of information about districts, things to do and moving to Antalya. Alternatively, if you are thinking of buying property in Antalya, give us a call today and chat with a local agent. We are Property Turkey, and real estate and investment specialist of we have helped hundreds of buyers, who realised Antalya is a good place to live, move to Turkey.



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