Should I Buy a Home in Turkey or France?

Oh, decisions, decisions. When owning a home abroad is the new norm, people have a wealth of countries to choose from. Sometimes people narrow down their choices to Turkey versus France, and both present a healthy portfolio of apartments and villas for sale. Whether you want a new retirement home, something to use during summer, a buy-to-let investment or something that will gain in value and add to your financial portfolio, you have masses of destinations and properties to view. So, how do you narrow down choices? Well, there are two ways to do this. The first is to compare precisely what money will get, while the second is to research what each country has to offer.

Should I Buy a Home in Turkey or France?

1: What will £80,000 get you?

France: We went searching the international property portals, and there is an excellent selection of homes for sale around this price mark. Regions featuring these homes included Poitou-Charentes, Centre-Val de Loire, Lower-Normandy, and Rhone-Alpes. We could not find any decent housing in Paris for this amount but given it is the capital, that is understandable. Most properties were resale, village houses away from the coastline. Most were also in need of renovation. Anyone looking for rural communities and isn’t bothered by a sea view or beach lifestyle, will find what they are looking for.

Turkey: Price wise, Turkey wins because £80,000 gets you a new build or off plan apartment, and sometimes, a villa on a communal site with garden and shared swimming pool. Most properties are also in the coastal resorts of the Aegean and Mediterranean, hence offer the beachside summer lifestyle. Istanbul is also coming up trumps with modern apartments in the outskirt districts that in recent years have become a hotbed of investment, with mega projects like the new Istanbul Airport.

Istanbul property

2: Additional Purchasing Costs and Process

France: As much as the asking price and finding your dream home is of top importance, so is additional purchasing costs and how long before you become the legal titleholder. In France, expect to factor in another 15% to cover all the fees, and taxes. From signing the contract, you legally have a ten-day cooling-off period, but should you go ahead, expect a timeframe of three months to become the legal titleholder.

Turkey: Turkey has the standard taxes applied elsewhere in the world. The law does not require the use of a solicitor; however, we recommend you use one because the fees are worth it. The law requires the use of an official translator, at the notary office, but overall, factor in an extra 8-10% of the asking price for additional costs. If finances are in place, the process will take roughly three to six weeks before you can put keys in the door.

Cost of buying

3: Culture, Food, and Traditions

France: Ah, who has not heard of the excellent French cuisine. Think pastries, cheese, and wine galore. Let us not forget the great dining scene. France’s massive amount of Michelin star restaurants speaks volumes about why French cuisine ranks as one of the world’s best. For culture, think typically European. Head to the smaller, rural villages or the French Alps, and these are tight-knit communities with their regional traditions making it slightly more difficult for foreigners to fit in.

Turkey: In Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city that is a hub of business, economy, tourism, and education, expect the hustle and bustle. There is nothing slow about this city. However, for the laid-back traditional lifestyle, the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts deliver in style. Turkey also prides itself on its hospitality, and in next to no time, you will feel like a local. Last, it is hard to keep taste buds away from Turkish cuisine. There is much more to it than doner kebabs.

Food in Turkey

4: Weather and Climate

France: Naturally, head into the French Alps during winter to discover metres of snowfall, which is why it is one of the top skiing destinations in the world. However, France enjoys mild winters and cool summer with temperatures ranging from 4 to 30 centigrade. If sunshine is your chief aim for buying abroad, then the south receives the most amount.

Turkey:  Because of its enormous size as the world’s 37th biggest country, Turkey has several climates zone. Places like Istanbul have a full season of climates, whereas further down the Aegean coast, winters are milder. For the best weather climate with sultry summer temperatures of 40 degrees, and mild winters, head to the Antalya region on the Mediterranean.

Beach in Turkey

5: Leisure and Outdoor Pursuits

France: Living and holidays overseas bring with it another aspect because you have heaps of time to pursue your hobbies. Lovers of the great outdoors will enjoy the French alps, not only because of skiing, but in summer, it becomes a hotbed of outdoor activities like mountain biking and trekking. Let’s not forget the French Rivera for sailing. Local activities do well as many destinations offer golf and tennis clubs, and France also has over 20,000 kilometres of cycling routes. Overall, you will never be short of things to do in France.

Turkey: Some people might think Turkey can never match France for outdoor activities, but sometimes, it does even better. The Turkish Rivera stretching from the north Aegean to the west throws out a multitude of destinations worth sailing to. Turkey has also invested billions into its ski centres, like Uludag. Yes, hard to believe, but Turkey has a thriving ski industry. The Antalya region is a specialist in adventure sports like Canyoning, biking and trekking, while Cappadocia and Pamukkale earn their fame from hot air-balloon trips. Let’s not forget Belek, Turkey’s golfing capital that also hosts world championship golf courses and sees significant players from around the world visiting for million-pound prizes and tournaments.

Belek golf

6: Tourism Industries

France: Those looking to buy to let it out for holiday rentals can expect a good market. Paris is not only France’s leading tourist destination but also one of the most popular in the world. The Loire Valley, Brittany, and Normandy are other significant destinations with an influx of tourism. Roughly 90 million tourists visit France every year, proving its worth as a buy-to-let destination. Check out the legal laws and tax implications of renting out in France. In 2019, the Mayor of Paris took on Airbnb over renting laws that locals said was affecting their housing choices, so be careful.

Turkey: This country hosts roughly 40 million tourists a year, but it is worth bearing in mind that their 2023 vision plan aims to increase that amount through mass international campaigns. Istanbul, the Antalya region, Bodrum Peninsula and Fethiye are all holiday hotspots, and the latter two all boasts of some of Turkey’s best beaches. In Turkey, property owners must declare anyone staying in their home as a tourist on the GIYKIMBIL system, also used for tax purposes. Many property owners use accountants or companies to help them stay within the law, especially if they are foreign owners.

Hagia Sophia

7: Major Attractions

France: People owning property abroad often get to know their new home by exploring historical and touristic attractions. Many iconic ones like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumph, Louvre Museum and the Palace of Versailles sit within Paris and outskirt destinations. France has 41 UNESCO World Heritage sites, which are a brilliant way to learn about the history of France.

Turkey: Turkey has 18 UNESCO World Heritage sites, but watch this space because there is a staggering 200 more waiting approval on the tentative list. Significant sites including the old part of Istanbul that was home to the Ottoman and Byzantine Empires, the ruined city of Ephesus, and Pamukkale calcium pools. One unknown fact about Turkey is that it was also home to early Christianity and the seven churches of revelations as featured in the new testament all sit on the Aegean coast. Also, check out Cappadocia and their cave churches and hotels. It is a surreal place to visit that needs to be seen to be believed.

Pamukkale Turkey

8: Cost of Living

To compare the two countries side by side, we turned to Numbeo, the number-crunching machine that collects prices from all over the world so that people can compare the cost of living. They say, Consumer Prices in Turkey are 57.67% lower than in France, restaurant prices in Turkey are lower by 70%, and doing a weekly grocery shop in France will cost you 61% more, than in Turkey. When it comes household bills like electricity, water, heating etc, this will set you back 144 euros in France or 60 euros in Turkey. So, anyone looking to save money and live on a budget would do well to consider Turkey.



When buying a home in Turkey or France, they both present themselves as wonderful places. However, to put, the two countries side by side is like comparing apples and oranges. Each has a unique lifestyle, culture, and cuisine, as well as a variety of destinations. Still, Turkey fairs better on how much you get for your money, the additional costs of purchasing and the timeframe of buying property. The best advice is to do your homework, always visit the destination you plan to buy in and go with what feels like home. However, if Turkey piques your interest, for more information, this article listing more reasons to buy property in Turkey will be of use.

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