How to buy a luxury property in Turkey

Built in surroundings of natural beauty and nestled under deep blue skies, luxury property in Turkey is more in demand than ever before. With beautiful coastal cities, vibrant urban centres, and exclusive resorts, Turkey offers many high-end homes to suit the tastes and preferences of discerning buyers. From luxurious villas overlooking the sea, chic apartments in the heart of Istanbul, or sprawling estates in the countryside, Turkey excels in every way possible.

This article explores the world of luxury properties in Turkey, highlighting the most popular regions, and properties available in Turkish markets. Here, we let you in on some property investment inside information: where to buy in Turkey, how to buy a house for sale - and how to avoid scams and pitfalls along the way. Some say luxury is a weakness, we say it is an investment as long as you indulge responsibly.

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Where to Find Luxury Property in Turkey

Find a Luxury Home in Aegean Bodrum

Some of Turkey’s most luxurious properties for sale are currently found in the higher end areas of the Bodrum region, such as developments overlooking the stylish marina in Yalikavak (an absolute must for any sailor traversing the Mediterranean coastline) or facing the castle in Bodrum. Once upon a time Euro 1M would have been an unheard-of amount to spend on a Bodrum villa.

But today the whole property investment landscape looks very different and European-like-Bodrum is home to premium properties for sale outside of Istanbul. One development by the Mandarin Oriental group is selling villa residences in Turkbuku for over 3 million Euros and up to Euro 7.5m. Other big brands such as Richard Meier architects are also moving in, offering five-star facilities, private mooring, beaches - you name it.

Villa in Bodrum

Villa with a Private Pool in Kalkan

This exclusive harbour town enjoys the best Mediterranean coast views as well as sumptuous, luxurious homes for sale. Thanks to its distance from the nearest airport, Kalkan has retained unique Turkish vibes. To make it even far more exciting, you will generate no less than Euro 2,000 per week for up to easily 20 weeks a year on holiday lets. Do we need to tell you that the rental yield on a villa is exceptional or shall we take it that you know how to calculate it, further how to compare it to say UK, France, Italy and more. Homes in Kalkan have European vibes and some sit directly on the shore.

Kalkan real estate

Luxury Real Estate in Gocek

This yachting centre with delightful mountain views is ideal for looking at quality homes for sale. With the country’s top marinas and wonderful sailing conditions all year round, Gocek, a prime destination for anyone seeking a marina villa. You can buy a beautiful home with a back garden, private pool and plenty of room. Spend a little more and you could have private mooring for your yacht. Gocek is a notable player on the Turkish riviera and ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy the sailing life in Turkey.

Luxury Homes in Kas

Bohemian Kas is located on one of Turkey’s greenest locations, situated on a small peninsula jutting into the sea. One side has striking views of the Greek island of Meis, while on the other side a new state-of-the-art marina has attracted buyers with a love of sailing. A lovely town centre and quiet neighbourhoods make Kas a favourite of anyone wanting a genuine villa retreat. Luxury homes for sale here have sea views, en-suite bedrooms, private pools and beach platforms. Demand and supply is such that the more attractive of Kas villas maintain and increase their prices year on year, thus making Kas a real solid investment as well as tranquil lifestyle.

If you like your luxury with a great deal of contemporary, then Kas is probably not for you. Kas villa architecture is traditional with plenty of stone used in the construction. For contemporary and other apartments with plenty of glass head for neighbouring Kalkan only 20 minutes to the east and west of Kas.

Unique Homes in Fethiye

The Fethiye region on Turkey's southwestern coast is also home to a vibrant luxury property market, offering exclusive villas, apartments, and estates. Another sought-after location is picturesque Kayakoy. This historic village offers a unique setting in Turkey. Find stunning stone houses, and spacious apartments, all within walking distance of shops, and restaurants. Fethiye also offers secluded nature estates in surrounding countryside. They often come with extensive land, including olive groves and vineyards, and they offer peaceful retreats. Whether you want a modern villa with private pool or a historic stone house in a charming village, Fethiye has something for everyone.

Fethiye villa


The luxury property market of Alanya on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey offers high-end homes, villas, and apartments, each with unique and amenities. One desirable location for luxury homes in Alanya is the hillside area of Kargicak. This area offers breath-taking sea views and is home to exclusive modern homes with infinity pools, spacious balconies, and panoramic sea views, all set within lush landscaped gardens. For more contemporary settings, Alanya also offers luxury apartments and penthouses in modern resort areas. These come with modern amenities such as pool, private beach access.


One sought-after area in Antalya is Lara Beach. This upscale resort area is known for sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and high-end restaurants and shops. Look at luxury villas and apartments with private swimming pool, landscaped garden, and modern amenities such as gyms and saunas. Many offer stunning sea views and easy access to the beach.

Another popular location in Antalya is historic Kaleici with beautifully restored Ottoman houses with courtyards, gardens, and swimming pool. These homes offer history and luxury, and are ideal for one-of-a-kind property. For those who prefer a more modern setting, look at Konyaalti Beach. Here, buyers can view high-end apartments with on-site facilities including swimming pools, fitness gyms, and private beach access.

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Bosphorus Mansions in Istanbul

The Bosphorus is a narrow strait that separates Europe and Asia, and along with the Golden Horn, is the most desirable area in Istanbul. Buying property on the Bosphorus can be a dream come true for many people looking for an exclusive and luxurious lifestyle in Istanbul. The Bosphorus offers historic mansions, and luxury apartments, each with its unique features. However, buying property on the Bosphorus can be challenging given the limited supply. Bebek is a trendy and upscale neighbourhood located on Bosphorus European side. Bebek, has direct access to the Bosphorus waterfront. Sariyer in European Istanbul is popular for luxury villas and mansions, many of which offer stunning sea views and large private gardens. Uskudar, a historic neighbourhood in Asian Istanbul boasts of charming Ottoman-era houses and monuments.

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Buyer’s guide: How to Buy Luxury Homes in Turkey

Find Homes for Sale in Turkey

A well organised site inspection trip is crucial for anyone looking at real estate for sale in Turkey. We recommend planning for a four-day excursion with a reputable agent who will not only show the area’s top homes but will also give ideas of the area’s charms - and any drawbacks. Once you’ve decided on a property, it’s time to strike a deal. A good real estate agent will broker the house for sale in best possible price (sometimes as much as 10% off) and arranging for deals on furniture and property guarantees. Once agreed you’ll need to reserve the property and ensure it’s taken off the market. 

Appoint Your Solicitor

The easiest and most efficient way to buy a luxury home or real estate in Turkey is to grant a solicitor power of attorney to conclude all the necessary steps once you head back to your home country. After everything is signed and sealed, the land purchase process should take around four weeks to complete. Your solicitor in Turkey will have completed every necessary check on the property and you will soon be eligible to receive your TAPU (title deed).

Do Your Research

Turkish property is booming and there are thousands of properties for sale and hundreds of agents hoping to cash in on your purchase. Find a reputable company in Turkey with a solid reputation of many years. A number of buyers are tricked into buying homes without the correct licences or title deeds because they’re beguiled by low prices. It’s incredible how many otherwise savvy people are chatted up by a waiter or hotel receptionist and convinced to buy a friend’s property going for a song. Always contact a reputable investment agent in Turkey with knowledge of property investment, never trust someone who approaches you wanting to go the unofficial route. Find out more in our buyers guide to Turkey.

Our Property Portfolio in Turkey

To see the luxury homes for sale in Turkey, search our portfolio of villas and apartments. All listings contain all details including facilities, location, home features and contact details to find out more or arrange viewings. Alternatively, call us today and chat with an agent about making an investment in luxury real estate in Turkey.

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Smartly priced seafront Homes Istanbul

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