8 reasons Antalya is an investors dream

Over the last five years, more property enquiries have asked about good reasons to invest in Antalya. Sitting on Turkey's Mediterranean coast, Antalya has risen dramatically to easily match other cities in Turkey, like Istanbul and Ankara, as ideal for real estate investments. This is quite an achievement, and Antalya has also captured the attention of international investors because of excellent return potential.

Proof of this is seen in the growing number of tourists that flock there yearly and foreign house sales. In 2023, Euromonitor released their report that cited Antalya city as outranking Paris, Bangkok, and New York for international arrivals. Wow, what an achievement. To be clear, though, in this article, we will talk about the larger region of the same name since smaller coastal resorts are also growing in popularity alongside Antalya Centre. So, first of all, let's look at facts and figures and then discuss why Antalya is perfect for investing your cash in houses for sale.

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Introduction Guide to Investing in Antalya in Turkey

1: Where is Antalya in Turkey?

Antalya sits on Turkey's Mediterranean coast. The province runs from Alanya city in the east along the coastline to Kas town. The Mediterranean is the southern coast, also called the turquoise coast, thanks to profitable sailing businesses, and it belongs to the Turkish Riviera that runs around to Turkey's northern Aegean coast. Antalya also sits on the main D400 highway from Turkey's east to west. Backed by green landscapes of the Taurus Mountain range and fronted by the Mediterranean Sea, Antalya is Turkey's most popular coastal destination.

The Mediterranean location puts Antalya in a climate zone different from other Turkish places like Istanbul on the Marmara Sea or Trabzon on the Black Sea. Turkey's Mediterranean climate means temperatures are higher and winters are mild, making the destination a perfect location for both summer holiday homes and permanent living.

2: Which Nationalities Visit and Live in Antalya?

Antalya has always been a stronghold tourism sector and expat destination for Russians, Germans and Brits. However, since visa requirements for US, Canadian and Mexican tourists have been relaxed, Antalya is on their radar, especially since costs are dramatically lower for them. The growing popularity also attracts other nationalities like Polish, Dutch, and Israelis.

As Antalya matches other cities like Paris, London, Rome and Milan, word is spreading, and more tourists and foreign buyers are arriving to discover the hype. Let's not forget that Antalya excels in domestic tourism as well, with Turks arriving from around the country to find the delights of their own land.

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3: What is Antalya Famous For?

Medical Tourism: Turkey is one of the top countries for the medical field of tourism, and while Istanbul earns fame for hair transplants, Antalya comes out on top for international visitors seeking dental tourism. Antalya's Turkish Chamber of Dentists branch says 300 clinics host patients from all over the world. Some arrive for implants, but others flock for routine dental work simply because costs are as much as 70% cheaper than in their home country.

Beach Tourism and PropertyThe larger Antalya province covers 650 kilometres of coastline. Within this, stunning beaches like Cleopatra, Konyaalti and Lara are heralded as Turkey's best. Antalya is Turkey's number one destination for beach tourism, where people seeking beachfront villas for sale at affordable prices also head to. Blue flag beaches are second to none, which makes this an attractive investment destination for beachside living.

Popular Tourist Destination: Antalya is an all-rounder for other tourist facilities, from historical sites like Kaleici, Hadrian’s Gate and Aspendos to the starting point for the Lycian Way, Turkey's most famous trekking route. Belek, Turkey's golfing capital, often hosts world championships, and sailing is big business all along the coast. Places like Kas and Koprulu Canyon are known for their adventure sports, and those copious days of sunshine are bonus delights.

Citrus Capital: While tourism contributes heavily to the economy, Antalya excels in farming and agriculture thanks to fertile soil and an ideal weather climate. Such is the quality of fruits grown; Antalya is Turkey's citrus capital. The orange is the symbol of the famous Antalya film festival.

Best Shopping and Nightlife on the Med: If leisure and pleasure are what you seek in life, Antalya will deliver. It is not so much about the number of places to go but quality and choice, from sit-down evening entertainment to the Med's best nightclubs, likewise for shopping, from large malls to select boutiques and traditional Turkish markets.

Most Expensive Hotels in Turkey: Antalya's hospitality industry is the best at what they do. With brand names like Rixos and Hilton investing in the area, Antalya is where the Marden Palace, once Turkey's most expensive hotel, sits. If all-inclusive, luxury, 24-hour service is what you want, Antalya's hotels promise the best.

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Why Invest in Antalya – Turkey

1: Ultramodern Airport with a Strategic Location

Antalya has an impressive public transportation network connected to the rest of Turkey, but the feather in the cap is Antalya International Airport. Sitting 13 kilometres from Antalya centre, the airport handles roughly 30,000 million domestic and international passengers yearly, with smooth, efficient service.

Originally opening its doors in 1998, the airport received numerous awards, including being Europe's best. With two international and one domestic terminal, many airlines operate flight schedules to cities and destinations all over Turkey and the world. The established reputation of Antalya airport adds to the lure of long-term investments.

2: Wide Range of Central Locations for Foreign Investors

For property investments, location matters, and when looking at Antalya, property buyers have many destinations with excellent property prices. Each has distinct investment advantages whether you want beachside living, rural houses for sale, quiet towns or a bustling city centre. Covering 20,000 square metres, the province is separated into 19 districts, further separating into smaller neighbourhoods, all of which range in average prices. Places that stand out for property investors include….

Alanya City Centre: With roughly 500,000 residents, Alanya is growing in numbers and strength. Local councils have invested much in tourism, beautiful beaches, and housing and have actively promoted them overseas. This, alongside housing prices, has seen more nationalities flocking. As well as using Antalya airport, Alanya is near the smaller Gazipasa region and airport with limited flight schedules. Alanya offers more low-priced investments.

Historical Side: Belonging to the Manavgat district and sitting 75 kilometres from Antalya city, Side is a small town that features historical ruins that it was built around and the coastal landmark of Apollo temple. Side is near Manavgat waterfalls, and some housing projects offer new, modern homes for acceptable prices. Although Side doesn't match other districts for attractive beaches, the town provides cultural heritage.

Golfing Belek: Belonging to Antalya's Serik district, Belek, with a small population of foreign expats, also sees much interest thanks to world championship golf courses and luxury spa hotels. Belek, which once hosted the G20 summit, is near Aspendos' ancient ruins that earn fame for the marvellously intact Roman theatre. Despite this, real estate prices are excellent, and beautiful residential complexes with recreational facilities attract foreign buyers. For foreign investments, Belek is the ideal to choose.

Rental Incomes in Antalya City: Although the most populated area has roughly 2.6 million residents, two neighbourhoods stand out in the city centre; Konyaalti beach and Lara Beach. However, with high demand and low supply of apartments for sale and commercial properties, residents and beach lovers often head out into surrounding neighbourhoods. In recent years, the Altintas area has attracted investors looking at large lifestyle complexes with onsite amenities.

Kalkan Real Estate MarketHome to large, luxurious villas with private infinity pools and private gardens, Kalkan excels in luxury living, high-end investment options and is prime land on the Turquoise coast. Kalkan is separated into six individual districts, of which the old town part is where heritage Ottoman homes are found, with traditional wooden shutters. Meanwhile, Kalkan's seafront locations are where to find million-pound waterfront mansions and an upmarket type of investment.

Profitable Investment in Kas: The Kas peninsula has always been called a rustic, quaint destination stuck in time. While this might be true of the main town centre, new developments with modern apartments on the outskirts portray modern living by the sea. Kas sits right next door to Kalkan town, and collectively, both are ideal places to live, hence the large expat population.

Kemer: Kemer has no significant claims to fame, yet it is an excellent location for those who want to be on the doorstep of natural beauties. There are waterfront neighbourhoods to choose from and more inland neighbourhoods like Goynuk, with reasonable prices. Kemer is just a 30-minute drive from Antalya city centre, and the airport can be reached within an hour.

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3: Amazing Range of Properties for sale - Apartments and Villas

Some areas in Turkey are typically stereotyped by their housing style and investment properties. For example, Istanbul is known for millionaire Bosphorus mansions or tall skyscrapers, and many residents lease rental properties, while Altinkum promotes budget vacation homes. The Antalya region and coastal city aren't like that.

The property portfolio for sale encompasses budget studio homes, large villas with private swimming pools, gyms, saunas, gardens, and every other amenity for Mediterranean lifestyles, and a good return on investment. See all properties by browsing our portfolio, of which each listing details everything to know. Fill in the form or use the telephone details for more information or to arrange viewings.

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4: Future Infrastructure Development and Growth

Any good real estate investor will verify ideal locations for foreign investment is where money is constantly being put back into communities. All major cities in Turkey do this, but Antalya does this by upgrading developed infrastructure, housing regulations, and tourism facilities to ensure the future looks bright.

Along with private companies, the beautiful city invests in marinas, modern amenities, airports, roads, and transport systems to ensure smooth and efficient ways of getting around. Private establishments like Antalya Aquarium boosted the local profile, and Antalya Museum, run by the government, is one of Turkey's best for historical heritage. Indeed, Antalya doesn't mess around or rest on its laurels.

5: Established Real Estate Markets and Liquidity

Even though there is much future potential and investment into the infrastructure of this Turkish city, Antalya is already a stronghold position for tourism and house buyers. We've already explained the position on the global stage for international arrivals. Still, house sales to foreign nationals’ average around 25,000 apartments and villas yearly, making it Turkey's second most popular place after Istanbul. It constantly ranks monthly in the top five list for house sales to Turks. Indeed, international investors and buyers always look for destinations with good liquidity, and Antalya puts the icing on the cake.

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6: Quick and Easy Buying Process for Foreign Buyers

Go to countries like Spain, Portugal or France, and foreign investors have lengthy processes to get their foot on property markets. This isn't the case in Turkey. Foreigners follow the same buying process as Turks, and military clearance is no longer needed. If all finances and paperwork are in place, buyers can sign for deeds and take keys in as little as seven days. Additionally, if you can't be in the country to sign for the deeds, appoint a POA on your behalf.

7: Multi-Purpose Investments for Generational Wealth

Turkey isn't the ideal property market to flip houses for quick profits. Old buildings don't meet current regulations, and renovations can cost just as much as buying a new property. However, for long-term purposes, a property is a good investment for several reasons. In addition to capital appreciation potential, some people use their homes for summer holidays. Some later move out to Turkey to become full-time expats. In contrast, others look to it for generational wealth to their children and grandchildren.

8: Our Services Will Help

The last reason to invest in Antalya is that our services help home buyers and investors. We are Property Turkey, and as an established agent, we've helped hundreds of people become property owners regardless of their investment goals and desired financial returns. Our services from start to finish will ensure you are entering Antalya's property market with confidence, knowledge and peace of mind. Our office is in Yesilbahce Neighbourhood on Metin Kasapolgu road, or contact us here to learn more about our integrated services and excellent investment opportunities, including….

Impartial Investment Advice: We are experts at investing in Turkish property, and with our intimate knowledge of property markets and areas and investing techniques, we can pass our knowledge on to you. Hence, your Antalya property investment is wise and offers a good quality of life.

Area Viewing Tours: To know more about local market trends, constant demand, housing hotspots or simply amenities like schools, banks, supermarkets or transport links, our agents have impeccable local knowledge to help buyers decide which area is best for profitable options.

Potential Properties: Email us your budget, preferred property type, and lifestyle requirements, and we will send portfolios of possible properties that match them via email. Additionally, we take you on viewings of homes to inspect them and surrounding areas for yourselves.

Questions and Answers: Buying property is a big financial commitment, so we believe in full transparency. Ask us what you want to know, and we will answer it. In addition, we give complete breakdowns of additional buying costs. Hence, you are financially prepared and know what to expect step by step during the process.

Buying Process: Throughout Turkey's home buying process, we help buyers open a bank account, get a tax number, and work with lawyers to ensure due diligence. We assist with land registry processes and name transfers for utilities. In fact, we are here until you decide you no longer need our services.

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Is Antalya a Good Place to Live?

Yes, Antalya is an excellent place to live and has a good quality of life. This article details the reasons for this. Besides sandy beaches, coastal resorts, and a sailing lifestyle, expect that fantastic climate, shopping and nightlife scenes and for families, international schools. Expats cite the cost of living as ideal. This attractive destination has sports facilities, natural beauties, modern amenities, and investment opportunities that outrank European cities. If you are looking at Antalya's real estate sector to live here, during summer and winter. In that case, we can also advise on Turkey's residency permit process.

Do You Want to Invest in a Holiday Home?

Some people own homes in Antalya that they use during the summer months. Attracted to the cultural attractions, dozens of tourist attractions, unparalleled beauty, active life, and favourable climate, they employ a holding company to manage the property when they are not here. If your primary reason for buying is as a summer holiday home, let us know at the time, and we can match you with perfect options.

For example, holiday homeowners like properties with easy access to amenities like bars, restaurants, and transport links. Some buy on modern housing projects with swimming pools, onsite bars, and 24-hour security. No matter your reason for buying, we will match you with the perfect vacation property that offers high return potential.

Are you interested in Turkish Citizenship?

Some people buy property in Turkey to obtain Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport. Called golden visa passports, Turkey's citizenship investment scheme easily outranks other countries because minimum investment thresholds are lower and processing times are quicker. The program gives investors the same rights to live, work and study as Turkish citizens. This article details Turkey's citizenship by investment scheme to learn more about real estate options and investment in Antalya.

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