Horoscope holiday: a Turkish spot for every star sign

Zodiac Turkey

Struggling to pick a summer destination? It’s never an easy choice. Sandy beach getaway, or cultural city break? Lazy summer days, or active fun under the sun? Your holiday preference is all down to personality - or perhaps to the alignment of the stars. 

Whether you believe horoscopes are deadly serious, our list of zodiac-inspired destinations could well help you find your best-fit holiday spot. 

Aries Turkey


Adventurous Aries is a risk taker and a thrill seeker. Brave, energetic and extremely outgoing, an Aries is as passionate as they are impulsive. 

Ideal Turkish holiday: A thrill-a-minute, adrenaline-fuelled stay in Side. This Antalya Mediterranean town is famous for its long, lovely beach. However, your average Aries tourist won’t be lazing on the sand: they’ll be parasailing, taking a hair-raising jeep tour or shooting the rapids at nearby Manavgat. 

Taurus Turkey


The generous, dependable and generally down-to-earth Taurus likes his or her creature comforts. They’re independent, enjoying their own company. 

Ideal Turkish holiday: A Taurus tends to visit the same holiday spot over and over again, preferring the comfortable and the familiar. And let’s face it - they’re a little lazy, so once they’ve found their spot they don’t see any point in looking elsewhere. Yalikavak is the perfect spot for a Taurus tourist. The marina town is an upmarket Mediterranean haunt, full of interesting boutique shops for the materialistic Taurus. And even better, packed with lovely cafes and restaurants well suited to a Taurean's indolent holiday habits. 

Gemini Turkey


Some say Gemini have a split personality, never able to make a decision. However, Gemini would say they’re simply versatile and flexible. The enthusiastic, clever Gemini is easily bored and needs a lot of entertaining. 

Ideal Turkish holiday: The fast-paced city of Istanbul has enough excitement and distraction for even the flightiest Gemini. The dizzying array of museums, galleries and historical sites feeds a Gemini’s intellectual appetite, while the fascinating neighbourhoods: from the old Jewish quarter of Balat to the regenerated Bomonti with its stylish Istanbul apartments to the historic walled city hold enough interest to hold the attention of your typical mercurial Gemini. 


Brilliantly creative, endlessly spontaneous and quickly moved, Cancer’s mood swings take people by surprise. Your average Cancer is something of a pessimist, and can give up quite quickly if things don’t go their way. 

Ideal Turkish holiday: The Mediterranean city of Antalya has enough creature comforts and predictability for a holidaying Cancer, with enough interesting sites and excursions to keep them busy. The museums, galleries and theatres (including the amazing Aspendos Theatre) around the city will feed their creativity and passion. Antalya’s easy to get around and English is widely spoken, so with little chance for things to go awry, this failsafe destination is ideal for fickle Cancer. 

Leo turkey


Optimistic and loyal Leo is the kind and helpful type who everyone wants in their corner. Although they’re full of energy and good will, Leo can be a little dominating and headstrong, not to mention egotistical. 

Ideal Turkish holiday: Straightforward, loyal but a bit stubborn, Leo is similar to Taurus in their preference to return to the same destination again and again. And what better spot to return to than a Fethiye villa? The Mediterranean town is the perfect glass-half-full, sunny-side-up destination for optimistic Leo. With its lovely beaches and old town, Fethiye is a straight-up, old-fashioned holiday destination with a huge dose of charm. The compact, easy to navigate town is perfect for impatient Leo, who dislikes wasting time figuring out how to get from A to B. 

Virgo Turkey


Practical, with a keen eye for detail, Virgo is something of a perfectionist. They tend to overthink everything, and are always on the lookout for anything even slightly out of place. 

Ideal Turkish holiday: Upmarket Kalkan should be at the top of any Virgo’s list. With its emphasis on modern style, a stay in a Kalkan luxury villa with an infinity pool and stunning Mediterraenan view should satisfy even the pickiest Virgo. Kalkan’s atmospheric rooftop restaurants and its cobbled old town will appeal to a Virgo’s keen eye for aesthetic detail. And while fussy Virgos will be pleased by Kalkan’s focus on tourism and great service, there’s enough charm to satisfy their need for authenticity. 

Libra Turkey


Romantic and charming, Libras are lovely to be around. They’re listeners and diplomats, and always fair and just. They can, however, be rather superficial, and like other air signs, they tend towards the lazy and indecisive. 

Ideal Turkish holiday: Turkbuku’s beach platforms, where Turkish celebs laze and strut, will appeal to superficial Libras. The rarified atmosphere, redolent with luxury and charm, will strike a chord with the romance-seeking Libra. And of course, these glitzy seaside clubs, with their comfy lounge chairs and their ready flow of cocktails will hold endless appeal to Libras who tend to the lazy - sorry guys, but you know it’s true. 

Scorpio Turkey


Focused and balanced, Scorpios are passionate, yet careful in nature. They’re discreet: they don’t enjoy prying eyes, and they’re good at reading people. Scorpios are easily hurt, but faithful: once you have their trust, you’ll have a friend for life. 

Ideal Turkish holiday: Private Scorpios will love the charm and authenticity of Gumusluk, on the Bodrum peninsula. Away from the hustle and bustle, peaceful Gumusluk is the ideal spot for a Scorpio to rest and recharge and find that balance they so need. Gumusluk’s famous seafood restaurants will please even the most suspicious of Scorpios. 

Sagittarius Turkey


The deep-thinking Sagittarius is one of life’s intellectuals. While they’re large-hearted, they have a firm sense of right and wrong - so don’t cross a Sagittarius. They can also be a little over confident in their opinions, which can make them tactless, even careless at times. 

Ideal Turkish holiday: Bodrum is the centre of Turkey’s intellectual elite, and your average Sagittarius will feel right at home in Bodrum town. Bodrum has long attracted bohemians, artists, politicians and truth-seekers, which will definitely strike a chord with the philosophical, tell-it-like-it-is Sagittarius. The fact that there’s a wealth of cultural and historical sites in the town will be a bonus for the - let’s face it - sometimes hard to please Sagittarius. 

Capricorn Turkey


Practical, disciplined and patient, your average Capricorn is far from impulsive. They like to think everything over, which means they’re usually confident in their opinions, which can make them stubborn and unyielding. 

Ideal Turkish holiday: Golf is a Capricorn’s game. And Belek is Turkey’s centre for golf, so the two go together like a five iron and a rough shot. Practical Capricorns will love the fact, right by their Belek property, there is a large number of world-class golf courses. Well known for their discipline and ambition, golfing Capricorns will be able to spend time honing their skills on the green, while their long-suffering family hits the beach. 

Aquarius Turkey


Friendly, creative Aquarians love nothing better than meeting a wide range of people and indulging in a wide range of activities. They can be a little inconsistent and unpredictable, not to mention stubborn. But their sharp intellect and loyalty more than make up for that. 

Ideal Turkish holiday: Kas, just down the road from Kalkan, is home to a bohemian population of yoga-practicing, free-spirited thinkers, and Aquarius should fit right in. There’s plenty of brain-stimulating activities for the curious Aquarians. And the beautiful green peninsula is dotted with beautiful homes with sea-jutting beach platforms, which will no doubt be of huge appeal to the water-loving Aquarius. 



Kind and compassionate Pisces are sensitive souls. Their imagination runs away with them sometimes and they can be a little over sensitive at times, so tread carefully around the delicate Pisces. 

Ideal Turkish holiday: Pisces are true escapists who love nothing more than stepping outside their own lives for a while. A water sign, Pisces are also happiest when by - or ideally, on - a body of water. These factors make Gocek the perfect Pisces destination: the idyllic marina town is a sunny, beautiful escape. Beloved by sailors and sea-seekers, it’s perfect for a sensitive Pisces who finds peace in the lapping of the waves.


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