Golf in Belek, Antalya guide

Updated: 18 January 2014 Created: 18 January 2014
During the mid 1990s the Mediterranean coastline east of Antalya underwent major developments which resulted in a number of top class hotels and outstanding golf resorts being opened.

Belek was particularly targeted due to its climate, proximity to Antalya International airport (35 minutes) and the superb beaches it has to offer. The facilities in Belek are exceptional and the rise in 5 star golf holidays has only added to the appeal with many people deciding on purchasing holiday homes or retirement homes in Belek.

National golf course BelekNational
The Oldest golf course in Belek is the National which opened in 1994, and was designed by D Feherty and D Jones. It is an 18 hole course of 6,279 metres for Par 72. The traditional fairways and established forests have been used to create this piece of golfing heaven. Not a particularly easy course with water hazards to overcome to get onto the green but a thoroughly enjoying challenge. 

Designed by P. Thomson and opened in 2007, this 18 hole course is 6174 metres for Par 72. Carya offers a different prospective for golfers. Huge sand bunkers feature from start to finish. This course is well known as it is the first course to have been planted with heather giving it a completely different style to any other course. This unique course is billed as one of the best in Belek.

Lykia Links
The Lykia Links was designed by P Dye and covers 6,316 metres for Par 72. Opened in 2008 this golf course is a huge contrast to any other course in Belek. The course runs in and out of dunes with spectacular views of the Mediterranean. Huge bunkers held in place by railway sleepers provide a memorable challenge and although this course is 20 minutes from Belek it is well worth the journey. There is also a quality hotel on this site.

Cornelia BelekCornelia
The Cornelia was designed by the famous golfer Nick Faldo and opened in 2008. 18 holes, 5,969 metres for Par 72 this course is comprised of three separate loops with nine holes. The course is very demanding and can appear extremely daunting. Low handicap players and those with vast experience will enjoy this relentless challenge however other may find it demoralising. Definitely not for the faint hearted.

Suenos – Pines
The Suenos - Pines is a PGA designed course that was opened in 2007, 18 holes covering 6,413 metres for Par 72. The quality features include the rippling fairways, which has wide and large greens with water hazards. This course provides great variety and makes for a great game for all abilities.

Gloria – Old
The Gloria – Old of all the golf courses in Belek is probably the one that mirrors the region the most. Opened in 1997, 18 holes, 6,181 metres for Par 72 it is by no means the hardest or easiest. The perfect mixture of parasol pines, water and sand make for a really entertaining game. The course is located off the main road and surprisingly tranquil even though it is one of the busiest courses in the region.

golf in BelekThese are just some of the courses that are available; other courses of note are the Montgomerie, Gloria – New, Kaya Eagles, and the Suenos – Dunes, the Antalya – PGA Sultan, the Antalya – Pasha, the Tat and the Noblis.

Whatever your golfing ability, Belek certainly holds added appeal for golfers and with so many different styles and courses available there is certainly something for everyone. 

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