Turkey's newest tourist areas

A look at Turkey’s latest tourism areas

Turkey has long been a popular resort for holiday goers, with its unique beauty and unforgettable sights drawing couples, families and friends back time and time again. The likes of Antalya, Fethiye, Bodrum and Istanbul have quickly become particular favourites amongst sun seekers over the years, however it appears that Turkey’s growth is showing no signs of stopping.

How much do you know about Safranbolu and Tarsus? These are the latest areas in Turkey that are about to developed, as tourism opportunities expand within the country’s economy. Expect great things from Safranbolu and Tarsus, as they grow to become the latest hotspots in Turkey. A wealth of accommodation, bars and restaurants and activities are being developed in these areas, to encourage holidaymakers to these parts.

Smell Monastery

Why visit Turkey?

Despite recent events, Turkey’s tourist industry continues to grow, with over 35 million visitors enjoying their holidays there every year. It isn’t surprising really, as this fantastic destination has a wealth of things to see, do and experience, incomparable to anywhere else in the world.

Firstly, there’s an abundance of beautiful sights to experience. From the stunning Aya Sofya in Istanbul, to the Sumela Monastery along the Black Sea coast, those who revel in fascinating architecture and natural beauty won’t be short on sights to see on a trip to Turkey.

Then there’s the sumptuously sandy beaches and azure oceans - top of the list for summer holiday requirements. Visitors enjoy the clear, cooling waters after a couple of hours of basking in the rays. What makes a beach holiday to Turkey so unique is the gorgeous natural scenery that surrounds the beaches.

Friendly locals, a captivating culture, along with plenty of things to see and do top off what was already an incredible tourist destination, not to mention the low cost that comes with it, too.

Turkish doctors health tourism

A popular spot for health tourism

For over a decade now, Turkey has been the chosen destination for visitors from the UK, The Netherlands and Belgium, to name just a few, for safe yet affordable elective medical treatments.

IVF, cardiac and orthopedic surgeries are just a few of the treatments that are much more affordable in Turkey than they are in other countries, but with the comfort that the quality of procedures matches those in other European hospitals.

Turkey health tourism is growing and it’s the satisfaction from previous visitors that is encouraging others from the USA and Australia to fly over to these parts for their treatment.

Locals are choosing Turkey for their own holidays

The number of Turkish citizens choosing to holiday in their native land is on the up, as discussed between President Erdogan and professionals within the tourism industry. Their choosing to spend their free time in Turkey as opposed to other areas of the globe, works well as a recommendation for the country - if it’s good enough to make the locals choose to holiday there, then there must be something pretty special about Turkey!

Turkey's Black Sea

Up and coming destinations in Turkey to look out for

Plans to further grow Turkey’s tourism focuses on these specific areas of the country, with a view to bring more developed areas throughout the country that are suitable for tourists. These developments will require building accommodation, transport links, hospitals, shops and restaurants, to name a few, but with all this hard work and dedication will come a wealth of tourists enjoying the new sunny destinations.


History fanatics will revel in the delights that Safranbolu has to offer. With its beautifully preserved inns, shrines and traditional Turkish bath houses, it’s no wonder that the picture perfect town of Safranbolu has taken a spot on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.


The city officials have worked hard to keep the traditional appeal of Safranbolu, as many areas surrounding it quickly become more modernised over the last 50 years or so. After a wealth of work to preserve and renovate the city, what’s left is a unique destination where you can really get a taste for Turkey’s past way of life.

Since being named a UNESCO site, Safranbolu has piqued the interest of many visitors to Turkey, with tourism levels going from around 20,000 a year to 300,000! An average of 450,000 additional tourists from day visits brings the total tourist numbers to around 750,000, an incredible increase over the space of two decades.

Tourists are heading to Safranbolu to soak up the sights on a stroll around the traditional town, indulge in a traditional Turkish bath, spend some money at the local bazaars, or even explore the Bulak Caves closeby. While Safranbolu doesn’t yet offer the common tourist attractions you would normally find on a holiday away, it’s the perfect place to get away from all the hustle and bustle and to experience something a little different.

Black Sea Turkey

The Black Sea Coast

If you thought Turkey’s best attractions lay solely at the southern Mediterranean side, or within the western Aegean destinations, you’d be wrong. Unique, unspoiled and undeniably beautiful, the Black Sea Coast offers an entirely different side to Turkey’s offerings.

Westerly winds have helped to create a much lush, greener environment along the Black Sea Coast, quite different to other areas of Turkey that you might visit. Paired with the remote, mountainous coastline, quiet beaches and small fishing villages with a low-key vibe, you have a scenic location to relax and enjoy some stunning views.

The Black Sea Coast currently remains a quiet area in terms of tourism, however this is expected to change over the next few years. In fact, developments have been scheduled around this area, to encourage more tourists from warmer climates to visit. If you enjoy a coastal drive with beautiful views and lovely stop off points along the way, a trip to the Black Sea Coast is ideal.

There’s a wealth of fantastic towns, ports and villages to visit along the coast. Sinop is considered the most idyllic towns along the Black Sea Coast and Amasra is a lovely port with a gorgeous beach that’s well worth a visit. There’s also the recommended hillside town of Giresun and the fairytale city of Trabzon. Of course, a trip along the Black Sea Coast isn’t complete without visiting the incredible monastery of Sumela, tucked into the Pontic mountains.

Tarsus waterfall Turkey


Turkey officials have made Tarsus a key development area for tourism, with plans to expand the location to accommodate for the increasing number of Russian and European tourists visiting the country.

This historic city is situated just 12 miles inland from the Mediterranean coast, however remains relatively unknown to tourists. The city has over 6,000 years worth of history to tell, the most intriguing being that it is the birthplace of St. Paul, one of the most well-known and influential saints in history.

Stroll through the city and you will find an array of ancient ruins waiting to be explored. Discover tales of Antony and Cleopatra making their way through Tarsus, along with many other stories from ancient civilisations that the city played a major role in.

There’s also the beautiful Tarsus Waterfalls, a stunning natural sight that offers the perfect place to relax in the summer months. On cooler days, the local bazaar is a fantastic for picking up some local products to take home.

With plans to develop the Tarsus area in the coming years, you can expect there to be an increasing number of things to see and do in this area of Turkey in the future.

Skiing at Uludag, Turkey

Turkey’s Ski Fields

While the likes of France, Austria and Italy tend to spring to mind when it comes to skiing, the abundance of ski fields on offer in Turkey might surprise you. With plenty of high altitude mountain ranges and perfect year round snow conditions, the up and coming snowy slopes of Turkey could be the perfect destination for when you’ve tired yourself of the popular ski resorts across Europe.

There’s plenty of variety when it comes to Turkey’s ski fields, with over 15 winter sports resorts boasting high quality facilities and incredible views to admire on your way down the slopes.

Between Bursa and Istanbul lies a ski resort offering 20km worth of ski tracks, the longest one being 2km long. Kitted out with plenty of facilities, including a variety of accommodation, beginner and advanced ski slopes, training courses and a hospital, you will find everything you need here for a skiing holiday in Turkey.

If you’re planning on skiing in Antalya, you will find a fantastic ski resort just 50km away from the city. Situated amongst the Beydag mountain range, you’ll find the main attraction of snowy slopes, along with restaurants, shops and accommodation to top it all off. If you’re visiting in March or April, the days are long enough and the weather warm enough for you to enjoy a ski in the morning and visit the beach in the afternoon!

The number of ski fields in Turkey are on the up, with one of the latest resorts being found at Kartepe, between Kocaeli and Istanbul. Featuring 5 star hotels, stunning backdrops to admire whilst on the slopes and, of course, fantastic skiing opportunities, it’s well worth considering a visit to Turkey for your next skiing holiday.

It’s safe to say that Turkey provides an eclectic mix of destinations and attractions that are perfect for tourists from all over the globe. In no time, these developing areas will quickly become well-known tourist destinations, with other areas developing and becoming the next place to be.

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