Skiing in Antalya

Updated: 06 June 2022 Created: 18 January 2014

Skiing in Turkey

To go skiing in Antalya is to experience the unique climates of Turkey in one day. Did you know you can ski in the morning and then swim in the Mediterranean in the afternoon? This is part of the appeal and since Antalya opens for year-round tourism, you can also combine your skiing trips with other attractions and places of interest. With hundreds of thousands of tourists heading to Antalya every year, here is our guide to two skiing resorts in Antalya.

About Skiing in Antalya

Saklikent Ski Resort

Not to be confused with Saklikent Gorge in Fethiye, this ski resort on the Bakirlidag North side of the Taurus Mountains offers a hotel, bar, ski facilities, chair lift and mountain top restaurant with breath-taking views. Providing 120 skiing days between December and April, daytime temperatures rarely drop below minus five degrees. Out of 120 days, at least 80 or more are sunny, not sunbathing hot but still pleasant.

Expect 2 metres of snow and five metres at the mountain summit. Instructors provide lessons for total novices to more accomplished skiers, either through group or private lessons. Sitting one hour drive from Antalya coast, remember to pack snow chains if you drive. Even if you do not want to ski, spectacular mountain views topped with snow are worth seeing. Play in the snow, enjoy a restaurant meal, and then head back to Antalya for an evening swim!

Davraz Mountain ski resort

Davraz Mountain stands 2,635 metres high as a Mountain mass in the Mediterranean lake region. This Tourism Centre, about 8 kilometres from Cobanisa, is on the Davraz Mountain Northside in the Kulovasi plateau. Davraz skiing centre is close to Antalya and provides many winter sports besides skiing. Davraz Mountain ski resort appeals to skiers of all levels and is one of Turkey’s most popular ski resorts. Easily accessed by asphalt paved roads, Turks, Russians, Middle Eastern, and European nationalities enjoy varied slopes every year.

With two chairlifts and two baby lifts that can take 1,000 people per hour, this ski resort is no small player. People ski with the stunning Egirdir Lake backdrop, and non-hazardous routes have natural configuration and soft quality snow for beginners. For professional skiers, there are unique tracks and race-style runs. When skiing at Davraz ski centre, there is no chance of avalanches, and race runs are ideal for cross country and downhill skiing and snowboarding for both amateur and professional winter sports lovers.

Also About Skiing

Uludag in Bursa: If skiing is your passion in life, head to Uludag mountain in Turkey’s Bursa region. This spectacular mountain that urban legends say was where the gods watched the Trojan wars is one of Turkey’s top skiing resorts in winter and an adventure playground from Spring to Autumn.

Also, About Antalya: Turkey’s Antalya region is the top beach holiday destination in the country. Every year, millions of tourists arrive to experience the sandy delights that accompany other tourist attractions and things to do. Additionally, the Antalya region also hosts many foreigners who have purchased holiday homes there or live all year round to experience the delights of skiing in Antalya.

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