About Turkey in June and How to Plan Your Trip

If you want to visit Turkey in June, congratulations on picking one of the best months. Heralding the end of Spring and the beginning of summer, Turkey delights everyone in June. Whether you visit for beach holidays, cultural experiences, or to see various historical sites from east to west, you will enjoy yourself. From tasting regional food to experiencing traditional aspects to enjoying Turkey’s new and modern face, you will join millions of other international tourists who visit Turkey this month. So, let’s look at what to know, how to plan your trip, and where to go in Turkey.

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Planning a Visit to Turkey in June

1: Weather and Climate During June

The weather and temperatures will vary depending on where you go. Turkey is the world’s 37th largest country and has several different weather climates. The Mediterranean, otherwise known as the southern coast, is always the hottest. During June in the Mediterranean, enjoy the beach and swimming pool days, so pack your swimming costume, towel, and sun cream. When not enjoying the sunny delights in June, explore local attractions in your shorts and t-shirt. But if you are not used to the sun, pack hats and sun cream because daytime temperatures average around 35 degrees. Cool night-times mean sitting outside and enjoying alfresco style dining. If you head North to places like Istanbul or Trabzon, temperatures drop, and you will certainly need a jacket at night time.

2: How to Get to Turkey

Turkey has five major international air travel hubs, although some smaller airports also host flights from abroad. The New airport and Sabiha Gokcen service Istanbul city of Turkey’s top touristic tourist destination. The New Istanbul airport sits on Istanbul’s European side, while Sabiha Gokcen services the Asian side. Antalya airport over on the southern coast services the region with the same name. At the same time, Dalaman airport services the Fethiye region and Marmaris. If you head to the Aegean, choose between Bodrum airport and Izmir, dependent on which is closest to your holiday resort.

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3: Major June Festival in Istanbul

Check local calendars for festivals and events that happen in June for the place in Turkey where you want to head. But one major festival that happens every June in Istanbul is the prestigious Istanbul music festival. Regarding classical music in Turkey, this crème de la crème event highlights up and coming musicians, allow them to share their talents, and be mentored. The first festival took place in 1973, and since then, significant orchestras that participated include the New York Philharmonic.

4: Kirk Pinar Oil Wrestling in June

For an unusual twist to your holiday in Turkey, the Kirk Pinar oil wrestling festival takes place annually in June in Edirne. Turkish oil wrestling dates to 2650 BC, and for foreigners, is a great insight into the ancient sport. Large, muscly men wear leather knee length trousers, cover themselves in oil, and then wrestle to see who can pin their opponent down to take the championship title.

5: June Tours of Turkey

Deciding where to go in Turkey is challenging since there are many exciting places and national sites of interest. One option is to join nationwide Turkey tours sold by many travel agents. They visit prominent places and attractions that include…

Ephesus Ancient Ruined City: Ephesus on Turkey’s Aegean coast was one of history’s greatest cities, but these days is a popular tourist attraction. The tremendous hours spent excavating and restoring prominent old city landmarks means there is plenty to see. In addition, informative signs and good imagination enable tourists to imagine themselves as Roman citizens of Ephesus.

Pamukkale and Hierapolis: Sitting in Aegean Turkey, Pamukkale and Hierapolis are two of Turkey’s top visited attractions. Pamukkale, which means cotton castle, boasts of hot springs and white terraces formed by flowing calcium waters over thousands of years. For thousands of years, bathers and worshippers used Pamukkale travertine pools for spiritual and commercial use.

Istanbul City: Istanbul’s iconic status makes this city a global metropolis. Ranking alongside Rome, Paris, Milan and New York, Turkey’s most significant and busiest city sees millions of tourists visit every year. Istanbul’s colourful history includes many tumultuous years, but life is more peaceful with visitors and residents enjoying education, arts, culture, fashion, and food these days.

Cappadocia Region: Turkey’s Cappadocia region receives much international praise. For backpackers, couples and independent travellers, Cappadocia is Turkey’s third most visited area and many Australians, and American ex-pats have made the region their home. Cappadocia helped to spread the beginnings of Christianity, so it is historically significant, but tourists also enjoy other attractions, including hot air balloon trips, underground cities, and cave churches.


6: Other Places to Go in Turkey During June

Bodrum Peninsula: Bodrum, the pride of Aegean Turkey, is unlike anywhere else. The name refers to the larger peninsula area, including the central town and smaller coastal resorts. Of course, Bodrum offers scenic landscapes, quaint coastal resorts, and many things to do. However, the hedonistic lifestyle makes the peninsula popular with Turks and foreign nationalities.

Fethiye Region: Beautiful landscapes drive tourism in this southwest Mediterranean destination. Fethiye’s beauty is undeniable, and annually, thousands of foreigners and Turks descend on Fethiye to enjoy sandy beaches, small coastal resorts, and outdoor tourist attractions. The Fethiye region comprises a town and smaller seaside resorts adored by tourists and foreign expats.

Antalya Region: Mediterranean Antalya, in southern Turkey, excels in tourism, foreign house sales and expat living. Comprising the city centre and smaller seaside resorts, Antalya’s reputation for shopping, nightlife, tourist attractions, and things to do makes the region Turkey’s second most popular holiday destination. But it ranks number one for beach tourism.

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7: Themed Holidays in Turkey

Beautiful Lakes: Flora and fauna thrive around lakes in Turkey, and humans enjoy an idyllic retreat from the modern-day hustle and bustle. Turkey certainly has plenty, from east to west. With the country’s landmass covering more than 700,000 square kilometres, some lakes are the world’s most enormous. Turks love their weekend retreats to these scenic utopia-like havens, and many offer picnic, hotel, and camping facilities.

Ruined Castles: While notable kings built elaborate palaces, armies constructed magnificent castles. Castles in Turkey differ in history; because they never focused on it as a defence against invading enemies. As a result, Turkey’s castles scattered from east to west surprise all those who visit.

Historical Sites: To explore Turkey’s historical attractions is to understand the country’s diverse and varied history. Many empires have ruled over various centuries, and all left their trace through architectural styles like Ottoman and Byzantine buildings in Istanbul, Mediterranean Lycian cities and Russian landmarks of Trabzon in the northeast Black Sea Region.

Fascinating Museums: When talking about museums in Turkey, enjoy masses of choice that appeal to domestic and international tourists. Some charge hefty prices for entrance tickets, while others focus on the Turkish historical identity. Some tourists visit museums on guided day tours while others, independently to, admire impressive collections at their own pace.

Trekking the Lycian Way: Hikers to Turkey’s Turquoise coast will quickly learn to recognise the Lycian way. Ruins from the ancient civilisation scatter around the country’s Mediterranean coastline. Amaze at well-preserved ruins that are accessible through trekking and hiking routes. The geopolitical Lycia region covered current day Antalya on Turkey’s south coast, and such was its prominence, ancient Egypt, and Hittite scripts mention them.

Sailing in Turkey: Although the Turkish Riviera has been around for many years, mainstream tourism only started promoting sailing in the last decade. Often frequented by affluent Turks, sailing also attracts foreign visitors seeking Mediterranean sun, relaxation, and a stress-free lifestyle. As a result, the Turkish property market in Riviera towns enjoys strong trade, while Turks in the sailing industry accommodate everyone from cheap, budget travellers to luxurious, five-star guests.

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8: Don’t Forget Turkish Souvenirs

For ideas of souvenirs to buy when visiting Turkey, get ready for the masses of choice. Straddling Asia and Europe, an attractive aspect of visiting Turkey is taking home Turkish culture and heritage traces. From pottery to magnets, postcards, sweets, ornaments, mugs, stationery, collectables, apparel, glassware, and handicrafts, souvenir shopping in Turkey is an easy way to spend cash. Here are our suggestions for souvenirs to buy and where to find items for sale.

9: Enjoy Turkish Food

 So, last on our list of preparing to visit Turkey is what to expect from the delicious national cuisine. Turkish food is a delightful melting pot of various civilisations and cultures over time. The result is sumptuous dishes cooked from the heart, from tasty appetisers and humble soups to main meals and desserts. No doubt, you will taste many when you visit Turkey in June.

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