23 reasons to NOT visit Turkey

1. Everything's crumbling and old 

Ephesus, Turkey

2. The food is terrible...

salad Turkey

Turkish pide

3. ... I mean, they call THIS dessert?!

baklava, Turkey

4. There's nothing worth buying at the Grand Bazaar

shopping at Grand Bazaar

5. Turks are cold and unfriendly.

friendly turkish women

smiling Turkish man

6. Once you’ve seen the Blue Mosque, you've seen it all

Sumela monastery

7. There are no adventure sports to speak of

paragliding Oludeniz Turkey

diving Turkey

8. Holiday homes in Turkey are really dark and dingy

...although Kalkan property sometimes fits the bill.

9. The weather is terrible, you'll have to hide indoors all day

10. There are no good beaches

Gocek Beach

Oludeniz Beach

11. ... okay, maybe one or two, but they're overrun with tourists

12. Istanbul’s skyline is so uninspiring

13. Good views? Nowhere to be found. 

Cappadocia, Turkey

14. It's all skyscrapers and apartment buildings

Cappadocia, Turkey

traditional house in Fethiye's Kayakoy

Villas in Fethiye aren't half bad, really.

15. There's no culture...

16 ...or music ...

music in Istanbul

17. ...or art

18. There are no areas of natural beauty

19. There's little wildlife to be seen

monk seal Turkey

20. There are no decent restaurants

Kalkan rooftop dining

21. Tourist attractions are all a bit boring and same-y

Pamukkale hot springs

Dalyan mud baths

22. The architecture's a bit dull

Hagia Sophia interior

Istanbul basilica

23. Nope, nothing to see here. You might as well stay at home.

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