Why Living Seaside in Turkey is Good for You

Sometimes, what seems to be a stroke of bad luck, can turn out to be our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. For many years in Turkish history, social traditions and culture favoured the man over a woman.

Hence, when parents died leaving land, if it was a seaside location, it was given to the female because it was considered worthless. Whereas if the parcel lot was inland, it was given to the male because he could farm it and earn money. For decades, seaside land owned by females just sat there, but then the advancement of air travel boosted the popularity of mainstream tourism and package holidays. Suddenly, the worthless plots of seaside land became valuable.

This ironic twist of fate cemented the riches of many Turkish females, but it also promoted the concept of seaside living as city dwellers eager to get away from the smog and hustle, sought peaceful beachside relaxation.

Seaside Living in Turkey

Indeed, seaside living in Turkey is more popular now than ever before. Many Turks from the inner cities or the landlocked central Anatolian region have holiday homes in the coastal resorts of the Aegean and Mediterranean.

The same trend applies to thousands of foreigners who have bought holiday homes in Turkey or moved here to live out their retirement in the sun. The resort of Fethiye attracts British buyers, while Antalya has turned into a cosmopolitan hub of many nationalities including Russians and Europeans.

Even Middle East buyers are flocking to reap the benefits of seaside living in Turkey by buying homes in culturally similar places such as Trabzon in the Northeast or Yalova, just a short drive from the central hub of Istanbul.

It is not a crazy fad either because, for quite a few years now, medical experts have been promoting the benefits of seaside life for our health and wellbeing.

Seafront home

Beach Benefits: Why Living Near the Sea is Good for You

1: It Increases our physical activity as beach walks, and swimming become favourite activities especially during the summer months.

2: Many people say spending time by the ocean is an excellent form of therapy because it instantly relaxes and calms our minds and bodies. The sounds of waves cause the mind to focus on the here and now acting like a form of meditation.

3: Sea air helps people have a good night’s sleep, so they wake up in the morning feeling more alert and active after recharging their mind, body and soul.

4: The heat of the sun also causes the body to release more endorphins, which in turn make us less stressed.

5: In many seaside locations, fish and seafood are a vital part of the daily diet, and they are high in omega three oil, vitamins, calcium and minerals. Many health experts recommend eating fish twice a week to aid our physical health.

6: All the above leads to a better state of wellbeing and mental health making us live happier lives.

Beach in Fethiye

How Much is Beachside Property in Turkey?

If money is no object, places like Bodrum are home to millionaire beachside Turkish homes with the latest in technology and architectural trends. As well as offering all the benefits of beachside dwelling, they focus on an exclusive lifestyle by including private mooring points and jetties for your sailing yacht.

Otherwise, if you need to reign in your budget, there is still a massive portfolio of apartments and villas for sale. Bursa in Northern Turkey is an up and coming area that was late to cash in on the modernisation of the Turkish real estate market. Hence property prices are low and have a sizeable, long-term return on investment potential.

However, most expats flock to one of three principal areas in Turkey that are Bodrum, Fethiye and Antalya.

Beachfront home in Turkey

Beachfront Property in Fethiye

The Fethiye region breaks down into the districts of Calis Beach, the town centre, Hisaronu and Ovacik. The latter two are away from the beachfront but still offer the benefits of seaside living because are just a short bus ride away. The bonus of their slightly set back location is that property prices are lower in these two areas.

This sizeable beachfront apartment in Calis beach is a perfect example of what Turkish life is like by the sea. Builders professionally constructed this 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom property to a high standard but also made the most of the location with sea views from the apartment itself.

The most prominent benefit of this beachside property is the choice to swim in the sea or in one of the several large pools. There is also no need to rush around because the complex includes onsite restaurants, cafe, hammam and market shop.

Calis beach

Beachfront Property in Bodrum

Potential Bodrum property buyers looking for a beachside home would fare well by looking on the Aegean coast because the portfolio is more extensive and includes a wide range of apartments and villas in all areas of the peninsula.

Popular coastal resorts within the Bodrum peninsula include Yalikavak, the town centre, Turgutreis, Gumbet and Gumusluk. These beautiful 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom villas in Gumusluk are a prime example of architectural perfection.

As well as boasting of sea views from all rooms, owners have access to their beachside garden and a communal restricted beach. The homes encompass all aspects of what perfect seaside living should be, and for a couple who are looking to retire in Turkey, the small, slow-paced village will appeal with its traditional vibes.

Gumusluk villa

Beachfront Property in Antalya

Antalya was one of the first areas in Turkey to embrace mainstream tourism and modernise its Antalya real estate portfolio. Hence prices of beachfront property are higher than places like Bodrum and Fethiye, yet builders and constructors still offer the same professionalism in designing homes.

This luxury 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom property is a perfect example of seaside living with gorgeous views to wake up to in the morning. It is just a short walk from Konyaalti Beach that is one of the two best beaches in the town centre.

Owners have everything on their doorstep, including quick access to the airport, one of the best nightlife and shopping centres in the country and a typically Mediterranean climate that enables all year round seaside living in Turkey.

Konyaalti beach


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