Turgutreis Resort Guide: Area Information and Things to Do

This Turgutreis resort guide will show readers why this stunning coastal resort of the Bodrum peninsula wins admiring fans of many nationalities. Named after an Ottoman admiral called Turgut Treis and sitting on the Aegean coast in Turkey’s Mugla province, it's often overshadowed by neighbouring Yalikavak, but it still has an interesting story and lots to see and do.

As the Bodrum peninsula’s second largest town and loved by young and old, diversity shines through in its ability to accommodate both luxury and budget holidaymakers while property buyers love the year-round ambience and summer vibes. If you haven’t already been, it should be on your list of places to visit in Turkey.

Getting there is easy because Bodrum airport, one of three top touristic air travel hubs in Turkey is just 60 minutes’ drive away. Bus stations run services from many other cities to Bodrum town and from there, small buses connect to Turgutreis. Car drivers can also enjoy a scenic drive along the D330 highway to its location in southwest Bodrum.

Turgutreis Bodrum

Turgutreis Resort Guide: Travel and Living in the Area

Beaches, Watersports and Seaside Clubs

As a top holiday resort of Bodrum, visitors demand long stretches of sand and Turgutreis delivers in style with 5 kilometres. Masses of bars and restaurants backing the most popular provide swimmers and sunbathers with easy access to toilets, refreshments and food. You can also rent sunbeds and umbrellas or hop on the jet skis and banana boats for adrenaline driven fun.

We like Gunbatimi beach because its central location is easy to get to and everything; we need for a fun-filled day beach side is readily available. Other choices include Akcakbuk, Akyarlar, Aspar, Palamut and Fener which is great for windsurfing.

Beaches in Turgutreis

Turgutreis Market and Street Bazaar

First-time visitors to Turkey should prepare themselves for a feverish countrywide obsession with street bazaars and markets. Every village, and town including Turgutreis enjoy this age-old community tradition stemming from the Ottoman era. The Saturday market includes a splattering of stores selling fruit and vegetables, textiles, souvenirs, spices, shoes, knick-knacks and much more. If you are buying clothing or items of a large amount, don’t forget to practise your bargaining skills, another age-old Turkish tradition.

The Stylish, Luxurious D-Marina

Turgutreis’s Aegean position in Turkey places it into the heart of the Turkish Riviera, a stretch of coastline that stretches around to the Antalya region, and attracts luxury and budget sailors and yachts from all around the world.

Given its international fame, Turgutreis has its super-smart D -Marina to make it stand out from other sailing destinations. The high-end establishment features many modern, and luxurious lifestyle amenities including an open-air cinema, tennis courts, swimming pool, Turkish bath, sauna, cafes, restaurants, bars, boutique shops and a heliport if your mega yacht is so big that you can’t bring it into the dock.

Turgutreis Harbour Front and Idyllic Day Time Boat Trips

Sitting a small distance from D-marina, the harbour is a glimpse into the more traditional and nostalgic face of Turgutreis. Marked by the famous Blue friendship statue, and with a view of the town centre mosque’s tall minarets, small fishing boats are a common sight, but holidaymakers flock to the large lazy cruise boats instead.

Listed as a popular tourist attraction, they head north and south to take in islands, stop for swimming breaks and enjoy stunning coastal views. Lunch is included, and each boat has a different atmosphere from party yachts for youngsters to peaceful for families with young babies.

Ferry Terminal and Services to Kos and Other Islands

One reason avid explorers love Turkey is the collection of Greek islands along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts are easy to get to via ferry services. Running from May to October, some people use them as transport modes, while holidaymakers have a fun day out while immersing themselves in a cultural mix of Turkish and Greek influences. Ferry services run to Kos, Kalymnos, and Leros from the D-marina terminal port but book tickets as soon as possible because they need passport details in advance.

From Turgutreis to Bodrum town Centre

You need never want for anything in Turgutreis thanks to an enormous range of shops, bars and restaurants accommodating your every need. However, should you want a more extensive choice or to shop in one of Bodrum’s modern shopping malls, the town centre is just 20 kilometres away. Hop onto one of the dolmus buses leaving from Turgutreis bus station, and you’ll be there within 30 minutes.

Nightlife and Dining Out in Turgutreis

There is something surreal about feasting on gourmet food, under the stars, while listening to waves lapping around you so naturally seaside and alfresco dining is big business in Turgutreis. Restaurants offer a diverse choice of menus including seafood, Turkish, Mediterranean, European and steakhouses. Albeit if coming in from a long day sailing, nip into the fast food, and food to go restaurants.

Three restaurants winning rave reviews on Trip Advisor are Uncles, where you can grab a front-row seat to a marvellous sunset view, Nazar that specialises in Turkish food, and beach-side Cool Breeze who has earned a stellar reputation for their English breakfasts.

Turgutreis doesn’t have large, pulsating nightclubs but local bars do just as good a job of entertaining their customers while serving a wide range of beers, spirits, cocktails, wine and more. For many years, Paddy’s Irish bar has dominated the scene while coming in at second and third place on Trip Advisor, the Red Lion and Radio Bar also keep customers coming back with their top-notch hospitality.

Nightlife in Turgutreis

Things to Do in Turgutreis and Tourist Attractions

So aside from Greek ferry trips, a lazy day cruising around the coastline, visiting the marina, water sports, bazaar shopping and gorgeous beaches, what else is there to do? Take a detour to local excursion shops to see their organised, group tours. These include…

Village Tours: Turgutreis is a beautiful coastal resort, but it only shows one fraction of Turkish society. Village tours heading away from touristic places highlight traditional Turkish culture from the heart.

Turkish Bath: Best done of the first day of your holiday to prep your skin up for a perfect bronze golden tan, a Turkish bath is also a fantastic way to relax and de-stress.

Turkish Night: This night of entertainment focuses on everything Turkish including regional village dances, traditional food, folklore music and alternative fun for the whole family.

Scuba Diving: You need not be an experienced scuba diver to explore the underwater delights of Turgutreis. Start with a try-dive in your hotel swimming pool, and once your confidence peaks, move onto the boats. If you find yourself captivated by the scuba diving bug, also sign up to complete your PADI certificate.

Jeep Safari: Explore surrounding hillsides of Bodrum on an adrenaline-filled jeep safari tour. Stopping in small villages, admiring scenic landscapes and swimming in off the beaten track locations, people of all ages enjoy it but remember to wear sunscreen and a hat.

Pamukkale Cotton Castle: Sitting in Denizli Province of Aegean Turkey, it’s worth travelling the distance to see the white calcium pools of Pamukkale and Hierapolis ancient city that was a spa and healing centre for wounded Roman soldiers.

Ephesus Ancient City: Had Ephesus continued its glorious reign, it would have rivalled Rome as a global ruling power. Its history was short-lived, but extensive excavations have uncovered many landmarks including the old terraced Roman houses, two-story Celsius library and large theatre that was the scene for the Artemis riots as mentioned in the Bible’s New Testament.

Dalyan Mud Baths: Splashing around in a load of mud might not seem your first choice of activities to do, but your skin will love Dalyan’s natural mud baths because of the sulphur known for its firming and healing qualities. Indulge in this day out by also taking a ride along the Dalyan delta to see Iztuzu beach, famous nesting ground of the Caretta turtle.

Mud bath in Turkey

Real Estate and Property for Sale in Turgutreis

Many foreigners have bought property in Turgutreis either as a long-term real estate investment, buy-to-let income, holiday home or for permanent living in Turkey year-round. The all-encompassing portfolio features many properties from one-bedroom apartments starting at a price at £65,000 to seaside millionaire mansions with private pools and a marvellous sunset view.

While traditional stonework homes do come on the market, most listings are off plan and new build residences with the latest in design and architecture. They reflect Turgutreis’s growing popularity with the international market, and slot in with the town’s ambience. This section brings our Turgutreis resort guide to an end but to know more about buying real estate and living there; these articles will be of interest.

Residency Permits in Turkey: To stay in Turkey over 90 days, a residency visa is essential, but they are easy and cheap to get. This article details the process and what you need to apply.

Property for Sale in Turgutreis: Browse through the listings of what is on the market to see why the small-town appeals to nationalities from all over the globe.

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