The Best Mugla Beaches: Guide to Turkey’s Sandy Haven

When discovering what the best Mugla beaches are, one thing is guaranteed. You will have loads of choices. Anyone familiar with Turkey will say this is not a surprise. After all, Mugla is a popular beach package holiday destination. Hosting thousands of foreign visitors every year, they descend for the typical sun, sea, and sand scenario on this Mediterranean coastline. The most notable sandy stretches of sand spread around picturesque holiday resorts, so you do not have far to walk in the morning from your hotel.

The good news is this stretch of coastline is known as the turquoise coast for the sparkling blue waters that often feature in major international travel publications. Any tourist can enjoy a delightful swim, and in some cases of available, partake in water sports like the fast and adrenaline pumping jet ski. However, for relaxation and seclusion, look to the undeveloped places because in July, August and September, most crowded beaches mean it is hard to find space. Additionally, to prove the excellence of Mugla’s dedication to tourism, they have gained 90 blue flags for the regions. So, bearing that in mind, let us look at the stretches of sand, gaining the most admiration.

Best Mugla Beaches

1: Oludeniz and the Blue Lagoon

On quite a few occasions, the blue lagoon has been used to promote Turkey’s tourism industry, and why not? The crystal blue waters, shaped by a protruding section of sand form this small lagoon that is a delight to swim in. Sun beds and umbrellas are available to rent, but for the most time, we stay at the Oludeniz beach in the centre. Protected by national law against development, it holds stunning views to enjoy as you lay back and catch those rays. Don’t be surprised to see paragliders flying in the sky because one section is cordoned off as a landing pad.

Oludeniz Turkey

2: Butterfly Valley

So, given it is pebbly and not very wide, people might be surprised to see Butterfly Valley on this list, but we adore it for the vibes rather than sand quality. A beachside bar, made by hand from wood is the place to get food and drink, and to break up swimming and sunbathing time, walk to the back of the valleys to see waterfalls. Some say it is the best snorkelling spot in Turkey. The easiest way to get here is via water taxi from Oludeniz, or the daily boat cruises stop here for an hour’s break.

Handy Tip: The above two are in the Fethiye area, which makes up a popular tourist destination. Find out more about the region, and what to do and see in our Fethiye area guide here. Otherwise, hire a car, take the time to drive one hour east, to arrive at Patara. Officially sitting in the Antalya province, just on the border with Mugla, it is one of Turkey’s best beaches and once you see it for yourself, will understand why. As well as enjoying the beach, explore the ancient ruins and have something to eat, in the quaint village restaurants.

Butterfly Valley Turkey

3: Iztuzu Turtle Beach

This 4.5-kilometre beach gained fame in the 1980s, thanks to a lady called Kaptain June and the famed conservationist David Bellamy. They campaigned against the planned construction of a hotel because it was a nesting ground of Caretta turtles, an endangered species that use the Mediterranean coastline to lay their eggs. If you book a boat trip up the Dalyan delta to the mud baths, it is highly likely; you will stop here on the way back.

Find Out More: Iztuzu sits near the Dalyan holiday resort, which is a great traditional place with lots of scenery. Our area guide to Dalyan talks about what to know if it is your first time visiting.

4: Sarigerme in the Ortaca District

Sitting 12 kilometres from Dalaman town, 15 years ago, Sarigerme was relatively unheard of, as a seaside destination. However, as domestic tourism grew, a large travel company built a hotel there and now, both Turks and foreigners enjoy the long stretch of sand. Sitting in Osmaniye village, most people book into all-inclusive hotels, because there are relatively few dining choices, especially when compared to prominent places like Marmaris. At certain times of the year, there is a strong wind, so check the forecast if swimming with young children.

5: Marmaris Town Beach

Although narrow, this is a long stretch of beach, featuring part sand and part pebble. One convenience is its town centre location; hence, bars and restaurants nearby serve up refreshments and lunchtime food. Backed by a boulevard with palm trees, it is quite a picturesque sight and delight to be swimming in bordering waters before they reach the Aegean.

Marmaris Turkey

6: Cleopatra’s Beach and Island

Sitting roughly 20 kilometres from Marmaris, everyone who visits adores this beach. Sitting on Sedir island, urban legends say the type of sand exists only in Egypt, and Cleopatra and Mark Anthony swam here, although this is not verified. It belongs to the south-eastern Aegean Gokova Gulf, and swimmers will find the water to be clean and refreshing. The one downside is the entrance fee of 50 lira, but this nets a free sun bed.

7: Yahsi Beach in Ortakent

Everyone from young to old loves Yahsi because of its clear waters. Sitting in the Ortakent district of the Bodrum peninsula, it is a firm favourite for both Turkish and foreigner holidaymakers. Plenty of amnesties nearby provide refreshment and snacks, and the sand stretches around the bay so you should not have a problem finding the perfect spot for yourself. Yahsi is near the other stretch of beach so if staying in the resort, take your pick.

Yahsi Beach Turkey

8: Gumbet: Water sports Galore

Last on our list of Mugla beaches, Gumbet is a firm favourite with the British tourists, and it does not fail to deliver especially for families with young teenagers who like the range of water sports on offer. Stretching for 1 kilometre, it is excellent for snorkelling and scuba diving thanks to the water’s clearness and deepness in some parts. If you choose Gumbet as your holiday destination, enjoy a decent selection of family bars and restaurants.

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Of Interest

Antalya Area Guide: The Mugla province sits alongside the Antalya region, another high-profile beach destination of Turkey. As the country’s second most popular holiday destination in terms of tourist visitors’ stats, there is a wealth of other things to do. Read our guide to plan the perfect trip and to see some of Turkey’s best beaches.


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