Ferries between Turkey and Greece

A holiday to Turkey brings about an abundance of things to see, do and thoroughly enjoy. From the gloriously golden beaches to make the most of in summer, to the sensational ski slopes for winter thrillseekers. There’s also the added bonus of the Greek islands right on your doorstep, ideal for a day or overnight trip, an added appeal to owners of any of the villas in Turkey with private pool.

Greek islands are right on your doorstep

Can you get a ferry from Turkey to Greece?

The short answer is yes. A bonus of a trip to Turkey is the quick and easy crossing to the stunning Greek islands. The small distance between these beautiful hotspots to Turkey’s coastline means that you can see some of the best sights that both countries have to offer in one holiday, thanks to the short and regular ferry crossings between Turkey and Greece.

Turkey to Greece Ferry duration

Times vary, but can be as short as 30 minutes. Read on to find out more about the various Turkey to Greece ferry crossings and see where you can visit from wherever you’re staying in Turkey.

The beautiful seaside town of Ayvalik, Turkey.

Ayvalik to Lesbos Ferry

If you’re staying in or close to the seaside town Ayvalik during the summer, a day trip to the beautiful and quaint island of Lesbos (also known as Lesvos) is a must.

The frequent ferry crossings between the two destinations makes it so easy to travel between them - there’s even spaces for cars on the ferry, so you don’t have to worry about getting to and from the ferry itself. This particular ferry crossing runs 3 or 4 times every day, with the actual journey taking 90 minutes.

Visit the Tuesday bazaar in Dikili, Turkey

Dikili to Lesbos ferry

There’s also a 30-minute ferry service to Lesbos from the port town of Dikili in Turkey. This is a fairly new crossing and is expected to be very popular, especially with visitors from Greece looking to visit the Tuesday bazaar in Dikili. As such, whilst the crossing currently only operates on a Tuesday, more frequent crossings are expected in the future.

What to do in Lesbos: Lesbos offers the perfect escape from everyday life, thanks to its peaceful yet cultural atmosphere. Whether you fancy learning about the local history, or are simply looking to sit back and relax, you’re bound to find something just right for you.

Unwind in one of the most stunning settings at Skala beach, or enjoy the sunset views from the Castle of Molyvos. Of course, a trip to Lesbos isn’t complete without learning about its history, including that contained within the petrified forest and even the Ouzo museum!

The stunning scenery and historical landscape of Rhodes.

Fethiye to Rhodes Ferry

A stay in the one of the many hotels, apartments or villas in Fethiye will bring you close enough to enjoy a visit to the fantastic island of Rhodes. There are crossings with the Dodecanese Flying Dolphins ferry service, 7 times a week, so it’s best to plan ahead and know when you’ll be able to make the 90-minute trip across the waters.

Marmaris to Rhodes ferry

Not only will you find an abundance of beachfront property for sale in Marmaris, you’ll also find another ferry crossing to Rhodes from this popular Turkish resort town. During peak times, the crossing is accessible 2-3 every day and takes around 1 hour to reach its destination. There are some ferries that hold just passengers, whilst others will also carry vehicles across, so it’s well worth finding out which crossing is right for you if you’re planning on taking a car across.

Things to do in Rhodes: As the largest of the Dodecanese Islands, Rhodes has an abundance of attractions that draws visitors to its shores every year. Most popular for its stunning beach resorts and its ancient history, there’s a fantastic mix of culture and relaxation during a visit to Rhodes.

Spend some time exploring the ancient city of Lindos, for stunning streets to walk along and the historic Acropolis that’s become one of the most popular archaeological sites in the country. You could also spend some time in some of Rhodes’ most beautiful natural spots, such as Butterfly Valley or Seven Springs, to appreciate the total tranquility away from the bustling beaches.

Alternatively, if you’re a water sports fanatic, then a trip to Prasonisi is not to be missed, the ultimate location for kitesurfing and windsurfing, to name a few.

 Chios, the fifth largest Greek island

Cesme to Chios ferry

If you’re spending some time is Cesme or the nearby town of Izmir, we would thoroughly recommend taking a day trip to Chios, the fifth largest Greek island. The ferry crossing to Chios takes just 70 minutes from Cesme, with 3-4 daily services in peak seasons and 3 every week during winter. These services allow cars to cross the waters, too, so you’ll find it very easy to get around during your visit to Chios.

What to do in Chios: Abundant in small Medieval villages and historic castles and monasteries, along with a fantastic local culture that immediately draws you in, Chios is the perfect place to spend some time exploring.

If you’re interested in historic architecture, take a trip to the Monastery of Nea Moni near Karyes, which has recently been named a UNESCO World Heritage site. Alternatively, for a more relaxing spot, sit back and take in the ocean views at one of the many beaches, including Karfas, Vrondados and Agia Fotini. Of course, a trip to Chios isn’t complete without spending time in a number of the traditional villages, including Pyrgi, Olympi and Volissos, to name a few.

A secluded beach in Samos, Greece.

Kusadasi to Samos ferry

Another popular spot in Turkey is western resort town of Kusadasi and, not far from its shores lies the fabulous Greek island of Samos. These two favourite holiday destinations make the perfect pairing and a trip to one isn’t complete without visiting the other by ferry.

Crossings from Kusadasi to Samos are available twice a day in the summer months and the trip itself takes just 80 minutes. That gives you plenty of time to spend a day in Samos, before returning to Kusadasi later on the same day.

Things to do in Samos: As birthplace of Pythagoras and being popular for its sweet wine, along with lovely old villages and golden beaches, there’s certainly a cultural day to be had during a visit to Samos.

Head to the Heraion Sanctuary, where legend has it that Hera, the Greek Goddess of women and marriage, was born. It’s a fantastic place to be if you’re interested in Greek Mythology. For a relaxing beach trip, spend some time at Tsamadou, which is considered one of the loveliest beaches on Samos.

Ancient ruins and beautiful blue waters of Kos, Greece.

Bodrum to Kos ferry

Whether you’re enjoying a 5* hotel on holiday or have invested in one of the many villas in Bodrum,  this Turkish city is easily connected with the Greek Island of Kos via a short 40-minute ferry crossing across the waters. The service is typically available twice a day in summer, with some of the crossings accepting cars and passengers and others just passengers.

What to do in Kos: Kos is a sunbather’s dream, full soft, white sandy beaches accompanied by stunningly blue waters. Of course, like many of the other Greek Islands, there’s a wealth of history to be discovered during your time here, too.

For a more traditional experience, head to the Asfenhiou settlements, a collection on small villages close to Mount Dikeos, or spend your evenings enjoying the entertainment of greek dancing in Marmari. For a more relaxing vibe, waste the hours away on the gorgeous Psalidi beach, or alternatively, soothe yourself in Theremes’ hot springs.

Passports and regulations

There are some regulations when it comes to using the ferry services between Turkey and Greece, partly due to Greece forming part of the European Union some parts of Turkey extending into Asia.

A valid passport with at least 6 months left before their expiration date is a necessity for all ferry passengers, as this is the norm when entering one country from another in any method of transportation. There may also be some circumstances where a visa is required, depending on your country of origin. Visa applications can now be completed using an online service, so it’s well worth doing a little research beforehand to find out if you will need to organise a visa before your ferry crossing.


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