​Why did you buy property in Fethiye?

Regarding reasons to buy property in Fethiye, the real estate market presents many, including superb locations. Property for sale in Fethiye ranks as one of the most popular Mediterranean places for foreign buyers and Turks. With beautiful beaches, popular neighbourhoods, cosmopolitan atmospheres, and those delightful hot summers, house buyers range from those looking for investment rental properties, private villas to live in all year round, or holiday homes for family time abroad.

Indeed, real estate investments in Fethiye have benefits, and as real estate agents, our intense knowledge of property markets enables buyers to make the most of them. Before we start, knowing some geography is helpful. Nestled along Turkey's picturesque Mediterranean Sea, Fethiye's town centre is a vibrant hub with a bustling harbour, lively markets, and ancient landmarks like Lycian tombs. Lycian kings. Surrounding charming towns and villages, each with unique charm, include Oludeniz, renowned for the breathtaking Blue Lagoon, and Kayakoy, abandoned in the aftermath of the Greco-Turkish War, which boasts traditional historic homes.

Villages like Faralya offer tranquil retreats amidst rugged cliffs. At the same time, Uzumlu, a rural town, entices visitors with its traditional Turkish charm and vineyard-dotted hillsides. Calis Beach is famous for rental homes thanks to the seaside location. Hisaronu and Ovacik, two distinct neighbourhoods a short ride from Fethiye's town centre, attract expats. Further along, coastal Gocek serves as an upmarket sailing hub. Indeed, locations in the Fethiye region are abundant, so let's discuss why the region stands out for buying dream homes.


Why Buy Property in Fethiye

1: Desirable Location in Southern Turkey

Fethiye's Mediterranean location places the region on Turkey's Southern coast. Backed by the Taurus mountains, the central area is easily accessed via the D300 highway from Turkey's east to west. Additionally, Dalaman Airport is only an hour's drive away, and this award-winning airport has frequent flight schedules to various countries, making it easy to get to property in Fethiye. Ideal locations give immediate beachfront access; and most homes are within a short walk of sandy stretches of sand. Therefore, home buyers who want Mediterranean seaside locations get the best of the best.

2: Multicultural Vibes and Calm Atmospheres

Fethiye is one of Turkey's most popular tourist destinations because of relaxed atmospheres. Hence, English is widely spoken, and multicultural vibes exist on every corner and in expat communities. Foreign tourists descend on Fethiye every year and most return repeatedly because Fethiye's tranquil atmosphere is quite addictive.

Some even look at real estate options, like modern apartments or luxury villas, for a holiday home and generational inheritance for their children. Traditional culinary scenes and authentic experiences based on Turkish cultural heritage give off Turkish charm, and calm atmospheres and global nationalities present welcoming atmospheres where people don't have to worry about making friends.

3: From Affordable Prices to Luxury

Let's face it, money payments talk. Foreign buyers find reasonable home prices and payment terms at current exchange rates. Off-plan properties are often sold with structured payment plans. Additionally, foreign nationals living on pension incomes love lucrative exchange rates for living costs because they have better living standards than in their home country and low-rate council taxes. Those renting their properties out find good rental returns and affordable housing repairs and maintenance costs. The cost of living is a fraction of European cities, and those who want luxury, high-end villas will easily find six-digit property prices.

Oludeniz Beach

4: Range of Amenities and Public Transport

Fethiye provides all modern amenities, from vibrant shopping centres, restaurants, weekly markets, bars, and more. Ranges of amenities include good healthcare, banks, schooling and public transportation. Residents can easily travel to neighbouring and outskirt districts using the local dolmus system, or the transportation network from the main city centre will take them all over this beautiful country to explore ancient ruins, shopping malls, historical sites, and even more beautiful surroundings. Also catch the unique water taxi to places like Solvaye Island or from Calis Beach to Fethiye town centre.

5: Favourable Climate - Mild winters and Hot Summers to Match European Countries

One reason expats like Fethiye is mild winters and moderate climate. Granted, January and February are times when rainfall increases, water sports stop, and it is time to wrap up warm. Still, this area of Turkey doesn't get any snow. Temperatures remain higher than in other regions of Turkey, such as Istanbul, the capital city of Ankara, or the northeast Trabzon and Rize regions.

In winter months, go for that enjoyable morning beachside walk. Once March arrives and we head into Spring, mild climates give way to abundant flowers. These months are ideal for exploring, while moderate temperatures in summer and autumn see everyone heading for beaches and swimming pools.

6: Types of Property and Real Estate Prices

Fethiye fairs well because suitable properties range from off-plan budget studio apartments and key-ready and resale properties to budget and luxury apartments and villas. Foreign property buyers can buy up to 30 hectares of property, which is more than enough for them to buy their dream home.

The properties and locations vary from the bustling town centre to remote locations with fantastic sea views. Maybe you like traditional Turkish properties, a 1-bedroom apartment in the heart of Fethiye, a designer penthouse style apartment to wake up to amazing views or a six-bedroom villa in an expensive district for families to enjoy. Excellent choices are definitely there.

Uzumlu villa

7: Easy Buying Process for Real Estate Transactions

One primary reason why real estate buyers flock to Turkish cities, towns and villages is that, alongside average prices, property buying processes and title deed transfers are rapid and easy. This makes Turkey an ideal destination for property investment, and real estate valuation reports ensure buyers don't pay extra. Military searches are no longer needed, the government has bought out certain tax breaks, and favourable exchange rates mean low closing costs. If there are no structured payment plans and paperwork is in order, buyers gain deeds in as little as two days.

8: Diversity of Neighbourhoods

Real estate investment opportunities are plentiful because of the diversity of places within the Fethiye region. Sandy beaches front most areas, but maybe you prefer inland rural living. Perhaps you want an authentic fusion of nature and living off the grid or an apartment near shopping and transport amenities. Maybe you would choose a popular holiday destination or prefer somewhere more traditionally Turkish; the choice is fantastic.

Fethiye City Centre: The real estate portfolio in Fethiye Centre is all about being on the doorstep of everything. Buying property here means being near the central bus station, the biggest shopping mall, and a city with plenty of dining and entertainment options. 2-bed apartments are popular, and property prices are excellent compared to places like Istanbul, Turkey's largest city.

Buying Property in Calis Beach: Local council Investment and high property demand mean property prices in Calis Beach have risen, but buyers still find suitable villas for sale within average budgets. Naturally, as the name suggests, buying property here is about beachfront living that easily outranks European countries. From three-bedroom villas to dream homes in tranquil atmospheres, Calis Beach is on the outskirts of Fethiye's city centre.

Average House Prices in Hisaronu and Ovacik: Some people would love to buy property in Ovacik, but real estate options are limited because of low supply and strict building regulations; hence, they instead extend their property search to nearby Hisaronu and Ovacik. Boasting three- and four-bedroom villas with private swimming pools, property values are pretty reasonable, and they are a five-minute drive from Oludeniz.

Uzumlu: Fethiye city centre, with plenty of options, isn't for everyone, and some people like rural Uzumlu, where six-bedroom villas are much cheaper because of low land prices. People who invested ten years ago have seen excellent returns on investment, and the prices of properties are still reasonable. The downside is that most expats here have a car for convenience, so they access the Fethiye centre quickly and easily.

Direct Investments in GocekNow we are talking luxury. Away from Turkey's busiest cities to a quiet destination that excels in luxury living and sailing. When you invest in Gocek, you are in safe hands with community vibes that match sailing destinations in European countries. This is not about city centre living but instead, a quiet town that exists in a world of its own. Granted, property prices are higher, but this is an exclusive destination.

Villa in Gocek

Look at Properties for Sale in Fethiye

To start finding houses for sale in Fethiye now, see our wide range of properties in popular destinations with excellent payment terms. Prospective buyers can search via location, price ranges per square metre, home features and more. Listings detail why that property is an excellent financial investment and stands out on a property search. Use contact details to find out more via email or arrange viewings of suitable homes for sale. Alternatively, to speak to a real estate consultant about more reasons to buy property in Fethiye and how to make a wise investment, call us today or drop by our office in Cahit Gunduz Caddesi in the Tuzla neighbourhood of Fethiye town centre.

Things to Consider - Turkish Citizenship, Residency or Rental Income

Your reason for buying an apartment or villa in Fethiye will significantly determine your future use. However, there are aspects to think about going forward.

Holiday Homes: Homeowners who use the apartment or villa as a holiday home can do so for 90 days out of 180 days as a tourist. Outside of this time, some people use a holding company or friend who will check the property for them. Other people look at holiday rentals for an income booster and rental returns. Rental yields in some places are excellent. However, Turkey has strict rules regarding those rentals.

Turkish Citizenship: Buyers looking at Turkey's real estate market with the aim of permanent residence might be interested in Turkey's citizenship investment scheme. The Turkish citizenship program lets foreign buyers to keep dual citizenship and become Turkish citizens. This enables them to live, work and study in Turkey without restrictions or need for residency permits. Many foreign nationals have taken advantage of foreign investment purposes and their family's future.

Residency and Living in Turkey: Expats who don't want to spend the minimum investment amount for citizenship instead decide on permanent residence permits, which is also an attractive option with more average house prices. Others contact rental teams and sign a contract with a landlord instead. However, be aware that rent prices are high and increase every year, so factor these into your budget.

Investment and Property Values: Real estate investors have different buying reasons. Most invest in affordable apartments in major cities or property hotspots and look at mid to long-term capital appreciation on those apartments or villas for sale. However, some areas present better investment potential than others. Additionally, there are the pros and cons of commercial properties versus residential properties. Investors must consider supply and property demand and areas with long-term development plans tend to fare better than others in Fethiye.



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