Why do British people love Uzumlu?

British people have long had something of a love affair with the pretty village of Uzumlu.

For some, the landscape might look a little familiar - the village provided a backdrop for the Abba movie of Mama Mia, as well as its sequel.

Uzumlu is also known for its wine festivals (Uzumlu means ‘grape’), as well as its mushroom festivals. The mushroom festival seems to get bigger and better every year, and it has so far been a yearly event that has is now approaching 14 years old.

Property in Uzumlu

The village has more to offer than wine and mushrooms

The word ‘traditional’ gets thrown around a lot when describing a place like Uzumlu, but it really does apply here. Stone properties, complete with balconies, almost seem to lean toward each other in conversation, across narrow alleyways.

Properties are one of the village's big draws. The luxury homes in and around the village have become popular with the British, this is largely because the village is inland from the coast which makes land, and thus property, prices cheaper.

Despite its sleepy appearance during the day, the locals certainly know how to enjoy themselves on a Saturday evening. During the summer months when the nights are warmer there is usually a live music event taking place.

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There is an impressive selection of bars and restaurants

The selection of bars and restaurants are mostly tucked away in passages, and each has its unique ambience. Fine dining offers both Turkish cuisine and also food from around the globe such as the very British dish of fish & chips but also Chinese and Indian cuisine. Around the village square, Brits can enjoy cafes and tea rooms too. 

There’s a Friday market too which may be smaller than most but also manages to capture both the produce and heartbeat of authentic rural life. You’ll find Turkish mamas selling fresh fruit and veg grown in their gardens shouting amiable conversation with farmers with larger stalls across the aisle.

There is usually a spice stall, others stocked with hardware, some more offering shoes and clothing, even a truck loaded with tanks stocked with live trout. There are still a few things you may need to drive the 17kms to Fethiye for; however, if you combine the market with the offerings available in local shops, you could easily find yourself losing touch with the “big town” altogether.

Natural attractions around the village

Of course, focussing on local amenities and economy would be to miss out on the natural environment of Uzumlu. The village can be found on a plateau, which itself is deep inside a valley that is surrounded by stunning natural beauty. The valley that holds Uzumlu is filled with forests of evergreen pine trees, mountain streams and lush rolling hills.

As well as all the above, there are also arable crops such as oats and barley and orchards. Vineyards do very well here too and the full name of the village is Yesiluzumlu, which translates to ‘green grape’.

While summer months here can be warmer, the location means that the temperature can be cooler at times. Winter months here can be punctuated by fierce storms which in turn can lead to flooding as well as interruptions in power, internet and telephone connections.

That being said, if the occasional inclement weather at certain parts of the year doesn’t bother (and Brits are well used to it) then there are numerous tracks to explore - with some of them usually being dusted in snow between December and March.

If you were to follow one particular trail, you just might stumble across the ruins of temples, baths and amphitheatres. The Romans left the area somewhere in the 7th Century - but the first signs of a human settlement here date back to around 3,000 BC.

Buying property in Uzumlu

Buying real estate in Uzumlu is a relatively simple affair, even if you are not in Turkey right at the moment. Property prices here are relatively low because it is not exactly overpopulated and it is quite undiscovered as a destination - this makes buying a property here an attractive proposition.

Interested Brits, or indeed anyone else, can purchase a very reasonably priced plot of land and build an amazing home - or perhaps build and run a boutique hotel in Turkey instead.

Of course, you could also buy an existing property - several homes have been built over the last few years. For instance, a 3 bedroom villa with spacious gardens (not to mention amazing views of the mountains) can be picked up for around €130,000 - which is around £111,000.

The majority of those that are looking to buy a villa in the region do so because they are relocating or they are buying a holiday home for themselves. British people are attracted to Uzumlu because of the country vistas, the amazing produce that is locally grown as well as the slower pace of life.

Uzumlu is free of the hustle and bustle of the usual tourist destinations, which makes it ideal for the intrepid explorer. There is a lot to love about Uzumlu, and there is something there for everyone to fall in love with - whether it is the views, food, wine or the natural charm of this part of the world.

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