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Moving abroadPurchasing property abroad has become increasingly popular, especially with retirees, vacation homebuyers, and second homebuyers. A lot of focused is on the question; should I build my own home or purchase an existing property? This discussion addresses those questions. The following is going to tell you why building your home abroad is the best option, whether you decide to purchase an existing property or to buy land and design your own home. 

There is an explosion in the demand for property in Turkey the last few years. This country has become a popular vacation destination and investment opportunity for business-minded individuals who see the future prospect in Turkey’s ever increasing economy. Since Turkey has not officially united with the EU, their property prices are inexpensive compared to its EU neighbours. Turkey offers equal measures of beauty, pleasure, history, activities, and attractions as their EU zone counterparts with the extra bonus of being much less overcrowded and overdeveloped. The low housing prices, equal amounts of alluring beauty and plenty of space to build in uncrowded towns is the reason many international homebuyers are making Turkey their location of choice. 

To buy? Or to build? That is the questionThere is the question of; what is the best way to secure your dream home? Should you build and design your own home on a patch of land, or should you purchase an already existing home? The simple answer is yes and yes.  Because the Turkish upscale property market is still very young, both options are available to you.  In past decades, Turkish real estate was often focused more on utility than on luxury.  But, over the last ten years, Turkey has listened to home builders and buyers like you and luxury is the new norm throughout Turkey.  Although you won’t find a vast selection of luxurious villas, new properties are being completed almost daily.  But, you also always have the option to purchase land and design your own home.  

In either case, you’ll want to secure the services of a trusted and local real estate broker to guide you through the process.  Your agent will not just show you properties or land, but will also ensure that you have competent local legal counsel to review all documents and help guide you through the permitting and purchasing processes, ensuring a smooth transition to Turkish home ownership.  Perhaps most important, local real estate agents know who the best builders are and can give you a short list of builders who will bring your vision to life.

If you decide to build, your local agent will secure your land title.  This is an important consideration.  If you already hold title to the land and something goes awry with the construction, the builder certainly can’t “un-build” what is done and that structure is yours because it sits on your titled and deeded land.  Construction problems are rare, but this increased protection should give you additional piece of mind.  

Your agent will also help you set-up a local bank accounts and ensure a partial payment schedule for your construction.  Milestones will have to be met by the builder in order for them to receive additional funding.

Build your own homeThere are many good reasons to design and build your own home, among one of the top reasons is because existing luxury property owners know what a commodity they have and may want a large premium to sell it. As luxury villas are being quickly built, this advantage will weaken over time.  Second on the list of reasons to build is that you will end up with exactly the villa that you want.  Local architects are well-versed in adding the specific features you want, including how to design the spaces surrounding your new home.  State of the art technologies are included in all new construction and Turkish builders are more than willing to source local materials whenever possible, supporting the local economy while maintaining environmental advantages and sustainability.

Finally, most Turkish builders include a five year construction warranty, so you can rest easy that your dream home is built correctly and backed with the signature of your builder.

The oldest real estate rule is that location drives value.  You know- location, location, location.  But, location should also be driven by your future plans.  Do you want to be outdoors and active or are you planning to work through a long reading list?  Do you want to often entertain family and friends or are you escaping to solitude?  Do you love the sea, the mountains or both?  All of these scenarios are considerations for where you should buy or build.  But, Turkey is unique in that it offers multiple locations with unique lifestyles, climates and cultural environments, allowing you to choose your own definition of paradise.

Shopping for real estate in your local market is easy, because you already know where the best neighbourhoods are, but using the Internet to shop for real estate in a foreign country is much more challenging.  For this reason, the best Turkish real estate companies offer touring trips to perspective home builders and buyers.  Once the agent has a basic understanding of your desires, they will build an itinerary for you that may include several towns.  You’ll have access to excellent accommodations when you aren’t touring existing homes or standing on available land plots.  Your agent will also almost certainly reserve time during your stay to show you local historic sites and the entire trip is managed by the agent for a low, all-in trip fee.  If a real estate company is willing to invest their time in you, you should have higher confidence in how they will handle your entire transaction.

This is an amazing time for any international or local homebuyer to invest in building a home in Turkey. Economic growth, political and social stability, foreign buyer support and an extraordinary culture born from its status as the gateway to Europe, Asia and the Middle East give Turkey a unique position on the world real estate stage and discerning home builders and buyers are joining local second or vacation home buyers in Turkey. 

Prime examples of custom built homes in Turkey:

Villa CasoramaThis custom built house is as good as any you will find in Turkey. Located at the sea front and offering private jetty access in Kas, villa Casorama is a dream property for any keen sailor out there. This home has even been featured in luxury travel design magazines and nominated for design prizes worldwide. 

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Yalikavak villaNestled in the hills of Yalikavak and overlooking the brand new marina, this spectacular house offers an authentic stone built look incorporating modern design to present something never before seen on these shores. With separate guest houses and huge privacy, this is something for the discerning out there and one to be admired. 

Exploded house in BodrumA design so good that it has won multiple design awards and even featured in an article in the New York Times. The exploded house in Bodrum directly overlooks one of the regions most prestigious bays in Turkbuku and left the real estate world reeling in awe when it was first announced. A stunning property well worth taking a closer look at.

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Bitez houseTucked away in Bitez is this Bodrum getaway offering an exclusive lifestyle and an authentic look into Turkish living. There is actually two properties located on this land, such is the size of it. Bodrum Town centre is just a 10 minute drive away. 

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Sovalye Island propertyAn extremely rare find in Sovalye Island is this private waterfront villa perfect for those who appreciate sailing to enjoy the 12 islands sailing route along the Gulf of Fethiye. A 5 minute boat drive away from Calis Beach or a 10 minute ride to Ece Marina. The luxury custom design needs to be seen to be appreciated.

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Smartly priced seafront Homes Istanbul

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