Is July a Good Time to Visit Turkey?

Occasionally, some of our clients ask if July is a good time to visit Turkey? Alongside hunting for property, they would like to get to know the country by exploring. The question is not quickly answered, though, because it will depend on your preferences. In addition, Turkey is a vast country. It is the world's 37th largest. So, while we would not recommend visiting certain areas during this month, we would see others because each region is as unique and diverse for weather temperatures. Of course, it would be better to research the place you plan to visit instead of the whole country, but in the meantime, here is a brief overview.

About Visiting Turkey in July

To gain an estimate, July is one of the busiest tourism months. As well as international tourists, Turks start their holidays, and flock to typical holiday resorts. July is also what we call the peak of the beach holiday season. Temperatures reach an average of 40 degrees, attracting sun lovers. Pack shorts and t-shirts to wear during the day and cool refreshing clothes for night time. All along the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts, famous beach resorts fill up for people to enjoy sunbathing and swimming. If you are a beach lover, who wants copious amounts of sun, July is a good time to visit and the best places to head to include…

1: The Antalya Region of Turkey

Sitting on Turkey's southern Mediterranean coast, the Antalya region commands respect as Turkey's top beach holiday destination. Although the area separates into smaller towns and villages, beach lovers adore the main city centre. This is where Konyaalti and Lara Beach are, and they hold the proud title of two of Turkey's best beaches. The town centre also happens to have the best shopping and nightlife scenes in southern Turkey, and for families is a friendly destination by offering attractions like Antalya Aquarium. However, if you want a quiet beachside resort in the Antalya area, head to Cirali, a beautiful small village nestled in a green valley and fronting the Mediterranean Sea.

Antalya beach

2: The Beautiful Fethiye Region

Also, on the southern coast, we love the Fethiye region because of beautiful scenic landscapes ranging from the Blue Lagoon to the Saklikent gorge to Butterfly Valley. As a result, Fethiye makes a roaring trade with house hunters and holidaymakers. Granted, there is a significant British presence, but in recent years, more nationalities have flocked to discover the hype. For beaches, stay in Oludeniz or Calis beach, which is famous for its sunset view. If you like the Fethiye region but want to go somewhere quiet, head inland to Uzumlu, a small mountain retreat. The village is famous for large private villas with landscaped gardens and private swimming pools, of which some are for rent.

Fethiye Oludeniz

3: Bodrum Peninsula

Meanwhile, over on the Aegean coast, the Bodrum peninsula maintains an exclusive reputation in towns like Yalikavak, thanks to the large mega yachts that often dock in. For decades, this peninsula has attracted wealthy business executives and international celebrities who enjoy beaches alongside the upmarket sailing scene in places like Turkbuku. But, of course, you can also do Bodrum on a budget by heading to places like Gumbet, which is famous for its beach and water sports. Quiet destinations on the Bodrum peninsula include Gokcebel, on the outskirts of Yalikavak and Kadikalesi.

Yalikavak Marina

4: Visiting Istanbul in July

Granted, in July, many Istanbul locals head out of the city to summer homes in surrounding coastal resorts. However, remember that this is Turkey's busiest city, and tourism runs all year round, so there will be crowds regardless of what month you visit. The difference compared to the Mediterranean or southern coasts is that temperatures are slightly lower, thanks to the geographical location.


5: Democracy & National Unity Day in July

Bear in mind that if you visit Turkey during mid-July, July the 15th is Democracy and National Unity Day. This day commemorates the coup of 2016, and it is a national holiday so expect places like banks to close.

6: Exploring Historical Sites of Turkey in July

Even though historical sites are our passion, we avoid visiting them in July because of high temperatures and crowds. Places like Ephesus's ancient ruins are often crowded with people who come in off the cruise ships that dock in Kusadasi. If you want to explore historical sites, the best months are from April to June or October and November. Find out which historical sites to visit in Turkey.

Also About Turkey

15 Places to Visit: Above, we discussed that each region is unique as it is diverse, and with this in mind, we have put together our list of 15 places to visit in Turkey that will delight everyone regardless of age or gender. If you want to visit Turkey in July, some of these places also make excellent choices of destinations.



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